weee ~



to my beloved twinnies !!

010511 ;


you are suppose to read this on your birthday .

but i think you will read this after your birthday cos you’ll be in malaysia on your birthday hehe 🙂

I want to thank you guys for always guiding you little cousin here through her difficult life . You guys were always there for me when i needed a helping hand . Though we all have our own problems, we still have time to joke around with each other every night and make alot of noise .

Thnaks for always helping me when i am struggling with things on my own . you guys are like the older sister i have never had .

thanks for making me feel happy even when im faced with problems in my life .

you guys always make things fun around for all of us !


i love you many many !! ❤ ❤


fridaaay !!

okay its finally friday !!

long weekend againnnnnn . yahoo . but i wont be in singapore . i’ll be off at malaysia . staying at my stepmum’s house .

awesome ?

okay but anyways , today’s lesson was shitty . i hink the facilitator should just pack up and go home .

even the RJ question is like stupid lurh . he asked us to give commnts on my team mates . while doing that , i felt like a teacher , writing the end of year report for the class .

heeee .

so i finally finished RJ and all . 6 paragraphs of bullshit . hahahha .

okay im going malaysia in half an hour’s time but i havent pack . really .

so guys , i’ll be away for three days .



today’s awesome shit .

well , started off the day wrongly , but everything went well .

in the morning , dad dropped me off at EUNOS . GRR . he said he was going to drop me off at paya lebar .

and not only that . he asked me to cross myself .


and guess what the time was ? it was almost 0715 . i was almost going to miss my train sia . so i ran to the train , talking to myself along the way . haha . like retarded shit siaaaa .

then i bumped into an old friend along the way and continued running to the train station . thank god the train cooperated well with me this morning . the train arrived like 30 seconds after i reached the platform .

awesome sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet .

and so , when i reached paya lebar , made my way to circle lineyyy . it was so awesome cos i actually got a seat ! woohoo .

and sooooo , when i reached woodlands , met jannah and walked to school together . yup , WALKED . cos the students queueing up for the line is super long . it like , you cant even see its a line .

yup , so that was it . the bloody long line . and its like from one end to another .

sooo yeah . when we reached block E2 , the queue to the lift was suuuuper long . and so me and jannah decided to take the stairs .

by the time we reaced level 5 , we were both half dead ready .

and like as if my laptop wants to add to my shitty morning , it had to not start itself when ive started school .

so it was a shitty morning .

PLUS , the topic today was on recycling .

how BORING can it get ?

like seriously . i learnt about that when i was in kindergarten . i make necklaces with used papers okay .

soo , yeah .

then everything went well when lunch started .

presentation was awesome today . never felt better in third meeting .

after schoooooool , went to adventure learning . awesome shit .

woohoo i likeee .

for the first time in my lifeeee , i went up the high obstacles . it was awesome shit . though i was trembling like crazy , but i still finished it .

awesomeeeeeeee .

haha , now i know how butterflies in stomach feels . and heart up the throat too .

haha , i likeeee . and my classmates were cheering everyone on .

woohooo , when they keep cheering me on , i felt that the thingy was nothing . but once i looked to the ground , my confidence was gone totally .

so one thing i learnt today , MY CLASSMATES ARE AWESOMEEEE .

hahah , and i love the trust fall thingy too .

awesome shittttttt .

then after that , went home with amalia . we go home the same direction and all . but she stop like 5 stops before me .

so its like so cool or what ay .

haha . then now im tired to the max sia . my leg hurts .

its 1030 , and i havent do RJ yet .

sheet .

oh and the thing i always do the first thing when i attemp my HOMEWORK , is the evaluation .

its awesome , cos i always click on STRONGLY AGREE for all my team members and i dont read the qns .

woohooooo .

okay im going to do my RJ now . im so sleepy , but i hope i can be a little productive now .

i hope jannah goes to school tmr . she havent updated me anything yet tonight .



twentysevenohfourtwentyeleven .


im exceptionally happy today . okk correction .

just happier than normal days.


  1. for the first time in my RP life , i finished my RJ before 1030 . yahooooo !

yessaaaaaaaaaah ! ive been waiting for like forever for her to come sia . but idk , she said it might be her last day . 😦

oh myyyyy . 😦 😦

okay but on a happier note , today i came back , untired .

i was hungry to the maxxxxxx . but cik sam didnt cook .

so she cook for me eggzzzzzzzz .

yum yum .

and so after i ate , i bathed . started doing school work at 8 .

and so i finished everything by 1030 .


im the happiest person now . no one can ever be happier at this second .

no no no .

haha . im  at homeeeeee . at you guys know whaaaaat ? my underblock is used for election station .


i’ll take some pics somedaysssssss .

woohoo .

im aweeeeeesome .


damsheeeet .

i finally finish RJ .

stupid idiot . bloody hell .

give such stupid questions and expect me to answer it .

what the bloody @#$% ??

omg . tmr another day in RP . damn shit .

what the hell do i wear to school sia ?

bloody hell . choosing clothes is a total waste of time .

serious shit .

argh . life is a total failure sia .

ever since i entered the school , nothing has been going well for me .

haiz , i keep whining and whining .

damn i never change .

okay bye i need to sleep .