today , jenny complained there wasnt her name in my blog posts .

sooooooooooo , i decided to do this !

hahahhahaahhaahahahahhahah ! ♥


my boring sunday .



today is sunday . and sunday is my lazy lazy lazy day . never hibernated today . haha , i have no idea why .

i spent my day just watching dramas and shows . i watched this taiwanese drama in my lappy ; LOVE KEEPS GOING . nice show ! haha . idk why im watching taiwanese drama now , but let me tell you , once you start to watch this show , you will want to keep watching . LOL . then i watched 1N2D on KBS then a korean drama on channel U , then i watched the simpsons . and now , im watching the drama on lappy , and watching presidents’ star charity on channel 5 .

hady is performing THE REASON now .  haha , whats up with his hair man ? serious sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet .

and now , the two idols are performing togetherrrrrrrr . arghh , taufik batisah rocks forever and always !

haha , tmr the muslims are starting to fast . i hope this month will be a blissful month and bless all of us all .



♥ ♥ ♥

Let Me Be The One – SS501

look, i know it has been a long time you know,
now, i gotta tell ya somthin’ so look at here

first thing first, i don’t know where to start, but i have been wondering about what to say all along although i am bit shy…(oh love)
i will take courage. you know that i am bit shy for this.
but the chance only comes around once in a life time, and this is the time for me.
i will start here baby, listen to me.
let me be the one

let me be the one, let me be your man, i want to be the one (let me be the one)
let me be the one, i am always thinking about you, everyday (oh love)
let me be the one, i promise, that i will live for you (let me be the one)
let me be the one, i will always love you, forever (oh love) *

vain thoughts become wind, and tears form an ocean.
even a man like me who is not perfect, i feel so special by seeing you.
so love love, let me love you baby.
and give love, it’s a miracle. and let me, please accept my love.
cuz i wanna be with you girl

* repeat

only one thing makes me shine in this world and
you’re the one in the million
where i can breathe among many stars.
my happiness, sadness, smiles and tears are all for you.
there’s nothing that i am afraid of when i am with you.

let me be the one, i exist because of you,
let me be the one for all your answers, say it’s me
let me be the one, one in the million, let me be the one who cares.
let me be the one, i will be unchanged, even in my afterlife.
baby it’s you

let me be the one, let me be your man, i want to be the one (let me be the one)
let me be the one, i am always thinking about you, everyday (say it’s me)
let me be the one, i promise, that i will live for you (let me be the one)
let me be the one, i will always love you, (would you let me be) forever (oh let me be)
let me be the one

i hope some days , my prince charming will come to me and sing this song for me .

haahahhahhahaha , dream on zuhairaaaaaaaaaaaah . perasan only ~~~!



credit ; sherralyn .


mini reunion with the awesome 4e2 boys and girls . kind of sad not the whole class is there though . only 14 out of 39 ?

haha . yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , miss them truckloads !

at 7 , booked two tables at pizza hut . then waited for the soccer boys and the rest to come . and seriously , waiting for them is like forever and ever .

then even when we reached , we all talked and talked like there was no tomorrow and forgot to order food . and when we  ordered , the food came like , half and hour later ? super bad service .

but still , time passes very fast when you’re having fun !

then at 8 plus , the soccer boys came , followed by the forever gay partners ; qk & brendan !

hahahhahahhaha .

and that was when the real fun starts !

we all ran from one table to another , shouting from our table to their table , walking around to their area like that pizza hut is ours .

haha . very chaotic , very havoc .

everyone in pizzahut was really looking at all of us .

haha , this is what i call 4e2 . we will never grow up . my classmates didnt hange much . or maybe didnt change AT ALL . always making me laugh with thier funnyness and kentalanness . haziq is forever calling me godzilla , and syed is forever calling me HOBO .


talked and talked . laughed our entire hearts out . shouted from one end to another , walked and walked around .

really like our own house ! awesome shit . seriously .

then reached home 11 plus , bathed and knocked down .


then todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay , in the morning , the dumb and dumber decided to do another cheesecake .

haha , why dumb and dumber ?

cos we failed terribly again .

its not done yet . but i really wonder how the cheesecake will turn out .

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa    ~~!

i havent do my RJ and evaluation . but thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankgod its extended till sunday . yay yay yay !!!!!!


crappythursday .

k , today science lesson wasnt as awesome as expected .

why oh why ?

last week , i expected the lesson to be shitty . but it turned out much more awesome than what i expected . then today , i thought it would be awesome , but it ended up in a messy pile of shit .

so zuhairah .

lesson number 1 ; NEVER NEVER NEVER write about your faci in your friend’s book .
lesson number 2 ; even if you write down that your faci sucks , please inform your friend so she could inform a friend regarding the contents of the book .
lesson number 3 ; stop rolling your eyes infront of the faci just because he stinks .

okay , so today is shitty . and i had to write a freaking report just because i wrote “ science faci sucks . ” in jannah’s notebook and the faci ACCIDENTALLy read it .

in the end , i had to write a report about it .

just like in the secondary school days . but this time , its not another case of smoking , not robbery , not defying teacher , not skipping class , not cheating during test ; where i just spend my lovely afternoon outside the general office , writing an unlimited number of words to be handed in to the discipline mistress .


this is my report to him . SHORT and SWEET .


argh , that totally spoiled my mood .

then during lunch today , amalia storytelling to us about a show that the class watched on wednesday .

it was damn funny and freaking disgusting .

i really felt like vomiting because i just finished eating my food .

haha .

and nooooooooooooooooooow ,

watching 2nd leg of lions vs. tigers .

malaysia play dirty can !

they point lazer at singapore’s keeper , then they keep playing the horn in the background .


haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiz .

but singapore’s keeper cute eh ! hahahah .

LOL okies bb .


heartbreak .


seriously .

i knew you would’nt be coming anyway . but because of one conversation , i thought things might change .

why oh why did i read too much into it ?

i just thought , it was a little different from usual .

okay , i wont keep waiting , anymore .