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“Maybe the start line was supposed to be your finish line. Don’t be afraid to walk backwards.” – Tablo.


Of mains and desserts.

IMG_3242The lab cafe SG x La Marelle cafe

When people say cafe hop, its all about the main course and desserts isn’t it? (And sometimes the drinks too). So here’s another two cafes which is not new to anyone cos more people have been going to these cafes lately. The lab cafe (which is located somewhere near Hajjah Maimunah at Bugis) has a really unique ambience and design. You know like those science labs you go to when you have science lessons? Yes, they’re like that! With tubes and pipes all around the cafe. They even have syringes in their drinks too! The food’s really good too and quite worth the price!

Then we headed over to La Marelle Cafe (which is along the stretch of Masjid Sultan) to have some good cakes and teriyaki chicken (oh, because we wanted to buy teriyaki chicken at The Lab Cafe but it was sold out) to fulfill our cravings. La Marelle’s a little pricey considering we just bought cakes, chicken and a drink. But the cakes are really good! They literally just melt in your mouth. The rainbow cake was sold out, so probably next time!)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetButterscotch Cafe x Gelare

So here’s another of my cafe hop discoveries. Butterscotch was really good! The meat was well grilled and well marinated. One of their popular menu is “Ramlee meets Wendy’s” (if im not wrong, haha!). That’s a must try! My friend ordered that and it was really good. Located at Redhill, you’ll need to take a bus before reaching there and the cafe is located at one of those blocks around that area. But too bad, the area was really empty so we had to go to another place for our photo session. 😉

Then Gelare. Now located at a couple of malls in SG. We tried the churros pancakes and boy it really tasted like churros! Im not really a fan of churros but this one is really good stuff. Their waffles was really nice too and it comes with ice cream. More like a desserts kind of place if you’re just looking for a place to sit and chill with your friends and its not really a cafe kind of setting, more like a delifrance kind of place.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetNabins x Fluff Bakery

Went to Nabins the other day to check out what the fuss was all about cos people have been talking about it and how good the place was. Well, for a start, i really love the ambience. The place is cozy with minimal lights (but still bright cos it was during the day) and good company. Really an arab style kind of cafe with western food served. The place is nice and comfortable because you get to sit on their cushions with your legs crossed (literally) and just enjoy a good meal with your friends. But with good food and all, i might not actually consider coming to this place again. Well, just because.

And since we were pretty early that day and it was new year’s eve, we decided to check out Fluff Bakery to see if its still open. We were shocked to see that it was open and literally ran to the shop to queue to get the cupcakes. Now I know why they are always always sold out really fast! The cupcakes were really soft and spongy! One of the flavours we bought was solero and we were impressed how original the cupcake tastes. You know like the solero ice cream? Yes, it tastes exactly like that. Two thumbs up for Fluff Bakery!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLa Marelle x Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Besides the desserts from La Marelle, their meals were also on point. Really good stuff and i especially love their all day breakfast menu. Something pretty light for those who are looking for a not so heavy kind of food. Just like a typical breakfast, the must haves are crossaints and baked beans. Well baked and cooked i’d really love to come back for these!

For the ‘high class’ kind of desserts, head down to Max Brenner chocolate bar for good quality chocolate desserts. We ordered chocolate fondue which comes with caramel, milk chocolate and dark chocolate sauce and a couple of food and fruits we can dip into the chocolate. Really nice place, with a first date kind of feeling.

10982485_783581088391009_4259190819550886735_nI Am Cafe x Eat. Play. Love

Of course, when talking about Cafe hopping, the first “must visit” place is the I Am cafe.The super popular place which has really really long queue during peak hours. The prices are really worth it and honestly, they are one of the best cafes in town! I wouldn’t mind visiting the cafe for a second time. Their burgers are really well cooked and their other foods are just superb. Too bad i havent had the chance to try their desserts too but i’ll definitely come back to the cafe. One of the must-try cafes in SIngapore for sure!

Eat. Play. Love is just around the corner and the desserts are all muslim-catered. Ate the smores dessert and mmm it was really really good! With marshmallow as the base and simply a chocolate ice cream at the top. Really sweet and good stuff. The place is nice to chill with good ambiance and beautiful crafts all around. Its somewhat a ‘craft’ cafe so there are nice artwork around which you can buy from the cafe itself!

Okay, so here are a couple of cafes i’ve tried within the last couple of months. Check out the cafes which i personally recommended because they are really really good! 🙂
(I’ve decided im gonna make this my #cafewandererSG series because i seriously love blogging about food!)



More than meets the eye.

Balqis Bistro x Salty Peanuts

And so as i start going around cafes again trying all the good food, somehow i ended up at a familiar place once again.

When people say Simpang bedok, most of the time its just “Spize” they know. But what they dont know, these muslim-owned cafes are just around the corner! Good places to hang around and laugh with friends! (Which i did, today.)

This new place called the Changi Village looks pretty dull from the outside. Well honestly it never caught my attention. I’ve always thought that this was just another office building lol 😅 But little did i know, there are a couple of hidden muslim owned cafes in here! (I counted, about 5?) From western to mediterranean to pancakes to just simply ice cream, this place is all about cafes! *Cues All about that base*

So okay back to my little dream of becoming a cafe blogger. Here’s another 2 cafes i’ve tried today and i really loved the ambience and service. 👍 Really good stuff, worth all my penny!
[On a side note, i’d really recommend Salted caramel ice cream from Salty peanuts. HELLA GOOD STUFF😋]