“This is my last chance. Mr Lee, thank you for everything. Some days I cannot believe how fortunate I am to have been born a Singaporean. We don’t have everything, but we have more than most, because of your lifelong labour. On behalf of young Singaporeans everywhere, I’d like to say: ‘thank you’.” – Cassandra Chew


3 | 12

3 | 12

March. The month that i was dreading for a long time because of mid terms, assignment submissions, project due, night classes and driving practicals. I was worried how i was going to juggle those things and at the same time find time to do my curricular activities as well. Now that March is slowly coming to an end, im starting to feel relieved because I managed to breeze through the month without losing it or having to pull out my hair. 😂 

Im so thankful for this hectic yet meaningful month. It was indeed a blessing in disguise. 😌

Having said that, here’s to a new month in a couple of days and im gonna be busy preparing for final exams already! Wow time flies~

(On a side note, i totally fell sick on my last day of midterms sigh i was gonna give myself a well deserved break tho 😅)




“So take it slow and let time heal everything; They say that time flies, but you keep breaking its wings” – Tablo, Eyes Nose Lips. 



Quit pondering about “what should” and “what could have been”. You’re in the middle of your journey now, its too late to regret the decision you’ve made. Carry on with your journey and make the best out of it because it has been written in your book of destiny. This is the path that I’ve chosen and this is the path that i will complete in 2 years. Don’t look back, just look at what’s ahead of you to come. Make the best out of it everyday, somehow, you will find strength dear self.