hello 09 !

 okay i know i said i wont go online school reopens , but ah who cares .

i feel that i need to say goodbye to 08 . right here , in wordpress . now . cos i’ll be busy the whole day tml .

okay 08 is a year where many things happened in my life . lots of bitter plus sweet stuff this year . so im going to apologise or congratulate and all crap here . so watch out . its going to be a looooooooooooong post ! 😀

okay first things first . its been bugging me this few days . i want to say sorry to syiqin and akidah for making things turn out this way . yeah you guys know how things are now . idontknow . it just happened like so sudden . for a moment its like this , the next , its different . i cant explain it with words itself . its too much . yeah we’ll all be in different classes next year . so we wont not talk to each other even when we’re in class . beside each other in quadrangle also .

k next . mum left us this year . she didnt tell me that she was going to leave us forever . atleast she could give us some signs that she was already leaving us . she left with silence . when i woke up , she was already trying hard to breathe . no communications were there between her and any of us . only the sounds of quraans and the adults asking her to say her last prayers before she go . but whyyyyyyyyyy ? she could hold on there a litle longer . just put up with all those bad cells in the bodies . oya . i found this book called the CANCER SURVIVORS . i wonder if any of the stories are true . bullshit . i missed those days . the complete family days . a member down in our family ; a sibling down out of 13 siblings ; an advisor ; a lover ; a listening ear . we’ve lost all that ibu . now who do i turn to ? no one understands me right now .

ayahciksamiqahhaidar . thanks all for the guidance and support you’ve all given and showed me after ibu left us . you guys gave me confidence to carry out my responsibility as a sister . but how i hope life could go back to how it was .

nana . thanks for being my closest friend . i know things will change next year . but i really hope it dosent . people will change . the situation we are at now will change too . yeah although at times we dont  really agree with each other . or we have different views about others . but that dosent make our friendship ties break apart . i want to thank you for understanding my situation and respects me for who i am now . 😀

i want to thank those people who had tolerated me through all the projects that im involved in this year . the TLLM , phyllislionelfengwei . yup i know ive been a bossy person . and calling and calling you guys up most of the time to discuss about the last minute stuff and meeting up almost everyday of our june holidays . and spent our money too travelling all the way to macperson just for a project . and sorry fengwei cos we’ve all made a mess in your parent’s room when we were gluing and cutting all the strips of paper for the board . and the other members whom ive shouted at cos you guys were playing too mush computer games or counterstrike while the rest were busy with the project . MUSIC , hamidahkidahkinnadilsaifulmahdhirfarid . i know i havent been a responsible asst. director . not being there for most of the meetings or filming or editings . yeah i wasnt even there when you guys submitted the video . but i guess none of you ignored me or told me right in the face thats i wasnt responsible enough to be holding the role of a asst. director . but behind me , only god knows what you guys said about me . hah .

hamidahxiaoyuanamcarissahuihui , thanks for being there for me for the last few weeks of school . you guys gave me strength to move on with my life after i thought i didnt have anyone else to depend on , after that incident . 😀

and 2D , thanks for being part of my life for 2 years . through thick and thin .

those reading this please acknoledge . 😀

goodbye 08 , hello 09 .

i hope 09 will be a start of something exciting , and i shall open up another new chapter in my life .

and leave the past behind ; get on with life .


haha .

so the carnival today wasnt so bad as expected . i played only 1 game out of like 10 ? haha . thats cos i didnt bother volunteering myself to be a shooter for the other games . coach asked me to the the shooter for the game with TK . oh myyy . they are sooo strong . with all the solid passes . i managed to get over the keeper , and she kept bumping into me . contact . and there was 2 penalty shots . those were the only time the ball got into bn’s semicircle . but i didnt score for any . ohmyy . i really need to start my shooting circuit and work on my shooting skills .

okay maybe after this i wont be going online anymore till school reopens maybe ? . i need to studyyyyyyy ! hahah . macampahamehhhhh .

solooooongreaders .


oohmyyy .

oh school’s going to open next week and we’ll all get to see our new classmates over again and new teachers . i hope the teachers next year is like those not anti social ones and can interact with students . like ms ng . i think the chem teacher that thought us for the bridging lesson is good . he  knows when to joke around and when to be serious . very very serious . and he hates working in pairs . zz .

aargh . netball carnival tommorrow . idontwant to go . but everyone’s forcing me to go . no , not everyone . some . i dont have confidence to score goals for the team . but like the saying goes , never let the fear of striking keeps you from playing the game . hahhh .

ytd’s football match was a greaaaaaaaat dissapointment . alam shah could have scored alot . but what happened to him . he gave alot of high balls . zz .

yay .



so skipped training on wednesday . zz . training will be 3 hours starting wednesday . yeah and shooters have to stay for another hour to do the drills after training . so in total , i have to stay for FOUR hours with the rest of the shooters just to prepare ourselves for the east zone next year . which i dont even think i’ll get in . zz . i’ll try to work hard for it . try . for the fact that we get to skip class to prepare for the tournament , and get free jerseys or fbt shorts . plus , no transport is provided . thats buuuullshit .

so went shopping yesterday . then i saw this jacket . and spongebob , patrick and mr paulfrank were together . so cuuuuuute . yeah i wanted to buy . buttttttt …

zzz . what a busy week . paulfrank is cuuuuuute .



so went airport last night with family to visit cik mimi and family who is flying over to australia . they’ll be there for three years . cos he wants to continue studying there . cool or whaaaat .? then when we girls were camwhoring with irfan and his brother , adil and his mum came . but he said he didnt see me  .  ohwell . so cik mimi was his mum’s friend , and they’re there to send him off too . then all of us reached home at 12 plus . and knocked out .


irfaaaaaaaan ! 😀

and this morning , nana gave me a wakeup message . so i woke up and bathed as fast as possible . and the consent form stated that training starts at eight . so both of us rushed like crazy . and we thought every one else was late . cos when we arrived only desi and gang and cindy were there . then training was super mendak . with the new coach . some of the players started slacking after the third round of warmup . there will be a carnival next tuesday , i dontknow if i’ll turn up or not . hahhh . si han says she’ll be there . and till now , my leg hurts like #$%^&** .! maybe its because i havent been running and soing warmups and all . zzz .


oh and i think mr paulfrank is cuteee . haha randomm .


ohmyyyyyy .




some of the things i do to kill boredom . ha .

anyway , life’s been quite okay these days . went ikea ytd to get stuff . then shopped around at tm and all . and went out again today .

singapore soccer team is quite good i think . singapore never lost any match for the suzukicup which started last friday .? cooool . if only the netball team could go this far . -.-

netball starts monday . i dont think most of the b division people would turn up . lazy bums . haha . that includes me too . well , that depends on my mood actually . if i feel like going , then i’ll go . lisdah’s been asking me to quit netball ever since the gay coach came . but if  i quit , then which cca do i go to ? leo club ? zz .

dad’s flight back is delayed to 31st dec . wth ah . i miss him alot like crazy . only phonecalls is the cure to all . and he’s been trying to send us the picture of him with no hair . cute or what . but error in connection somewhere . so no one got his picture .

life’s boring . really boring .



life is boring . had hari raya celebrations  ytd . and its so boring . all the boys were at the room doing their own stuff ; laptop , soccer , psp , sleep and  all the girls were in the other room  playing any games that we all could think of . we played some ball games with the kallangroar ball , then we watched tv . then we entertained babies . then they played sudoku and all that stuff until one by one goes home . and the aunts and uncles were talking outside about stuff .