Looking back with bestie.


So bestfriend and i went back to RP to collect our transcript and went wandering around checking out how much the campus has changed while we were gone for the last 7 months. (Wow! That long?!) The school looks pretty much the same outside but the interior had so much changes. Here and there lies all the memories from year 1. Where we first gathered for our orientation, where we kept going to the foodcourt for our favourite stalls and all that.

3 years in RP already huh…. This still doesnt feel real. It really feels like yesterday the two of us were complaining so much to each other about how much we hate being posted to rp, how much we felt that we were useless because we ended up in rp, how much we kept comtemplAting whether to change change schools or to stay. Well truthfully, i think it wont be much of a difference if im in rp or in any other polytechnics in singapore. Well atleast for me. But im so thankful we made it through together though we’re in different courses. Yay to us! πŸ˜‰
We stepped into the school together, now we’re stepping out of the school together too.

So today’s been a pretty good day. Talked with bestfriend over lunch, reminicing the old days together over a cup of ice cream about our secondary school days and our early poly life…. All these funny conversations and memories will forever remain in our hearts for as long as we exist. Really. Nothing can ever buy these priceless memories we’ve built together. Now that we’ve talked about it, i really miss my secondary school mates and how foolish we were all back then. How much we used to all tease each other over small things, how we always wrote letters and passed it around the class, how we’d sometimes copy from the smart kids during small tests, how we never paid any attention during classes, how our teachers used to cry over our bad results, how much we used to make fun of people who fell asleep in class, how we used to get our crush’s attention in class, how we used to copy each other’s homework, how the strict teachers would make us stand outside when we never did our homeworks and so on….. There’s too much to list down i can literally list down everything.

I really miss my sec school days; The atmosphere, the people, the teachers, the things we do, and the close friends around me of course. 😦

So yeah here’s to the end of my schooling days. Primary school days are long over, secondary school and tertiary days are now over.

Now lies the big question. What am i going to do next? What do i want to do
next? How do i see myself in the next few years?


Till next time!



This might be a new start for me. There might be a reason why things are turning out this way. Please give me strength.



I love impromptu conversations. Those where an old friend you havent met for weeks suddenly texts you to tell you something then you guys just start talking about the old times casually in the conversation. These conversations are really the best, your natural side just comes out because you havent talked to the person for a very long time and you naturally just disturb them like the old times. I missed the old days, i miss my old friends. Lets meet up soon, #pervertpartner πŸ™‚