And so , I flunked my UT2 reaaaaaal bad .

I either drop one or two grades down from UT1 . HAISH , i guess I must be too complacent with my UT1 results .

Ohhhhh man . Im really dead this time . Gotta buck up starting from today ! No more Kdramas , no more running man !

Gonna try to cut down on internet . WOOOO , I can do this . YES !


And so , I did it again . IM SO SORRY . ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Isnt life too short ? So why should we worry about our problems ? Its just gonna make us unfocused and not enjoy the good things in life . Life’s too short guys . Too short .


Everytime I see a boy in blue school uniform , I always turn and look again just incase thats you .
Dont you know how much I missed you ?





So its sunday , and its the second day of the four- days CNY holiday . Which means , i’ve got two more days to sleep and laze around .

Mannnnn , I realized i’ve been neglecting my wordpress alot of a few days now . Or weeks ? LOL .

Sooooo , life’s been good ? Well , I dont really know how to say it , but yeah . Im kinda addicted to Heartstrings . Particularly the main couple Yong Hwa and Shin Hye . Idk . but i find them really cute . I swear . LOL . Though people say they look awkward and stuff , but i dont care . HAHA , gonna buy that DVD soon . OMG LOL .

And i find that drama better than You’re beautiful , though they were both in it . But i hate the girl’s character in You’ re beautiful . Anddddd , i think i prefer Heartstrings much better that playful Kiss .


SWEET RIGHT ? omg i wished they’re like together or something . LOL .

ooooooooooooooooooooookay soย ….. My SS501 DVD arrived . and do you know how happy i was ? like 501218644513678924r873 times happy ! YEAPPPPPYYYYYYYYIE !


Okay , and i finally got to watch Baby’s drama . HMMM , its kinda boring ,ย  but im watching it just cos of Hyung Jun . If not for him , i dont think i’ll ever be watching it . Cosย  the girl’s kinda …. annoying .


ALRIGHT , so we’ve got 2 more weeks before school ends . WEEHEEEEE . Very happy ! Cos im finally gonna be a year two student . HEHEHHHHHH . But i’ve gotta watch my grades too . I think im kinda improving for my daily gardes cos i mostly get As and Bs and for some unlucky modules i get a C and a D . So barely passed UT1 for some modules . And i felt that i did better in UT2 , but my anatomy results says otherwise . ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

OKAY , gonna work 100 times harder than this OK ! Im gonna ace UT3 with flyingflying colours . I hope i can do well , cos im starting to get interested in this course . And im suuuuper excitedย  for my internship in year 3 sem 2 ! weeheee ! Faci’s gonna give us positions at the Hospitals around Singapore and IMH too . ohhh my , i hope i dont get to go IMH . cos im scared i swear . BUt seriously , im really looking forward to it ! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

okay , life seems hard these days cos of the troublemaker in the house . haishhhh , seriously , why did she even exist ?




yeah , im back and rockin’ on ! wooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo .

K , so UTs are over . and i kinda promised that i’d be back by friday right ? well yeah . i kinda ….. forgot .


but anywaysssss , life’s awesome these few days . except for some things going on here and there . but other than that , life’s gooooood bro . ๐Ÿ˜‰

UT2 is over , now waiting for results . Teeth’s okay . Missed school for a week , but now everything is under control woohoo . anddd , back in school with my gengkotak . nyeheheheeeeh .

And so , aunt’s been bugging me to look for a boyfriend . ummmmm , like seriously ? the last time i remember having one was when i was ………………….. sec 3 . ooooooops hehe .


LOL . so at the school library that day , Dina and I were walking to the watercooler , and then a group of boys were shouting at us and asking for our numbers . OKAAAAAAAY ?

hmmm , life is so lol yeah !

yeah . so sem 2 is ending . which marks the end of my year one . soon . and then im gonna be like a kakak kakak year 2 and then one more year left and then im off to the working world ! YEAHHHOOOOOO .

Im kinda glad that im in this course . I dont know why , I think as time pass , Im beginning to see my future job prospect . and hell yeah !

OKAY , but i still wanted to be a pilot though . haishhhhh .

LOL , whateverever ok .

andddd , today’s anatomy . faci gave us attitude right in the morning . PMS huh ? -.-

k looooooooool .

haish , i swear i miss my secondary school days . just a random thought actually . haishhh , i miss fire drills , i miss wasting our time to get to the quadrangle for flag- raising , i miss going to the shop near school to secretly alter my skirt , i miss lepaking till night at petal gardens , i miss going to bedok inter and walk around , i miss going to the toilet during every different periods and walking around the school , i miss sitting at the concourse just to wait for the handsome teacher to check out his schedule , i miss making my teachers run after me for homework , i miss when my teacher scolds us because of our grades , i miss taking exams in the hall , i miss cheating during exams , i miss cutting queue during recess , i miss running around like no one’s business during PE , i miss hanging around after school with my favourite teacher , i miss writing fake announcements by teachers on the boards , i miss chatting at the back of the class while the teacher is teaching , i miss walking past a boy’s class just to see what he’s doing , i miss disturbing my classmates during lessons , i miss making the teacher angry at me , i miss sleeping in class .

aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh okay seriously , why do we have to grow up ? HAISHHHH .


I know my blog’s kinda dead …. sorry guys . I’ll be back after my last UT , which is on friday … OK ? meanwhile , please find me in facebook / twitter / tumblr .
Have a nice week ahead ! Love you guys ๐Ÿ˜‰