a day out … WITH THE BIRDS .

okay so , as the title describes …

i spend like , half my day at JURONG BIRDPARK . cool or what . kay , cos abg yas got 8 tix to jurong birdpark . so , not the whole family went . kay actually all . except for my sister , cos she got npcc and cik lah , cos she’s not in singapore . other than that , the remaining of us at home , went .

kay , quite best luh . but veryvery penat you knowwww . i shall not  talk more , cos im so tired .  🙂

then yesterday , went to temasek poly for the maths seminar . firstfirst , me , jannah and fara missed the bus from school to TEEpEE cos we thought we could take the two oclock bus .  but it turns out that , the two oclock bus was only for MALAY MUSLIM BOYS who come late cos of friday prayers . we all so kentalicious , matimati think that we can take that bus . walowehh ,

then we called jenny and gang ; they were EATING . so we had COMPANYYY .

yes , then fara called for IRIS and they said bus 15 was coming in 9 minutes . so we waited . then jenny said ; eh ! why dont we take taxi . 3 – 3 . while we were still thinking , a taxi came , and they just went into the taxi . and its only left with me , fara and jannah .

so , we took 15 , and then when we wre reaching , we realised that there were two entrances . first was the WEST ENTRANCE . then we thought that wasnt the entrance , cos we thought we were suppose to enter the main entrance . but no , we were wrong .

then for a moment , we were the most JAKUNnest human beings on earth . every one else was in home clothes , and we were in school U .

so now i know how it feels being an OUTSIDER . 🙂

then , the talk was BORING . and quite hilarious too .

there were 5 schools who attended the talk too .

and guess what ? SPRINGFIELD WAS THERE TOO !!!!  😉

geeheeeee .

oh , & i got sunburnt . 😦

lol , kay byes .



 – classclown 😀

 – listening compre 🙂


sooo ,

today was racial harmony day . well , actually it was suppose to be tmr , but its just celebrated today . dont ask me why .

wells , my friends and i were’nt intending to wear our costumes cos it would be really troublesome . i guess the whole of 4e2 had the same mentality .

& whoo . out of 37 people who turned up in 4e2 today , only ONE wore her traditional costume .

it was freaking funny . when all of us gathered as a class , she looked like she was the teacher .

oh , and im referring to my classmate .

but being HER , she didnt seem to be bothered by it , AL ALL . she was still laughing and smiling and of course extra-ing today .

omg , i tell you , if it was me , i would have locked myself in the P.E room and starve myself to death just to cover up my embarrasement .

then the whole class keeps laughing everytime we look at her . haha , classclown ! geeeeeheee .

then , it was just normal lessons like a normal day . assembly , was crappy . like reallyreally . idk why , but it was sooooooooo mendak sitting at the back . geehee .

andthen , at fourthirty , all of us went to 4e4 to take our listening compre . me , fara & jannah ran like madman cos cisilia told us that we had to be there by 1615 . but no .

then waited for half and hour while listening to songs in the radio . well , i can agree that the songs were making me fall asleep , no . all of us . but whattodooo .

well i can tell you , the listening compre was ridiculous .

first time when they read the passage ; you write A

second time when they read the passage ; you change your answer to C

before shading the OTAS thingy ; you re-considered you options , then changed it to D .

well , thats exacly how tricky it was .

oh wells , i think i better do some other useful stuff now .