My face is as itchy as hell . i think im gonna die from scratching it .
urgh .




SUNDAY NIGHT  ; bored , sleepy , hungry .

k , i swear i want to study for my anatomy cos the UT is just next thursday . but please , everyone knows how hard it is to get me to study right ? so ya .

and plus , lots of things on my mind . blablabla , download videos , finish up two dramas , when should i start a new one , class outing on monday and whatsoever stuff that’s been in my head for the past few days .

so ya , life’s not getting any better . cos school’s still like that , people around me are all still like that . nothing new everyday . just the same old life .

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph .


*sigh .

my friend asked me . how do i react towards the guy i like ?
well honestly , i’ve never thought about it .
but actually i try to keep a low profile , try not to talk too much because it will just reveal how nervous i am . okay its true . cos whenever im with you , i try not to talk to you cos im scared that you know how i feel and that things might just change between the two of us .

sorry i dont express myself well . but this way , i feel like its much better if i just keep it to myself and we’ll just continue being friends .
okay whatever . you wont get it .


k , so today is friday . its financial accounting day .

as usual , financial accounting always drains my brain . though i was good in it during secondary school days , but truthfully , i forgotten most of the stuff already . and today , the worksheet is all theory . so i couldnt contribute much cos ever since secondary school , im suuuuuper weak in theory . even my POA tutor had a hard time making me remember the theory .

just cannot make it la . theory is just so , complicated .

and then problem statement , we had to do a trial balance as usual . so i did general journal and contributed some , but the thingy wont balance .

oh good old days ; where i just keep putting the entries in and after one freaking hour of doing the entries , the balances wont tally . good old dayssssssssssss ~

so okay . today is friday , and im left with RJ only . planning to finish it all by 9 , and then i can continue downloading videos and all . woohooo .


okay hi .

idk who is still reading my blog now . i know how many it is , but idk who . maybe its still the same person , maybe its not .

sick and tired of things . sick of stuff , sick of life .

yeah . its just like that .

so i think im having flu now . because of people coughing and sneezing all around me and not covering their mouth . thanks .

andddddd , ya . idk what to write because who still reads this anyway ?

okay whatever .