its friday . and its so boring . went to school to buy books with kakyana , but the poa book keeping stuff and all the english books are not available . so bought the rest and went home . and now i am dying of boredom in front of the com . i cant do anything much cos im sick . yes , sick . fever , flu , cough . ah , irritating . and i couldnt find my inhaler , so im struggling to breathe .

zz . my face is all dark plus red all over because of swimming yesterday . and i cant even touch my face cos it hurts like crazy .

this week was quite okay , compared to the past few weeks . been out for most of the days so i didnt really rot at home as usual . next week will be boring for sure after ayah goes haji . cos no one will be bringing us out at night or weekends . but when ayah comes back , all of us will be prepared for school next year . after all , its only 26 days . ill be doing my own countdown for his return . yayyy !

training starts on the 15th i think . boringggg . im planning to skip some training days and stay at home . so even if adlin or seet calls , im at home . i wont go anywhereeee . netball are getting more boring this year . no progress at all . stamina level all poor . wasted sia . one year build up stamina ready . then when change coach , all start slacking . im sure if coach liyana or nabila sees us one day , they’ll be dissapointed at all of the Bdiv players this year . those that they have thought . i think im slacking alot now . if you ask me to shoot , i cant give 20 consecutive shots anymore . cos it takes one year to get 20 consecutive shots at a go . yeah thats how bad it has become . i dontknow who will be in for eastzone next year , and who will be captain for Bdiv . and i dont think ill even be playing for school team next year . no more passion ah .

zzz .



went swimming today . it felt like i went tanning instead of swimming ah . so dark la . cos we forgot to bring sunblock and all the stuff to swimming . and we became so dark after that . zz .

started swimming at 11 plus , ended swimming at ard 4 plus . 5 hours in the water . gaaaaah . and this is what we’ve all become . banglas .

then saw nabil and gang at the pool . he looked so , WOW ! he didnt change i guess , except that i was quite shocked to see his body and stuff , as in , without shirt . ew .

zz . then ate at the shiok kopishop after that . cool name rightttt . then all of us were tired when we got home . me and kak yana were obviously , whining about our skin colour , comparing with our past skin colour .

okay i wont upload the pics cos most of them has been already uploaded to iqah’s blog .

so , visit myrandomiclife.blogspot.com for pictures .



heyhello . just feel like changing the theme of the blog . i feel like this is the nicest theme that can be found in wordpress . others are just , plain . but blogger still has the nicest skins .

so on saturday went to jurong  to visit a nephew of mine who was just given birth on the 21st . his name is irfan . yeah same name is cik mimi’s son . yeah quite a number of people i know with name irfan . my nephew , cousin , classmate in 2d , madrasah mate . coool rightttttt . then on 20th , kak aidaro gave birth . name is airis marissa i think .

so ytd , went to madrasah early in the morning . only 2 girls and 4 boys turned up out of like , 25 people ? and all of us were not doing work , and not paying attention , obviously . fahmi was playing psp , and the rest of us ,  asriadliazizmaisaraMEEEE , were on phone . i think they were playing games or what . and i was sitting at the back row listening to fullblast music under the tudung and texting people . yeah , exams are over and no one wants to come . cos lessons are boring and the ustazah dont really bother much about us ,  while next door , the p6 students are preparing for the MUIS exams which starts today . yeaaaah , my sis is one of those taking muis exams this year . so ustazah’s standing right in front giving us the ‘ you want listen , listen , you dont , then its up to you . i teach , i get paid , you people get nothing ‘ look on her face while she explains about hari raya aidiladha . zz .

and yeah , many different stuff happened during weekends . 😀

and life is still like that , what to do . i hope next week will be fun cos i heard many different stuff is going to happen . like , shopping , swimming with family and cousins , and alll .


helloooooooo .

heyhellooooooooo .

life’s great i think . but it can get quite boring these days . no school . rot and rot and rot at home . everyday , i wake up at 10 plus . bath . breakfast . watch tv . computer ? psp . sleeeeeeeep .

yeah so that’s my life . i have really nothing to blog about . ive been at this window for the past one and a half hours . zz .

i will update somedays when i have something to talk about .

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xiao yuan ; life’s fineeeeee . i’ll msg you some days when im free okaayyyy !                                         am ; kay here goes an update about my life . ill update again sometime later okay .! loveyoutoo .? 😀


killtime .


forrandompurposes . 😀