It's almost 2am in the morning and I think I've caught Esther's "post-drama depression" sickness. This show is too good and I miss the lead character already.

I've always been a fan of court/law/justice/lawyer/plaintiffs kind of dramas and this has got to be one of the best so far. I've lost count of the number of times I secretly cried under my blankets bc of the characters in this show (even though most of the time I feel like killing the heartless president and his annoying father).

And YSH's acting is really really really really really good for the fact that he caught my attention right from the first episode (and I just realised he's just one year older than me, man that's young CONSIDERING THAT HE FINISHED ARMY TOO).

Hahaha I don't know why I'm doing drama reviews but sigh this is just too good to not rant over. I never knew Alzheimer's disease could seriously be this sad and I never knew I could actually have a soft spot for gangsters HA HA HA HA HA



Finally tried this after all the hype and I shall say it was really worth the trip and money. I still think 5 bucks is a little too pricey for milk tea but this is good stuff, I'm not even kidding.

And a customer went into the shop and went like, "Bro, sorry ah I first timer here ah because I hear it's very good. Recommend me a Flavour please?" to the shop owner.

Hahahaha cute Singaporeans, me likey 👍🏻😁

Idg how I was so eager to write during my exams but that enthusiasm just disappears the moment I have nothing to do during the holidays.



I love going to random walks on my own and discovering pretty art works and art pieces. I'm not an artsy kind of person but I wonder why I enjoy checking out galleries and pretty artifacts heh.

I miss going museums, when is my museum buddy coming back to sg? 😦


Now that my exams are over, I honestly don't know how to describe my feelings for it. I've been waiting for this day ever since the semester started bc right from the beginning I've been busy doing up assignments with a very short break before starting revision for exams.

This sem has been a whole journey of ups and downs because I realised that the amount of effort put in does not necessarily equal to results. And I mean it. I've been disappointed over and over again with myself bc of this.

I mean, I don't know if I'm lazy or if I'm just pure not fitted for school but it really sucks when you thought you've put in effort for things but your results say otherwise.

It just brings down your whole motivation level down rock bottom to the point where the only person whom you can confide in is only yourself, not anyone else. And you know you have to help yourself bc no one will help you if you don't help yourself.

Bottom line is, I don't know if I have helped myself enough this semester because now that even when exams are over, I am still having lingering thoughts within myself and if I have done enough for myself or not.

With the results I'm getting right now, I am really not hoping much. I just want to pass and scrape through this semester. I don't know, I keep wondering if I am ever fitted for school with the kind of attitude I am bringing around and I am just hoping that one day I find my answer.

I'm still feeling very regretful because I don't feel like I've done enough to help myself this time round. But I'm really tired of this and I'm tired of everything.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one struggling like this because I still feel VERY uneasy about two modules now that I'm done with my final exams. Honestly, I don't even know if I deserve a break for myself.

Sigh, I need to keep these thoughts out of my head but I'm scared, I'm really scared for my results.

I'm sorry to have poured out all of my negative feelings till the very end of this unnecessary post but I really needed to get this out. I am just praying for the best because I really need it so much and I'm seriously worried right now when I shouldn't even feel like this in the first place.

And to my three marketing good friends, all the best for your last paper tomorrow! You will be free after 1230 yay! 🙆🏼❤️




It's been a week since cousin's wedding and I still L O V E the whole moment of being together with my cousins and stuff and I low key want to repeat the whole event all over again including the joys of being tired and sweaty all over hahahaha

Okay pls ignore me this is just me being sentimental and reminding myself about last week's event. 🤓


That moment of temporary excitement when your best friend appears on local news hahahahaha trust me this is the first time I actually waited in front of the tv to watch news okay 😂

She was telling us a few days back that she was nervous about the interview and that if her Malay would sound horrendous and stuff but hey that girl did just fine on tv and I'm so happy to see her on tv hahaha I don't even know why.

When was the last time I met my bestfriends man gosh I miss all my friends 😩