eh how come i cannot sign in msnnnnn ??????


haizzz .

school school school .

haishhh . on top of all that , remedials remedials remedials . well , actually , supplementary . then . tuition tuition tuition . im so boreddddddddd .

then comes the tests . chem is such a BORE . oh come back mr leeeee . mr phay is nooooooo gooooooood .

haizzz . i hope i can get the most improved award for poa for the next test ay . i do my revision everyday you know . so its possible kan ?

my cousin got 10 for her owhlevels . haizzz . thats cos she minus FOUR cca points . but im just an ordinary member seyyy . how many points do you think i can minus off ? hm well , i attend cca whenever i feel like attending , and i was in the school team only when i was in sec two . so how ?

haizhaizhaizzzzz .

abg yas is back from ns . which means , we dont get to RENT his room anymore . haishh . but only in the day where he has to attend his ns till night .

kay luhh . ~

school is so mendak . i have an overdue libry book and im so lazy to drag myself to level three to return it .

yay . 😀

the new dm is so merepek . haiz . her rules are nonsensical .

i need to look for statistics for teevee . but i cant find it .

haiz . banyak homework seyyy .

but i want to sleep i want to sleep i want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.:(

i want to do alot of things after my Owhs . guitarclass,frenchlessons,reunion,bbqueue.andmanymanymoreeeee.:D:D:D:D

owhhshittybangbang .


anything .

okay , actually i feel like blogging , but now i feel so lazy to blog .

haizhaizhaizzzzz .

so anyway , school’s okayokay . i dont feel like a sec 4 YET . meaning , i dont feel that im taking olevels this year . kaychow rightttt . just now got the meet the parents thingy . and the cut off points to jc is so low can . like 6 and all . crazy sey . and my l1r5 is like , 33 . which jc sey bley masuk ?

haizzzzzzz .

anywayanywayyyy . i really want to go to the korea trip seyyyyyy . i hopehopehope that the teachers going is enufff . so the whole class can go . if like 5 from each calss go then might as well dont go right . tt day cisilia made a petiton for the korea thingy . and obviously the whole class wanted to go cos when she got the paper back , it was FULL , of junk . yayyy .

i got alot to blog la . but malasssss . hhahaaaahaha . okaybyebye .



so today , my saturday morning was filled up with CIP .


zzzzzzz . okay . it was SO hard to get the public to donate . its kind of irritating la actually . cos when we ask them to donate , then they act as if they heard NOTHING . they just walk past us like we dont exist .

then , after 3 rounds of going around the same estate , we got tired of the same place . so yaaqub lead us to some place where we can get people to donate . but guess where we ended up at ??? GEYLANG LORONG 3 .

yes . so thank you yaaqub for making us walk to THERE  .

thenthenthen , we were looking for a MAC at kallang cos we were all so bloody hungry . so we actually wanted to go bedok inter to eat there . and then we made a BIG mistake . we asked the teacher whether we could go there . and obviously their answer was , NO .

so yeah . then we all thought we wanted to just go to bedok inter by bus cos the teacher was guarding the mrt entrance . but in the end , syed and gang went off and then we went back .

AND THEN , i remembered .

KALLANG was where we had netball tournaments and after that we’d go to kfc . but there’s a mac la opposite . so i told feliz and he went like , WHAT ? you should have told us that earlier .

but yeah . nevermindZ .

its was so tiring mannn . i hope i can get atleast 6 hours of cip siaaaa . can die you know asking for donation .

ZZzzZZzzZZzzZZzzZZzz .