HIIIIIII , all .

im back after a tired day of jalaning raya . K LOL , exaggerating .

so , its 11.59pm now , and miraculously , im already going to sleep . going back to BNSS tmr , hopefully .

haha , so nights all ! 🙂


goodmorning !

goodmorning all ! ♥

its 1PM now , and i just finished bathing ! woke up 15 minutes ago . haha !

im now veryvery hungry , sleepy , tired , lonely & sad .

okay prince charming , come to my rescue now ! hahahahhahhaa ~!


firstsyawal .

okay , first of all , i wanna wish all my muslim friends a SELAMAT HARI RAYA . andai tersalah kata atau terkasar bahasa , saya ingin minta maaf dari hujung rambut hingga ke hujung kaki , walau kepada sesiapa pun .

okay , my hari raya today isnt what i call my best . because , im celebrating with totally different people this year and this breaks my heart .

and plus , many of my cousins arent really around on the first day . working , NS , and blablabla .

so it doenst really bring out that feeeeeeeel of hari raya . so thats why many of the families couldnt really travel cos they were waiting for thier kids to come home to go around to relatives’ house .

and idk , this year is the worse of all for me i guess . actually i really want to go around with my cousins and all like what we used to do all these while , instead of like , you know who .

sooooooooooo yeah .

the whole family is in green . and i am in PURPLE .

HAHA . what a joke , but i dont care . i hate to blend in with the crowd and look like what malays call it , LANGSIR BERGERAK ( walking curtains ) . i love being unique . haha , and cos im wearing the same kind of clothes as my belooooooooved cousins , so it doesnt matter what colour i wear cos i blend in with my cousins instead of , yeah .

k , what am i blabbering i also dont know . its 1.15am already . haha , and i reached home only at 1130 today .

but what i love : my raya bag is FUUUUUUULL , of envelopes . YAY ! 😀 😀 😀

k , this is not the best raya , but i hope next year will be even better . im so jealous when i see people posting raya pictures on fb . argh . why must things change ?

k whatever .

listening to music high now . haha , i looooooove listening to baby’s voice . haha .

OHHHH , and in the car just now , otw to my aunt’s house , i saw a van and it was covered in THE FACE SHOP design on the highway . and guess who was on it ? KIM HYUN JOOOOOOOOONG !

haha , i loooooooooooooooove . SS501 ROCKSSSSSSSSSS !!! & that really made me happy ! & that day i walked pass THE FACE SHOP at orchard , and they were playing SS501’s DEJA VU , and i was so happy , i keep walking past the entrance of the shop ! haha .

anddd , i dreamt of SS501 a few nights back . haha , i must be watching too much of their videos late at night . but i looove them ! they aaaaalways make my day . hahaha !


hehehhehehehhehehehehehehe , goodnight all ! ♥


saturdaaaaaaaaay !

okies , i know its sunday now , but my saturday was awesome . i swear .

woke up at 12 , then lazed around until 1 plus . bathed and lazed and lazed and lazed around .

then at 5, bathed and met jannah and amalia at 645 at hougang .

cabbed our way to steph’s house . then jordan and hafidz fetched us , cos we were lost . haha , saaaaaaaaaaad .

then we reached , ate pizza that they ordered cos we only drank water for break fast . k , i swear her house have alot of fun games . there’s kinect , wii , and alot of other games .

then we chilled there , the boys played soccer on TV , and some other ppl played monopoly and played around . haha . and amalia and i was fussing over the two way mirror that was at steph’s house . haha , i swear it was fun la please .

then at 10 , we all went down to play . first , we went to the pool . some ppl went down to the pool . and jannah too ! hahaha . after that , we went to the carpark and played ice and water . i swear it was full of chaos . all of them already got caught , and me and amalia were still hiding behind the cars . and when josephine and lucius found us , we were screaming our ass off ! hhhahaa . and we ran up and down the storeys , until my legs were going to break . haha .

after thaaaaaaaaaat , all of us were tired . and so we went up to the top floor and played truth or dare . we all wanted to give everyone a chance , but at 11pm , the stupid security guard asked us to go home . argh , it was soooo sad . so we all went back to steph’s house and everyone started packing our bags . so we went home after that . but i swear i learnt alot from my classmates from that game . i loooooove !

then , took train with jordan to eunos . and he back to bedok .

k so nooooooooooow , im listening to hyung jun’s MUSIC HIGHHHH ! hahaha , i dont understand anything , but i looooove his voice .

omg , im freezing in the room now , cos the aircom is so high , and im the only one awake right now .

hehehehhehehe , idk what to do now . k , nvm .. i will go and sleep , cos music high is ending soon and my eyes is seeing double ready .

haha , night all ! ♥



okay yay yay yayyyyyyyy ! .

UT3 is O.V.E.R . its overoveroverrrr !! .

okay , now please give me my 5 weeks break . dont call me back to school , dont even try to contact me . LOL .

today , im very hapy . its like , i struck lottery ! haha , dont ask me why . cos im happy .

so today’s maths . okayokay la . first , i came to class , and im greeted with this friendly malay girl . i loooooooike ! 🙂

then , after school , bumped into a super old friend who has been MIA-ing himself because apparently he prioritises his SKATE CLUB than his own BF2 and he havent even give me my present up till today .

okay but that makes no difference too cos i havent even give him his present yet . LOL .

sooo , UT3 is over . haha , sorry i love to repeat things that i like over and over again . heheheheheheheheeeeeeeeee .

five weeks holiday – i dont even want to think of work cos my holidays is THAT precious to me . yeah .

gonna watch new dramas , and some other shows . royden was supposed to lend me his DVD but he keeps forgetting to give me .

weeheehoo . im having holidays ! yesyesyes !!!!!!!!!!!!! .


k , 112am now . SUPPOSED to be studying , but only god knows what im doing .

so i will turn in now , hopefully my 6Ps will save me tmr . goodnight .