smile .

school’s opening in two days .

oh how i wish its extended .


hellO .

090609 ;


watched monstersvsaliens with cousins at TM . its 3d and its so coooool . especially this character , the blue gooey monster . no brain . but he’s fuuuuuuuuny . some scenes kept popping out of the screen . because its 3d . so i spent most of the time covering my face with the bag everytime the characters come out of the screen . SHOCKed . 😀

100609 ;

came back for remedial as usual . then bring jannah and all to watch slumdog millionaire at my houseee cos they havent watched it . and woo . the show was two hours looong so we were late for the next lesson . and yaaqub says we shouldnt rush cos it was only amaths lesson we can come in as late as we want . woo . vice-chairman said that . examplary studenttt .

110609 ;


swimmingggg with the familyyy . 6 hours in the water under the hothothot sun . sunburnt all over but its greaaaaaat . you get to see your skin peeling off when you get home . first you’d turn RED , then BLACK , then your skin starts tearing off . then you get a new skin . woo . so funnnn . 😀

140609 ;


went for this briskwalk thingy on sunday . what a way to start the day . 😀 walked from the pasir ris CC to the stadium i think . we were making nuisance of ourselves along the way . throwing water at strangers . it was cool shit .

wooooooooooo .

our school got into news ytd . because of the swine flu thingyyy . so one minute of famee . 😀

internet’s damn slowwwwww . whywhywhyyy .. it jammed so manymany timess while uploading wordpress and petsociety plus all the nudges in msnn .

 oh and there’s actually mooore pictures , but i’ll upload it someday . or visit www.myrandomiclife.blogspot.com to view . easiest wayy . woo . okaybyeeeeee .



hellohellohello .

its the holidays again . i hope i’ll be a fun one because , i just want to enjoy it like its nobody’s business . school’e driving me crazyayyyyy .remedials everydayyy . 15 minutes late for maths today . bumped into fara in the bus , so we decided to go in together . mdm tay didnt nag at all . thats a good start yayyy . oh and english elearning is fun . feet binding ayeeeeee . oh i wish i could bind mine too . so i dont have problems looking for shoes again . dad says i have KG feet . KAKI GAJAH . wth ? -.-

lots of things up my sleeve next week . and we have 2 and a half hours break in between remedials for monday to wed . cos majority dont have to come for english . yipeeyayyyy .

monsters vs aliens trailor looks like the show is good . its 3d . and its cool . probably watching it with the kids some days . or maybe they want to watch hanna montana . but i prefer to watch monsters vs aliens . for the fact that its 3ddddddddddd . 😀

ngah’s on crimewatch . haha , one minute of fameee . the way he speaks english is like , whow . hahahhh . he’ll be guy police investigating the robbery case at the later part of the show after the molest case . watch out for him tmr ayeeeeeee .

wooooooooo . i shall update some days later . yayayayyaayayaa . 😀


hello .

today was funnnnnnn . because its the best day in the history of my life .

i shall update update and update like its nobody’s business some days later .

you . doing . that . thing . you . do .