H.O.L.I.D.A.Y .

soo , i won’t be going to school for 5 days . today’s the first day , and i’ve spent the whole day on E-LEARNING .

actually , theis whole idea of e-learning is kind of crappy . like seriously . i prefer doing work on PAPER on my desk . cos when i start to do chemistry mcq , i totally didnt have the mood to do it . then i’ll be switching from facebook , to lead.com to youtube , to lead.com to wordpress to MSN to lead.com and etcetc .

so im not really in the mood to do my e – learning .

& guess what ? when i opened HISTORY , i almost died . TWO STRUCTURAL ESSAY QUESTIONS . aiyoo . i think i’ll do that tmr . then for SS , i’ve to post another forum . well , i think i’ll take my time to do that too . 🙂

okay sooo .

updates updates ;

monday was english prelim oral . fara , jannah , cisilia & i were late . i couldnt remember why we were late , but yes , we were late . that’s one thing . then alot of ppl never wear tie , cos the people from other classes never wear tie , so we thought we no need to wear also luhh . but thenn , mr chiew came ROARING at us . then alot of ppl were making a hell lot of noise , then the teachers kept coming to the back to scold us . aiyooo .

the next day , mr chiew screamed at the class . why ? BECAUSE WE COULDNT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS . haiz . standard luhh .

thennnnn , our school celebrated national day ytd . Me , my BFF , feliz and tatchun wore the same teeshirts . we jiwerz kayyyy . 🙂

morning , suckky . but still can luh . sec 4 got the WORST seats seh . in the quadrangle ; facing all the marchers BUTTS . aiyoooooohhh . then so hot some more . haix .

then , lessons as usual . so crappy can ? no half day ayyyy .

then when the concert , i thought it would make my day . but no . it gave me a headace sitting at the very hot and cram place . then the boys very merepek . especially syed and fengwei and qiaokang . aiyoh , i dontknow how describe luhhh .

& you guys realise that teachers keep cominbg to our class and give us attitude ? well , 4e2 teachers does that . almost everyday , our teachers will scold us . mr lee , mr chiew , mr khoo and some other teachers too .