im going to die . i screwed my amaths test and im dead . i erased the whole question just in time to hear PENS DOWN . im so angry .

and believe it or not . mrs cheah is baaaaaaaack . she wasnt living in malaysia forever , but for chinese new year .

my life’s a mess .


chinesenewyearholidayyyyy !

yay pontian rocks my socksssss .


it could be better if everyone was there .

gaaaaaaah .



this week sucks . im on a long term fight with some of the boys in class . thanks to everyone who have used my pencilbox as soccer ball . thankyou .

so i think im slowly coping with most of the subjects , okay maybe  not most . some . amaths ,  and some other subjects . i just hate going to chemistry lab cos i will be seated right at the back of the lab and the screen will be so small with all the unreadable words on the screen . and i wont be able to see anything . and only when my partner is in a good mood , he will let me copy his work . if not he will cover his book like as if its so confidential and i have to go to the front to copy mr lee’s small words .

and when it comes to maths or amaths , things will get very confusing . and i will think that the matrices thing is in emaths and indices is in amaths . and when it comes to the logbook , and book A or B , i will get more stressed up for which i have to do which topic and subject in which book . very confusing . but mdm tay says its good , it will be organised . wtf ? and i hope im prepared for the class test next week and common test for next two weeks . both maths and amaths . i really want to do well  mannnn .

and poa . ohmygod . the teacher is getting on my nerves . nerve racking teacher . she made me cry cos i couldnt understand a single shit she says and whenever i ask her to repeat herself , she will make a fool of herself , or she will tell me to take pure bio and join the triple science students ; instead of teaching me how i should do it . im glad she’s going off next week . back to malaysia . where she truly belong . i hope the new teacher is not as kiasu as mrs cheah . and will teach all the stuff in poa all over again and make me score in poa . because my msg set by the moe or the government , idontknow , is all As . crazy people .

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh . maybe i’ll use the fourdays holiday for homework , catch up on poa , hopefully ,  and study for tests .

goodbye .


okay .

okay so i think the people in 3b are communicable already . as in , we can already socialise with one another . most of them knows my nmae alr , i hope . because they will have to call my name to hand in the amaths stuff . yay ! im the amaths rep . yeah no big deal . but atleast its something .

yeah then the boys are also socialising with most of the girls . and thats so cool . yayyy . and being seated in front of the group of boys , their main target to throw erasers at would be me , and partner . but most of the time , they will aim at me . and wtf .

mothertongue is a crappy lesson . the boys will make a fool of themselves like how they always do , and make the class laugh our heads off .

we all played softball during PE justnow . and it sucks . okayla , first lesson of the game was quite boring . cos it literally just warm up and running around the field . nothing much .

and  poa is still as boring as ever . i have a test on monday and i havent get the theory right . what management crap . zz .

suuuuuuuuuucks .

tokaklina – nope my poa teacher is mrs cheah . she’s a crazy teacher . like , seriously . even tgk muke dia pn boleh jd gila .  later one day if i meet you i tell you all about her okay . from A to Z . hahaaa .

lifeisjustabouteverything.iknewthiswouldhappen.ivebeenexpectingforthisday tocomeallmylife.totaldissapointment.



i think school is okay already . im learning to adapt to the new environment . haha . poa teacher is crap shit . her glasses are crooked , gold , she likes calling robin handsome , she likes to make a joke out of herself , she likes to scold people for the wrong reason , she calls kanza AMZA .

i think amaths is fun . i know i might sound crazy saying this , but yeah . i seriously think amaths is fun . but i dont really know if i will score in amaths . so far im getting along well with the subject , and the teacher . simultaneus equation yeaaaaaaaaa !

mothertongue is quite mendak . im seated behind a pillar with hamidah and i cannot see the whiteboard clearly . only for some words that are exceptionally big . but those are really rare cases . and i hate the mothertongue classroom cos its vandalised all over the place with lots of vulgar words . not a condusive place to study .

cynthiaoh is taking us again this year for history and social studies . as usual , she will just explain even when the class is noisy or aeroplanes are flying right above our classroom . and i wont hear i single crap she’s saying . like usual .

thennnn , friday is PE . walterpang . so much things he expects from all of us . and how he explained the similarity between PE tshirt and workbook . something like that ah .

thennnnnn the other subject teachers will all be seen next week maybe . chemistry and all .

yay !