idontknoww ?

hello .?

okay i just feel like blogging about my usual boring life . weekends are the best days cos its the time for sleeping likea pig and free from all the horrible teachers in school . weekdays are always busy . if not for cca , slack like its nobody’s business .

today was fun . there was a drama in class for first period . then 2.4 , shittycrap . another drama after recess , and yaaa . woo . i think this weekend will be busy memorising madrasah stuff because i dont want to fail again . cos if i fail , then its terrible . gawddamn .

its not even halfway through , and i feel like i dontwant to blog anymore . so here goes , ill end it here 😀

iwannarunawayfromsingaporeandhideincikanya’skampungggggggggg ! haha ..




hiatusorwhaaat ??

exams are overrrrr . i think im going to fail amaths and poa . like really really badly . aaaargh .

im going to attend a cousin wedding tomorrow . we’re not close . i dontunderstand why i have to be there . zz .

shitshitshitallthewayyyyy .

ijustfeel like being colourful . another long weekend here i come !



kampung gives me that icanrunawayfrommyproblems feeling . but it was just one day cos i had to come back for school today . what a boringboringboring life . weeeow .

ANYWAY i think the idea of the damn stupid relay system is damn stupid like seriously . thank god i wasnt the few people who had to receive calls from the teacher cos i had 3 missed calls and a message from adrienna . and one of the damndamndamn stupid questions they ask is whether we know anyone from mexico . i find it dumb . like seriously .

ohgodgodgod . i have poa exam on monday . and idontknow what in the world is trial balance or cashbook or whatever shit . can the human brain accomodate all the important facts in less than 24 hours ?? because if we can , then i’ll pass poa with flying-soaring-up-high colours .

anyway , i just felt like blogging , so here you go . i think i’ll be on a hiatus soon cos after school exams , im going to   read three novels then prepare for madrasah exams . im notgoingto fail arab anymore ! nonononononono . i dontknow since when i become like , a nerd reading books and studying for madrasah , but here i am !