melayu sudah O.V.E.R . (:

okay , yay .

today’s malay O LEVEL & im so happy that it’s finally over .

i hope i get good grades cos really , i put in my heart & soul into it .

like seriously .

during the three days of weekend , aunt says i cant eat chocolates . but last friday , we went shop&save and i bought lots of m&ms and ate it before my exam .

but thats abit sidetrack , so yeahh .

in the morning , woke up at 7  and left house at 730 . i was suppose to meet yin yin at 715 , but ofcourse , i will always be late . so when i went down , she was revising at the playground .

then when we reached school , alot of ppl were at the concourse . so we walked to  the study area to revise . there , we met some of our friends who were revising too .

& i think mr chiew was super super nervous . he kept walking and walking around the school talking to all the 4e2 people . mr chiew rocks man . 🙂

okay , ..

FIRST , the paper one . well , shall i say it was a killer ? hm , maybe not so . the surat kiriman was okayokay luh . cikgu’s mouth was very the masin . during the intensive she said , ” saya nak buat latihan surat penghargaan sebab dah berapa tahun surat penghargaan tak keluar . ” and BINGO , it came out today .

haizzz , at first i thought of doing dialog , but idk what to write about cos the qn is about teenagers being BROKE . zzz .

so yeah . i did surat kiriman .

& guess how long i took for surat kiriman ? FIFTYFIVEminutes .

okay , so i only had one hour and 5 minutes for the karangan . so i did qn 5 ; satu peristiwa yg benar benar menguji kesabaran kamu . then i wrote about tailong . hahaha , cool or what . i kind of got the inspiration from the projek cerpen ; the ep when got dawn prima ria and she borrowed from tailong , the chef bob . ingat ingat ingatttt ???

yeahh . everything i memorised , i spit it out onto the paper . all the frasa bebunga i borrowed , yeah , its all in . like , air mata kekesalan mula jatuh membasahi pipiku and all that shit . and lots and lots of peribahasa .

and for the first time in my life , i actually wrote a karangan of 5 and a half pages .

WOWWWWWWW . incredibleicious ?

THEN , the paper 2 . it was very okay okay luh . out of 10 , maybe i’d give a rating of 7 ? hahha . its quite boleh tahan boleh buat kind uh . justlikethat .

and we were all shocked humans when they said we could bring home the qn paper . macam cool gitu .  you know what i plan to do ? sell the qns as TYS .

cool or what zu .

oh , & when ckgu amir wanted to dismiss our row , he was like :

teacher : syed , budak depan awak siape ?

syed :  zuhairah

teacher :  apee ?

me : zuhairah .

teacher : * looksblur *

me : zu – hai -rah .

then when he wanted to dismiss us ready ,

teacher : zu , your row . can go .

haiz , it seems that my name is too long and teachers are lazy to call my full name .

tkpe luh zu ,  tkpe ..



okay , hello .

this whole week was intensive all the way . it was very crazy , but i managed to survive . (:

yahoo  . so its kind of the final lap for all the fourEs and fiveNs students . im very very nervous just thinking of it .

so actually the intensive thingy is kind of like a workshop , cos we sit in groups and the teachers will keep playing music during break time . JUST LIKE ADAM KHOO . (: then the break is also suka suka hati timing . on some days , they realease us for recess at 10 or 11 . and realease us for lunch at 1 . gerek right . (:

and the teachers also very gerek ; ckgu rushdi , ckgu katijah , ckgu amir , ckgu shana & ckgu hafizah . they are all very gile gile and funny like crazy . just like you and me .

weeehoooo .

so guess what i learnt ? every little thing that you and i learnt throughout our sec three and four days .

maybe i’ll stay at home during this long weekend to really revise for mt ; though its the easieststst to score . but oh wells , it pays to get a distinction right ? (:

i’ll go memorise the frasa berbunga and PINJAM it for the o-levels . ” saya bukan mencuri tau , pinjam sahaja . ” haha , ckgu amir rawkz ! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Eeee – learning .

sooo , today’s e-learning day and everyone stays at home to do work from the computer .

i just realised that its kind of cool , cos its another way of giving us one day off from school . 🙂
our teachers give us soooo many assignments and expect us to finish it by today . or latest monday .
HAIZ , next week mt intensive all the way . whole day from 745 to 430 . its even longer than the sarah&allen workshop mannnn .
im so lazy to blog and even lazier to do the lead thingy .





i think its abit too much already .

fail FOUR subjects during mid – yearrrrr ????

OMG ZUUUUUUUUUUU . five more months , five more months .


okay i’ll admit , im not proud even though im the 13th in class .

i gave my best , but i didnt prepare enough .

ARGh . what must i do ? study study study .

FOUR FREAKING SUBJECTS MAN . thats abit too much zu .

mrs tan : ” with this kind of results , you think you can get into a JC ? you’ve got two options ; either you drop the thought of going JC or you work really really really hard for both your maths . ”

you know what ? i think i’ll prove to her that i’ll get into a JC okay .


bahasamelayu .

okay , hello .

i think i’ll try blogging in malay . haha . cool .

alrights , saya mendapat idea ini daripada senior senior saya . apaabila menjelang o level bahasa melayu , kebanyakan mereka akan memBLOG dalam bahasa melayu . so saya mahu cuba cuba dan meniru idea mereka .

hmm , o level melayu akan menjelang tiba tidak lama lagi . kira kira hujung bulan ini ? saya  harus membuat persiapan yang secukupnya untuk bahasa melayu . saya harus mendapat a1 untuk bahasa melayu , kerana saya orang melayu . jika tidak mendapat a1 , orang akan menanyakan kepada saya mengapa saya  tidak boleh mendapat a1 untuk melayu .

sekarang ini , kami harus melalui intensive MT , yang bermaksud bahasa melayu intensif ? haha , sungguh tak tahu . walaupun saya penat menghadiri kelas bahasa melayu , saya harus juga menghadiri kerana ia untuk kebaikan saya .

jumaat ini , tiada sekolah . yay , saya suka !

saya rasa saya mahu ke perpustakaan untuk membaca buku dan membuat kerja rumah . duduk di rumah sangat membosankan . saya mahu keluar dengan kawankawan sayaaa .

saya tidak tahu apa lagi saya mahu cakapkan , so saya rasa lebih baik saya pergi mandi sekarang .

HAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHA . amacam , melayu baek ?

LOL , i sound like a typical malaysian blogger or a small little kid . ” saya suka ! ”

woooooohoooo . malay’s cool .

selamat tinggal . sehingga berjumpa lagi ya kawan kawan !




three days , three nights , three dinners , three trainers ,  three letters ; FUN .

okay the adam khoo thingy is quite fun .

though on the first day everyone was falling asleep when trina came in . cos she’s VERY boring . the trainers were cool & very very very funny . and i realised that all their jokes were similar . haha . i mean all the trainers tell us jokes but it is what the other trainers had told us before . understand ? nevermind .

first day was okay okay luh . then second day , our trainer danny told us to go home if we could not say out 30 words in 12 secs . but of course , he didnt send us home , cos we’ve PAID for the workshop . then he made us cry and then asked us to write a letter . well , they said it’s part of the programe .

last day , okay laaa . i only liked the closing ceremony part . cos its cool .

i dontknow what to write ready . haha . im so sleepy .

” the biggest failure in life is not giving yourself a chance . “

” practice makes permanant . “

” the best form of revenge is to be successful . “