gaaaaah . i realise i have a boring life . nothing much happens in my life . the sameeeee old saturday routines . wake up , check handphone . sometimes i even snooze back to bed . if im in a good mood , ill go to madrasah . after all that , id open my school books . read a few lines of it , and close it . if im really bored , id go online , check whoever is online . if no one’s online , i’d appear offline , and either blog , or watch movies online . if there is people online , id disturb them , and start a random conversation . other than that , if internet is down , id spend my whole day watching pirated VCDs or just go to sleep .  later part of the day , if shuk’s phone has prepaid , id chat with him till its time for either of us to go off .

haha , okay . i dun know why im talking like this , but yeah . god , life is really boring . i think wordpress is not very interesting after all . its good cos there is like blogstats , and stuff . but other than that , i think i find it rather dull , and uninteresting . i cant put songs , and to upload pictures is veryyyy complicated . so maybe one day if im free , ill move back to blogspot .

i think my friendster is kind of dead , cos i forgot the password . and i dont bother to even request for a new password . its says there its been three weeks since i last logged in . HAH ! i dun care about that man .

i think my life these days is quite boring . i think its very dull , and colourless and booooooring .

nyahaha , paint the skies .


teachers day + aces day .?

so today we had teacher’s day celebrations , and aces day . nyahaha , i didnt even bother to move . then as usual , performance and stuff . during the performance , the alumnies were already outside the hall waiting for teachers and watching the concert . nyahaha . i saw some of my seniors . netball seniors , and friends , who have graduated . nyahahahaa . godd , i miss them , they have changed alot okay . and thankgod they still remembered me . haha . 

after the concert , waited for the rest , chatted with some of the alumnies . then had quite a long chat with jannah . when she picked up the phone i could barely recognise her voice . then we were like shouting over the phone and stuff . i missed the old days . i heard quite alot of the HGS people going back . but not much from the 06 batch . mostly just the 07 ones .

nyahhahahahhahahahaha . one week break . i dont think im going out with friends this time . except for musicproject and remedial . i seriously need to catch up on schoolwork . maths sci history , and maybe eng ? the last holiday , i didnt do much cathing up with school work cos i was out most of the time . didnt really stay at home . TLLM , which took almost threeequarter of my holiday , do homework with akidah and saiful . and alsooooo , going out with friends .

gaaaaaaaaaah . i really need to buckup on studies now . i dontwant to endup in an art stream , cos i have really no interest for art .


heeeeeyhello .

nyahahahahahaha . today was quite a long day . shuk didnt come school , and adil was super irritating today cos he was running around with a marker in his hand and scribbling all over me . singapore vs india . but he is india imported player . so his real nationality is actually indian . nyahaha ?  then we had filming after school . hm well , i can see progress uh . nyahhaha . i hopeeeee we can do a good job . but as usual , misunderstandings and stuff happens between group members . so yeahhh , but i hope we can get over it . after filming , three members went off . the rest of the us slacked at comlabtwo to transfer the video and stuff . kind of cool uh the video . but we can still make room for improvements . wooo . then left the school at ard 4+ 5?

hm , my grades are dropping . im starting to lose focus again . i didnt even hear what mdm tan was teaching us just now . but i know its is something about probability crap . but my tution teacher just went through that like , yesterday . so the thing is kind of still fresh in my mind . well , i got 15 for lit . and i didnt even listen to sultanah’s explanation when going through the paper . thanks alot for the disruption . gaaaaaaaaaah . final year is like in less that one month’s time . omg .



heyyhooo .

hm , so i guess life is quite okay right now . nyahahahhahahahaha . nothing much happens , but yeah , i shall appreciate every single thing that happened .

well , shuk finally came to school ,  with so much energy wasted on asking to come to school , he finally camee . i missed his dough-like cheeks !. nyahhaahha . his prepaid not topped up yet – i guess . gaaaah , i dun care . as long as he have a wonderful time talking on the phone with people . he havent quit smoking YET . which idk when he’s going to quit . his lips are turning black , and like wtfffffffffffffff .? godd .

things have changed , people have moved on . 140808<3 .


fourteeeeeen !

heyyy hello . im finally fourteen . well , time flew very fast .                                                                   so , a string of words to the wonderful people who bothered to share the joy with me .

thankyou AKIDAH for being the second to wish me . thankyou NANA for the sabuntasted cookies . thankyou XIAOYUAN for being the third to wish me .  thankyou KAKYANAKAKYANI for the very unique birthday greeting .  thankyou AM for the teddybearrr . thankyou SHIRLENE and SIHAN for wishing me , although i know we havent met for a loooong time . (: thankyou CARISSA HAMIDAH HUIHUI XIAOYUAN AM for the cake . thankyou KINN for being one of those who wished me . thankyou twoD for the birthday song . thankyou MAMAMIA for the free pizza – thankyou adil for eating it for me .? thankyou TEACHERS for the birthday wish . thankyou NETBALLERS for wishing me . thankyou LIONEL for the belated birthday wish . thankyou COUSINS FAMILY FRIENDS for remembering my birthday . (:

nyahahhahahaahahaahaha . so basically , i turned fourteeen .

had training ytd , it was quite mendak , we did the usual drills . no progress . we did the drills in the concourse , then ballwork , then the straight shuttle , then water break . me and nana were tired , so we went to the careforce room to slack . not much people were there , only the sec one boys , and lisdah , and the instructor . the instructor taught lisdah and nana some songs on the guitar , i was kind of tired , so i didnt bother to join in . then the instructor talked about dreams , all those what you aspire to be when yoou grow up kind of stuff . we have a future guitarist here , future housewife , and a future netball coach . haha , all sorts of crap came out . and the instructor’s voice was so bloody nice . i want to learn how to play drums , well , she said we have good rhythm . future drummer , amacam .?

then returned home late , chatted on the phone for a while , bathed at 730 , reached tuition at 8 . the sec one and twos combined , cos there was a test . bullshit lah , i cant even understand the bloody passage , so i answered the questions anyhow , cos i was tired , sleepy , lazy to read the passage , which i cant even understand a single shit . anything i could think of , i just wrote .

after tuition , there was like a surprise birthday bash kind of thing . kind of unexpected . balloons were popping and popping all over when i opened the door . then i had to use a pin to pop THREE ballons before i can cut the cake . it was kind of scary , but yeah . then celebrations and stuff .

so , that was it . im fourteen !


national daaaaay .

hey hello . i think the national day celebration in school was okay . especially the marching part . me and shuk were commenting on everyone’s marching . and we came to a conclusion that GB and BB were not as good as the others . and oh , i finally know how nana’s boyfriend looks like . hehhhhh . nana , tam and hatikah took the same bus . so , yeahhhh . and hatikah kept pushing me in the bus . then the concert was okay . and believe it or notttt , solar got third position . well , quite sad kannn . but other houses are way better .  fire’s is the nicestESTTT .

hm , then the NDP ytd , we watched the parade as a biggggggggggg family . cos we had kenduri . yeah . it was raining though . i really pitied those who were performing . all drenched in the rain . but quite cool ah , the fireworks and all .

well , i think thats about it . (:


yeaaaa .

woo , im bloggingggg . computer’s down , and i cant use . saaaaad . hm , life’s improving i guess ? welllll , school’s okay . i can cope with studies already . maths and science improving .? i think . but i still need to buck up moreeee . ill strive for a1 . promoteeeeee . im beginning to love studiesss . yeaaaa . and nana just taught me chemical formula of ionic compounds . now i have a clearer picture of what it isss . yea . k , i suddenly felt like blogging about TLLM . haha , its doneeeeee . so i shall blog about it some day . (:

hm , that day shukri prank called me . well , idk whether he was trying to be funny , but yeah . he was IRRITATING . kept saying hello . haha , nana was so pissed . but nvm , thennnnnnn we had a looong chat ytd , i asked him to quit smoking , hehhhhhh . and surprisingly , he listened to me . well , literally , i hopeeee . godddd , i miss that guy mannnn .

friday is national day celeb . i think i cant waitt . im going to see hui quan march ! 😉 hehhhhhh ? then loooooooong weeeeekend , we’re going to johorrrrrr , for barbequeeeee and sleepover . woo , i cant wait . 🙂

life is unpredictable ; you’ll never know who is there to cheer you up . (: