we all know life is daaaaaamn random .
we all know time flies too quickly .
we all know studies is getting more and more difficult .
we all know that failing makes me feel like a looser .
we all know we all know we all knowwwwwwwww …

oh damn . exams starts next week . i dontknow if im prepared but i think i am , physically . i seriously think i need like a whole lot of revision . teachers dumped us with past year papers to complete during the weekend . i guess i’ll spend my whole entire weekend on thaaaat .? but if it does help in improving my understanding on the subjects , then why not give it a try .?? oh goddd life is really tough these days . youcan have the whole class failing amaths and then quarter the class failing the retest and idiots asking for REretests . and in the long run , you still dont get good results because the teacher that teaches us is not good . and seriously NOT GOOD . a looser who wants us to become victorians and have high expectations for us telling us what to do and not to do treating us like IDIOTS who just follows instructions .?

monday is paper one . maybe i’ll screw up again when no ideas comes into my head that second . then justnow when our class had to ask questions to the malay teacher , after the other class went off , we asked her to give us hints about the paper . she told us some , and all tips since she was the one setting the paper . i hope i can do better after knowing what the theme of the overall paper is about . she said mainly .

argh i want to do well for studies but i just cant . its damn hard to focus . its damn hard to study by yourself when you dont have the facts right . its damn hard to go through exams . its damn hard to go through life at this point of time .

cos we learnt about royGbiv in physics .




100409 ;

finally , a family dinner after soooo long . opened table and about 20 or 30 +++ relatives were there spending the night at jurong coffeeshop chatting and talking all night long . And the best part is , all cousins were there ; except those married ones . its been a daaamn long time since all the cousin follow for such events ESPECIALLY THE BOYS . but they have to get their lazy butts off from laptops and TVs and PSPs at home cos our auntie treated us all . so yeaaaaaaaaa !

170409 ;

what a baaaaaaaad day today . early in the morning , phone got confiscated because it dropped on the floor . oh my god , its like damn small matter and have to make it BIG . such annoying teachers . and then the boys that saw it drop were obviously exaggerating like THAT . yeah and syed the noisy one was obviously asking me stupid questions like DID THE PHONE DROP FROM THE SKY and other nonsensical , TAKMASUKOTAK questions .

THENNN , napfa was BULLSHIT . mr yeo was super kind today . he made me pass standing broad jump . then shuttle run was damn ^&*()^# because apparently i forgot this wasnt suicide run so i threw the wood thing and did not touch the line . walterpang asked to redo and redo the thing . and in the end , i freaking failed the thingy cos i got tired and my feet seem to be coming out of my leg . wahh tragic !

and blablablaaaaa , malay lesson was damn stupid today . the teacher spent half a period asking the boys to draw coconut leaves but no one managed to draw . atlast they wanted to draw TIKUS and all those stupid things they call each other in class .

after school , most of us couldnt decide whether to take the social studies test at 1230 or 2 . thanks to the boys , who erased the reminder on the whiteboard now the whole class has to take the test after school and cynthiaOH increased another question . so manymanymany people were struggling with the second question . zz . and the confirmfailAH words are written all over their faces .

then THURSDAY , our POA teacher wanted to conduct remedial for the weaker people . so she wrote on the board a few names , then robin as ROBIGN , azerael as AZA , haziq as TIKUS , farid as GEMOK , syed as ANJING and all those funny funny names that the class calls them . i find it dumb but hilarious .


oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to yin yin today ! 🙂