heyhooo . as usual , an update on this week .

mondayyyy – nothing .

tuesday – skipped history remedial . slacked with nana and shuk .

weddd – nothing .

thurrr – nothing .?

friday – it was paperONE today . it was raining today . so ayah sent me and nana to school . we didnt get wet ! then english was okay . but i think i wrote alot of crap in the paper . during malay paper , it was so cold lah . i had quite a nose block . but yeah . i think i did okay for the dialogue . then the compo , about the mrt thing . must complete the compo . so like , i copied the starting , then almost fell asleep just staring into space . well , i kept looking at the time . for eng , it seems like the time moved very fast . for mt , it seemed like the time moved veryveryslow . omg . im so sleepy .

hahhhhhh . okay i am soooooooo lazy to blog so much . haha , thats why alot of NOTHING in the week update . hehhhh .

oh , and we watched kecohkecohraya show last sat . abg yas brought home the cd , . it was quite funny ah . just released i suppose . hehhhh . then went to bazaar .  played fireworks and stuff .

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah . and it feels like fasting seemed so short . cos before we knew it , it was already raya . which is , wed .

okay . im writing alot of crap now . im going to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep .

andihopetoslackwithfalqinagainbeforetutiontoday .

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .


omg , i didnt realise that was a long post . nyahhahaha .


thisweek !

heyyyyyyyhooooo .

hm this week is quite mendak uh i can say . so sleepy everyday . not enough sleeep every night . sleep late , wake up early .

monday – slept during the CE period for almost half an hour . then mdm tan woke me up to ask me do something useful . so i talked to huiquan who was doing the retest . mdm tan came back to ask us to stop talking . then had oral after school . totally sucks okay .

tuesday – it was quite a long day from 0800to1030 . cos it was malay , then english all the way . but we were quite entertained by msNG during english . with her crappy jokes and all . but she’ll be away till our exams . so mr saiful would relieve us all the way . then it was remedial after school . whow , i was solo with ms oh for the first half an hour . but i think i can learn better this way . no interruptions , and i can absorb moreeeee . i learnt all the basic stuff about history that ive been missing out all these while . yayyyy ! then after that it was editing with the members . yeaaaaaaaa . in comlab , me and nana talked to mizan otf . he was quite irritating as usual .

wednesday – had briefing about the classes offered next year . second class seems to be a good option . triple science is abit too much for my standard . then during mothertongue , samuel was bloody irritating . i cant stand him sia . keep making noise with Din , asking me stupid questions , and calling me bolalaaaaaaaa ! omg , so irritating cannnnn .?! damnlah ! then lit , we continued the game . quite crap . but can lah . at least we dont have to stone with THEGIVER and the teacher . after school , slacked with mizan nana and nyimas . but nyimas had to go off early . so its only three of us . can lah . very crappy , and kecoh . i thought him maths . and yeah , he’s a model student now ! kannnnn .?

thursday – had the briefing again . about humanities this time . idk which to go to . geog or hist .? yeah , then we had a long day . the overseas teacher came to our lit class . we had to ask her qns , and she ask us qns . after school , went for filming at bedok reservoir park . after thaaaaaaat , went to NTUC to shop for ingredients for asir’s lesson the next day . it was tiring uh , though i wasnt fasting , but i didnt even drink the whole day okay , neither did i wake up for sahur . i just survived on a piece of dynamite . the reach home just in time for buka . the whole family was already eating . so i joined in the fun ! then it was tution . quite boring as usual . but the class was quite quiet cos syafiq didnt eat chocolates . nyahahahha .

fridaaaaaaaaaay ! – i lost my apron , so i spent the first 15 mins looking for an apron around the school . then we cooked and stuff . whow . im not those type that help in the kitchen okay . i cant even cut the onion lah ! shameeeeonme ! and hamidah was doing a good job in preparing the rest of the ingredients . then finally , kabooooom ! the thing was done . turned out really great . but i gave the food to shuk , cos i didnt want to bring it home . nyahhahaha . then had SPA test during science . i didnt really understand what we had to do . but peeked abit at jiamin , jasmine and lionel . then we had editing after school . i had to go off early cos i had tution . went mercu at 8 . i was quite early . then saw falqin , but both of us didnt want to enter class first . so i slacked with him first till 830 . we planned to cabut but didnt in the end . i didnt know since when we became so close . we shared our secrets with each other , and stuff about ourselves . waited for syafiq , but he wasnt coming . then when farah and ramadhan came , we went up . but it was 845 then . we had a test . omg , then our moods went down . but the teacher released us at 945 cos we had nothing else to do after the test . so yeah . walked to darulamanmosque to meet ayah to go home . and oh , the teachers in mercu have been calling me iffah . they say its easier to pronounce . but its kind of weird . cos only my ngaji ustazah calls me iffah .

and i have nothing to do now . ive been singing the raya songs from just now . idk why . and oh , and it feels sooooooooo weird without my earstick lah okay . i ran out of earsticks , and shuk had to lose his earstick at the wrong time . and omg , there was like a nanaH on his ear , it was so disgusting lah k . his ears was soooooo red , and he was asking me to force the earstick through the nanah thing . omggggg , i suddenly had that twosecondphobia . haha !

yequalstomxplusc .


random .

heyho . i wokeup at 830 today cos of the commotion in the house . then watched some cartoons while in bed . then finally bathed at 1130 . didnt go to ngaji today . andapparentlysomeonemademydaytoday.yayyyy !

k then surfed the net . blog – hopped , and stuff . so i went to visit the tancrapper blog . yeah i know it was kind of random to go there , but yeah . and like duh , the blog is dead . the pictures were all shuffled . cos i did some stuff to the pics in photobucket . now idk where to get all the pictures from ready . k anw , i cant believe i was part of the tancrapper . as in like , we did a project together as a family right ..? omg , like so cute lah . we formed a family , and did a history project . and make a blog . we even had a fight with the square family righttttt . haha , but all that was like so last year okay ! i also dont really know what happened to the tancrapper family now . haha , so legendary . tocrap:wemust! haha , that was like , our motto .? omggg , i didnt know we were so serious about this back then .



heyhooo !

heyyyyy . so today was the end of first week of school . things didnt really turn out the way i expected things to be . but yeah .

hm , monday – first day . the class was so sleepy . and almost dead by the time it was after recess . we had a new mothertongue teacher . i suspected that she was from malaysia . but midah and adil convinced me that she is a true singaporean . nyahahhaha . then during CE , it was like sort of free period . so boonsiew came in to ramble about the marks stuff . i was so sleepy that i fell asleep behind . gaaaah . then after sch , i was forced to meet mizan . i wanted to go home and sleep . but yeah . then slacked with them till 5 .

tuesday – not much stuff happened . stayed back for history remedial . then slacked . i think .

weddd – i got scolded by boonsiew and sultanah for always talking at the back with adil . well , in any case , he was the one who started it . cos he was always scrubbing his armpits and his dick with my books , and shooting rubberbands at me , and the marker fights at random timings , and scratching my hand with your watch adil . i tolerated your nonsense okay ! you know whyyyyyy ? cos basically I WAS FASTING . got it . so kena bersabar ye adil ? then after school slacked with mizan again . this time i learnt how to interact with him alr .

thur – i tried going to school tying my hair . but i lost my mood halfway . so my hair went back to nprmal . nyahahha . then during silent reading , adil changed his place . he sat at dennis place . and huiquan was at his . well , the back row isnt so noisy anymore , cos yongjun also changed row . so less noise . but i was still being bullied . with my oh-so-irritating partner who is always passing my stuff over to adil , yeah , my books still became his towel for scrubbing his armpits .

and todaaaaaaaaay – which is friday . we had home ec early in the morning . i was so bloody sleepy during asir’s lesson . walao . she keep talking and talking . i wonder when her mouth would ever shut . then blablabla . had a bio test during science . i didnt study for it okay ! but tution teacher went through some stuff abt sexual reproduction stuff . so i remembered some . but not much of that qn came out . so overall , for that paper , i think if i really studied , i would get around 30++ . but now i think i would only get 20++ cos i really bullshitted through the paper . k now i really need to start revising for the physics and chem paper ! then after school , we had filming and stuff . evrything ended at around 5+ ? i think . then i was quite pissed when i returned home cos basically some bloody loansharks sprayed paint at the walls and the gates were stained too . damn lah ! then slept till about 630 . and i finished bathing just in time for buka . eventhoughimnotfasting,idonteatduringthedayokay!neitherdidIwakeupforsahur.irespectokay!

so now i just returned from tution . haha . it was another compo test . god . im going to die . i was so sleepy that i didnt even understand what crap i was writing halfway through the paper . and then for the letter writing , the recepient , i wrote shuk’s name i think . idk why . omggggggg !

its 2318 now . and im blogging in the room , with abangyas doing his assignment and talking to himself and singing weird songs , the makciks still awake , watching tv . haidar still eating twisties . ayah on the PSP , kakyanayani on the laptop , iqah , watching an adult show . and meeeee , straining my eyes trying to see what i am typing . omg , im so sleepy . i think ill be the first to sleep tonight .

and oh im too lazy to upload pictures . okayrandom !

and OMG , for the first time in my life , i am so not looking forward to hariraya this year . maybe its because of the short of one member in the family . god , first day of raya is so going to be a saaaaaaad day .

isatbesidethetelephonewaitingforyourcall .


lastdayofholiday !

heyyyyyhooo . so today is officially the last day of holiday . cos its sunday . and tommorrow , its back to school day . god . i havent even enjoy my holidays lah please . i want to extend the holidays , lets request for another month ? nyahahahaha .

okay so , friday went for filming and stuff . didnt feel like dressing up on that day cos i was veryyyy lazy , and very sleeepy . woke up at ten after saiful called me to confirm that the meeting is confirm . wahhhh , i think if he nvr call , id sleep all the way till noon ! nyahahahaha . went to farid’s house for filming cos we need the guitar . then blablablaaaa , left his house at abt 6plus , and i reached home just in time for buka ! hahahaahah . so i dont really need to help prepare . nyahahahhaha .

hmmm , homework . im left with the mensuration chp only for maths homework . malay – a few qns . sci – almost done . eng – i havent started cos i couldnt find the worksheet . nyahahhahahahaha .

oh , and we went to the bazar ytd , but didnt really explored the whole stretch , cos it was raining , and we didnt have umbrella . and oh god , so many people . its so hard to even take a step forward . so we just bought the food , and some stuff and headed homeeeeeeeee .

and i watched THEMESSAGE ytd . its a show about our prophet . its a good show i think . cos i didnt really understand the show . its an old show . it was published in 1960s i think . the war part was scary . veryyyy scary . so much blood . so many people killed . my next movie target – BENHUR , i think . its the story about jeasus christ . i want to watch ! the summary of the story is quite good . again , its a very old show . nyahahaha .

hereicomeeeeeeeee .