helllllloo . haha , CIP was okay , it was quite fun . haha . though i still think staying at home was even better . in the morning , me and nana ran to the gathering place . we ran like crazy people . when we reach , the different CCAs already gathered . badminton , basketball , PA , NCC and others . haha . then otw there , we made aloooooooot of noise in the bus . hatikah , desi , nana , farahin , faradilla , aila and meeeeee sat at the back and sang and sanggg . then during the walk we sang and sanggg all the way . we made alot of noise , hatikah was super friendly today . she kept saying hello to everybodyyy . haha . well , sampah masyarakatttt . (: . then camwhored alottt . alrightttttt , then after all that , slackedddd , cos i didnt bring the house keys . then reach home , SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEP .


dudeeeeeee , i miss you .


this weeeeeeek . (:

okay hellooooooo . i just returned from tution , and im sooooooo restless . i just cant keep still . always fidgiting around . im tired . well , syafiq and falqin is bloooooooody irritating today . i got so pissed that i didnt even talk to them after tution . i ignored them completely . guys , never irritate me when im tired .

goddddd . today was a loong day . coach came late for training today . not fair cos he didnt have to run extra rounds . then we got the tshirt for the CIP thing on sunday . i heard we’re going to walk with the PA boys , the girls and boys bringade , and NCC boys . i think the soccer people had gone for their walk , cos asri didnt come for madrasah last week .

after training , slacked at techview , had a long chat with xiao yuan , carissa and doreen . waited for kiddah to finish her NDP rehersal . thanks carissa for everything today . haha , i know this isnt along post , but yeah . ill write you something when im free okay . i know , you understood me . 🙂 thaaaaaaaaaaanks babe !

okay , i seriously have no mood to blog now . i want to sleep nowww .

and oh , i realised i need to study for CE on monday . the paper’s quite difficult i guess , i have to practice moreeeeeee .

and baby , thanks for the miracle on tuesday . i know , our friendship will bloom . we’ll take a step further . (:    be my special one kkkkk .


this week .

okay , a quick update on this week .

nothing happened on monday .

tuesday – went to bukit chanduuuuu for history learning journeyyy . – crap .

wed – prepared for TLLM ; a miracle happenedd .

thur – presented for TLLM . it didnt really turned out the way it was , cos of misunderstandings and such , well , its normal . — suay day .

fri – suaaaaaaay .

k anww , i think im focusing more in class , im starting to absorb the teacher’s teaching . abit . stepbystep kkk . haha . but to sit in between boys is distracting . boys and their mischieves . shooting rubber bands , throwing papers , playing water , OPENING SHOES , godddd , save me out of this misery . but what to say , boys are boys . i shall try to tolerate with you guys . even if your socks , adil , goes onto my table .

and okay , i just returned from tution , and i feel proud of myself , cos ive learnt 9 new vocabs today . i also learnt how to ‘ activate ‘ my right brain , so i can think faster and become more creative .

i need to change for the better . i know im being selfish the way i am now . just show me the right path . i need to stay out of trouble . too much for now . family condition , i dontwant to make it worst . im prepared to repent .



so i think CE was okay , except that i totally screwed up a few questions . the table part , the solid liquid gases thing , my mind went totally blank when they asked about the solid and liquid movement . so i peeked at adil’s , but he wasnt at that page . i asked joseph , but he was too busy plotting the graph . so usual ah , do anyhow . then when handed up alr , checked the ans , and stuff . then i realised that it wasnt that hard after all . so basically i screwed up the bloody paper .

gaaaaaaah , now i realised that i should have studied looong ago for that paper . these days , i always thought of doing well in studies . im more concerned about mid year . i thinkkkkk .


slaaaaaaack .

okay , i realised that i have been slacking too much these days . shit , i have a bloody ce tommorrow , and i havent even revised a single shit . i seriously need to buck up in practical electricity maaaan . for the LAs , i bullshitted everything through , peeked abit at joseph’s and adil’s answers . damn it . i dont even know the damn formulaes lah . sec two is hard . what the hell lah , ive never taken CEs seriously in my life . idk why im so concerned about the science paper tml .

damn it , i need motivation to study . i want to get to sec three , but the interest to study is not there .

someone , anyone , motivate meeeeee !!