can you people believe it ? we are going back to school in less than two days ? omg . lyke not enuf rest la . haiz . so pathethic .
okay , i bet i can find a group of people who does NOT want to go back to school and another group of ppl who havent do homework .
* raises up hand **
haizzzzz . -____-


korea .

so korea was fun .

the weather was very cold and i looooove it . its like , when you talk , there’s smoke coming out . cool right . then fengwei called me a gangster . -__-

it was great ah . lots of shopping and its very very tiring .

hahaaa . the hotel was okay , but my neighbour was irritating . the two sec three boys who joined us in the trip . and guess what ???? every night , they would play boxing and wrestling and pillow fights . macam budak kecik right . but what to do . its only 3 nights . and then they’d blast the tv so loud that we from next door can hear every single word the teevee said . after that , they will start knocking at the connecting door and then prank call us . but again , boys will be boys .

and thennn , the people along the streets of korea are freaking friendly . everytime i say HELLO , they’d wave back with a smile . so touched sey . like wah . you wont get this kind of  greetings in singapore . usually , when you say hello , they’d walk away . so rude kan . but what to do . im also a singaporean . so yeah .

i didnt really shop much . cos i dont know what to buy . and our tour guide rawkz . everytime he talk , me and jannah and some others will start laughing . cos his pronounciation is rabak gile seh . ROOM = LOOM . KEY = TEE . ROOM KEY = LOOM TEE . then everytime he wants to tell us the schedule for tmr , he’d say tommorrow as TUMALO . so from then on , jannah and me called him mr tumalo . then we’d laugh and laugh so loud and make mr chiew turn and ask , what’s so funny ?

korean school is great . they have 12 subjects and 6 period each day . rawkz kan . weeeee . if only singapore’s system of teaching is that great . and they start each new year in march . we start in january .

and the nanta show rawkz . its daaaaamn funny and entertaining .

but i dontlike the korea food . its just so , not nice . hahahahha .

so actually , i learn alot about my friends .

JANNAH loves shopping .

SHERRALYN loves pink .

FENGWEI loves to say nonsense .

CLARISSA loves violent rides .

KENDRA loves her ponyo .

XIE XI loves cute teddy bears .

MR CHIEW understands malay .

and i made new friends from BNSS who i didnt know they were from the same school with me . people like jasmine , aliff , afiq and mr president , norizam . haha . apparantly his friends  were calling him mr president . hahah . then they called jannah as jenny and called me jack neo . WTH ??

then i made some korean friends . but i forgot their names .

but overall , its so fun . ilove the weather . 😀



happy birthday bEroK . 😀

the craziest one in the family . the one who always make my day on my worst days , the one who cheers up our lives with his contagious laughter and the very irritating one at times .

weehoo .

happy happy 9th beeday . loveyah . (:



im soooooooooooooo tired .
my leg is aching and there’s blister all over my toes and feet .
haizzzz .

anywayyyy , i hate the condition of nokia phones at this stage of their useful life . the bloody camera function sucks . and its annoying to wait for thirty seconds to wait for your picture to be captured .
but oh wells , i guess i’ll have to wait till my two years contract is up then probably i’d get a touch screen one .
and definitely not NOKIA anymore .

hahs . okay bye . 😀


hello .

sooooo , one more week to the trip .

lots of packing to do . especially to look for the winter stuff .

well thats a chore . tmr going out with the rest of those going also to look for souvenirs to exchange with the korean students there .

haizzzz . malasmalasmalasssss .

this week was quite a short week actually . nothing much really happened .

on tuesday was such a badbadbad day .

skirt got caught by DM . then have to unpick on the spot . haizzzz . so sad ryte .   thats why my skirt is so long now . cos my other skirt is sooo long like curtain 😦

haizzz .

then yesterday watched alice in wonderland . and it was bull shit . it was suppose to be private screening , but when our class reached there , the movie had already started ten minutes ago . private screening kepalehotakdie sia . but lucky it was 3d . still , not worth my edusave money ah . cos i didnt get to watch the first ten minutes .

but ohwells .

next wed have another laerning journey . for SS .

yayyyyyyyyy ?

next friday is my broooooooo’s beedayyyyyyy .

but ill be off . and my sis will be in camp . so he’ll be my father’s only child for two days . then we’ll be back .

weeeeee .

okaybyebyeeeee .

problemswemustsolve,challengeswemustovercome-haziq .