A sunny kind of Wednesday.

Sarah’s pancakes x Chicken Talk Kitchen.

If i could just spend my life doing cafe hopping, writing reviews, taking nice photographs and doing critiques, i would. I seriously would. This is the most relaxing kind of thing anyone could do. And i wanna volunteer for that position. Take nice photographs and then just settle down at a nice cafe enjoying the good (overpriced) food and the slow cafe music.


Today i realised how much im in love with nature. Besides the fact that the sun was scorching hot and i was melting under my skin with blisters starting to form on my feet, i actually really enjoyed getting lost trying to locate for my friend, enjoying the scenery alone with the sounds of nature around me. It was simply just nature, at its best.


And then just looking at the clear blue sky wishing that i could be free and fly as high as my wings could take me.


Today was a day full of adventures and mystery. From getting lost for two hours to losing things on the bus to taking photographs in the rain. Thank you for the company today. May our friendship last till eternity! πŸ™‚




Sometimes i wonder what its like if you’re still here. I woke up this morning, crying, dreaming of you ibu. I missed you. I missed you. I was hugging you tight not wanting to let you go again. I really missed you. 😦
Its 6am now, i guess you want to wake me up for subuh.


“Live everyday like its your birthday”

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I’ve been wanting to post this for the longest time but I haven’t had the time to really sit down and write my thoughts out here. So here I go. (& im 10 days late)

2014 has been a year of beginnings and ends for me- Ended internship in jan, graduated in May, khatam-ed my ngaji (after 10 years!), going for endless interviews, started my first ever job (besides internship), applied for school, applied for driving, completed btt and ftt, went to my first ever concert, saw Winner for the first time (and im still in awe), experienced being a close friend’s bridesmaid for the first time and some others which i cant remember right now :/

And on top of that, it feels like it all happened long ago when it was just last year. That’s how short 2014 was and how much things happened last year. But it feels like yesterday. In short, 2014 was the beginning of a new chapter and the end of the previous chapter. And i’ve came to realise many things in life and who are the people around me that matters, who are the friends who stick by me through these times, and how much i kinda like to socialise hahaha.

2014 was a good year. A good good year. Till today i still can’t believe that starting this year, i’ll have to introduce myself as a 21 person already. Being 20 years old was still okay but when i realise i have to tell everyone that im 21, this is when i realise that shit is about to get real. (No?)

Now that im beginning my 2015 in a new environment new school new friends, i just pray that Allah gives me strength to complete this for my next two years and allow me to graduate with a degree. πŸ™‚ Things are gonna get harder but i pray that i get strength to embrace it every day. Two years, just two years.

Here’s to a good start in 2015 and may my life be blessed with all the good things this year Insya Allah! And may everyday be full of surprises because we don’t know what lies ahead of us πŸ™‚


…And because my 2015 motto is to Live Everyday Like Its My Birthday!



2 0 1 5


One day late but hey its 2015!!!
May this year be a fulfilling year with new beginnings in my life. Am a little scared of the new start but i hope this goes well.
Its the start of a new chapter. Its time to write the story well and end this chapter well. ☺️

We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”