new 2010 .

in 2 days , 2009 will be over .

well , i wont waste my time writing resolutions and all that stuff because i dont feel like it . i shall describe 2009 as just a great year for me . maybe because the people i love are just not around for me anymore .

yeah but i wont go all emo and whatelse over this .

afterall , its almost over . ive got so much to do in 2010 . its all in a matter of time and whether i can complete it . plus , im gonna take the O’s next year . so i’ve got to get down to serious work . no more of all the nonsense in 2009 . but haha . that’s if i can really change . but well , i’ll try .

okay anywaysss .

school holidays been okay . though i spend like half the time at home . shopping . swimming . KL . then alot laaaa .

gawd , i have tuition in one hour time for the subject i hated the most – amaths. but well , if we want to change , we might just love that subject . like my poa tutor say , teachers can only help the student . but its you that have to ensure you succeed .

very chim right .

oh anyway , the singapore idol thingy is , irritating and unfair ? well , im not a real big fan of  singapore idol la . but i think those people out there critisizing him in the papers and on the net should just learn to appreciate him . its just his luck . its actually quite annoying to see people critisizing him in the papers . like everytime there’s the singapore idol news , then they’re always talking bad bout him . come on la .

bleargh .

okay , im going back to school in 4 days . frankly , im not prepared . haizzz .

okaybyebye .


holiday .

😀 .

our holiday was funnn . although we didnt really spend time shopping because everytyme we go to the malls the shops are either closing or we have to rush to go to another place .

butttt , the long bus ride from KL to pahang was tiring . we visited our nenek sedara there . and the kampung was exactly how the kampungs in the typical dramas looked like . its all wood . with chickens around the house and kambings in the farm .

well actually if we compare , singapore is waaaay better than KL . in terms of hygiene , service and especially traffic . omg . even when the lights are red for the cars , some bloody idiots just sped off like its nobody’s business .


okay anyway , go to my FACEBOOK to see all the pics .

wooo . BYE .