Okay hey ! I’ve been missing in action lately . Hahaha been busy with school … and life . LOL .

Im so happy that even though I’ve been missing for quite sometime , my stats are still increasing . Meaning there is still people reading and visiting my blog . And Jenny … I know you are one of them !Β β™₯

Alrighto so life’s been good I guess ? Some things here and there and everything’s good ! :>

Hari Raya this weekend . Preparation’s good . Two pairs of baju kurung only this year cos Im too lazy this year . Oh omg , I realised Im getting lazier and lazier to do things . Hahahahaha im sucha lazy bum pls LOL .

And today is only Tuesdayyyyyyyyy ?

Oh my goddddd , please fast forward to weekeds cos Im very tired alreadyyyyy hahahahaha !

And omg i just realised that my birthday is tmr ! Hahahaha yayyy its big girl’s birthdayyyyyyyyyy ! πŸ˜€

Anyway Im currently lurrrrvin’ Hyung Jun and Young Saeng’s new songs . LOL . And Running Man too LOL ! So now you know why Im gone for a long time heh heh hehhhh ~ :>

Ok yayyy ! Needa get back to work . Hahahaha I’ll be back again soon ok ! And my picture is a little awkward there hahaha so yeah woohoo (Y)