| 30 things about me | 
Doing this just because. I’ve gotten a couple of tags from instagram but i dont know why i havent gotten the courage to post this up. Since im pretty confident im the only one reading my blog, i’ll do this here, shamelessly. 

1.  I turn 21 this year. (Gosh, since when im this old?)
2. I cannot tolerate people who read my texts and not reply.
3. When i don’t like something, my expression shows it all.
4. Don’t take my food away from me when im eating. I won’t talk tyou again.
5. How to spoil my day: Wake me up forcefully. (Texts and spam calls included)
6. I splurge on A LOT of unnecessary things all the time. (I recently bought a face pad. No idea why)
7. I have a fickle minded bird brain. I can never make up my mind.
8. I always do things then think. (That’s why im always regretting half the decisions i make in life) 
9. When i have something in mind, I need to get it done straight away no matter how busy I am.
10. I lose interest in things easily (In people too, unfortunately 😔) 
11. An overly attached girl. (When I get really comfortable with people, I cannot leave them)
12. I get distracted all the time (esp when studying for exams sigh) 
13. I don’t cry easily. Never cried in front of my closest friends either.
14.  I cannot live without talking to people for a day.
15. I cannot stand awkward situations, (I’ll either start singing, make jokes or turn on songs)
16. I’d like think that I’m a free spirited person. Most of the time I don’t care what happens around me.
17. I’m pretty sensitive, so don’t shout at me.
18. I like to compare people around me with myself.
19. I have a bad habit of doing things halfway.
20. I am happy with the little things I have, because i believe in less is more.
21. I looooooove inspirational quotes, it makes me realise things I have always taken for granted.
22. I’m always trying to improve myself everyday.
23. I don’t have a high confidence level, but i enjoy boosting other people’s confidence and giving them support.
24. I treasure people around me, so im always willing to help my friends (even if its beyond my means sometimes) 
25. I am a little scared of crowds.
26. I hate ghosts, eerie things, loud sounds and stuff. It makes my hair stand.
27. I enjoy lonely long bus rides back (Plus a gloomy weather and a soothing music to accompany)
28. I am lazy beyond what you can imagine. (No kidding!)
29.  I can’t stand cheesy conversations, it makes my insides curl.
30. I am an absolutely forgetful person. (Sometimes I shampoo my hair thrice while bathing :/)



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