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aiyoyoyoyoyooyo .


she sits by the computer and stares
waiting by herself for someone to care
no messages pop up , no one calls her phone
life passes by as she sits at home alone

her heart hurts with emptiness , theres nothing inside
she just needs a friend in whom she can confide
she wishes things were different , the way they used to be
when she mattered to people , or so it seemed

those people she thought would be her best friend forever
at the first sign of change did what they say they would never
they found new friends and didnt need her anymore
but change is change – all is fair in love and war

she still loves them now even if they’re gone
its a shame she’s the only one who wasnt able to move on
she can burst any second , the tears were so hard to fight
she puts an act at school and cries herself to sleep at night

she’s at her lowest point but refuses to break
and continue to live the life that’s so ridiculously fake .



ithinkthisisrandom .

CEs after CEs after CEs . oneafteranother .  one day my brain shall burst right infront of the test paper . amaths test tomorrow , physics and chem next week . and mothertongue i think ? ohmyyyyyyyy . oh please kill the teachers before my results get anyworst . im happy with all the results for now . dont add anymore chapters into CEEEEE .

and morning runs are not as bad as expected . its fuuuuun . you get to skip silent reading , and 15 minutes of the first lesson . wooo ! iwannagetoutoftaaaaaaaaaf !

parentmeetingtomorrow . the principal will bragandbragandbrag about studies and all . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . even ayah dontwant to go . but he has to come cos its COMPULSORY . ah,idontseethepurposeofthat .

oh and i love PE . i think softball is fun . you can run and run and run and score homeruns like its no one’s business . but i hate the PE teacher . he will take up one period to scold us and tell us how hard it is to settle us down compared to his PREVIOUS CLASS BEFORE THIS , 3D . and even our mothertongue teacher likes to compare us with NORMALACADSTUDENTS . and physics teacher also likes to compare us with 3A and 3F . aiyoyoyoyoyoyoyo . make me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .

 mylabpartner’sheadiscorrupted . ohpleaseshowhimtherightpath . HAHA ! 😀

goodbyeandgoodnight/goodmorning/goodafternoon . :DDDDDDDDDD