BFF !!!!!!

so my BFF finally turned 17 today !!!!!

 happyhappyhappy 17th birthday BFF !

thanks for all the crazy and nonsensical things that you’ve done for me for 4 years !!!

and you still owe me a BFF day card ! so we’ll have to meet on BFF day ! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

 and i couldnt wish him on facebook cos he doesnt want anyone to wish him on facebook . so i had to post it here 🙂



mywednesday !

okies today is a fun day .

cos the funny guy in my class is back and the condition of the class is back to normal .

so we had some sort of skitplay for meeting 3 today .

it was daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn fun cos we had like uncountable laughing sessions !

and we had a really short break cos we all finished discussion at 115 and we have to be back by 130 .

two groups combined . daaaaaamn fun .

so it was havoc and really really fun .

so yeaaaaaaaaaah .

k im going to make this short cos im going to sleep .


kbye !!


JENNY MADE MY DAY TODAY COS I ATE THE LOLLIPOP THAT SHE BOUGHT FOR ME , after i was so angry at how things turned out today 🙂



( one lethargic afternoon , comms lesson , 3.00 PM )

merepek luhhhhhhhhh . pasal poster pun nak debate .

merepek merepek .

cepat la , aku nak balek , pantats !



k , today i have submitted another short RJ .

i dont give a damn . doing the same thing is seriously tiring me .

my RJ on the first day of school is like , 5 paragraphs long ?

look at now , only 1 paragraph left .

but do i care ? NO .

k can ?

so anyways , today was a disastrous day . everything was fine from morning until …………

k i really hate the idea of changing groups every 5 weeks . its like you are adapting to your new group , then before you know it , you’ll have to change another group .

omg i swear i feel like transferring like , NOW .

caaaaaaaan ?

whoever created the idea of this kind of schooling system in RP should really , urgh idk .

but please dont let me catch you .

ha . ha .

and sooooooo , today we got free COKE at the entrance of the school . and the three of us were like the most JAKUNRABLES and KECOHRABLES people .

and so amalia was like , ” NI DA NAK BULAN PUASE , DORG NAK CARIK PAHALE . SO DORG SEDEKAH KAT KITE . ” (which means ; the fasting month is coming , so they are doing good deeds by donating it to us . )

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn funny i swear .

haizhaizhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz !!!!!!!!!

oh and hyun joong is coming to singapore in aug .

yayyayyayyyyyyy ..