Finally tried this after all the hype and I shall say it was really worth the trip and money. I still think 5 bucks is a little too pricey for milk tea but this is good stuff, I'm not even kidding.

And a customer went into the shop and went like, "Bro, sorry ah I first timer here ah because I hear it's very good. Recommend me a Flavour please?" to the shop owner.

Hahahaha cute Singaporeans, me likey 👍🏻😁

Idg how I was so eager to write during my exams but that enthusiasm just disappears the moment I have nothing to do during the holidays.



I love going to random walks on my own and discovering pretty art works and art pieces. I'm not an artsy kind of person but I wonder why I enjoy checking out galleries and pretty artifacts heh.

I miss going museums, when is my museum buddy coming back to sg? 😦


Good morning hoomans. Woke up with a sore throat today sigh I hope this don't lead to a flu because I really need to stay healthy to finish up my revision.

Please stay healthy, dear self. At least till Monday.


Still can't get over the pretty pictures we all took yesterday cos we were all dressed in (mostly) pink and the photos came out so well! 😍

Anyway, one paper down and three more to go for finals. It was comms law today and I can say it was fairly okay. Kinda regretted not spending time for the mcq part when I could score well for that part sigh. I don't even know how I ended up spending 1 h 30 mins for the essay part.

AND, 'caveat emptor', I will never forget you okay 🙄


Summing up today. I had so much fun laughing and catching up with the cousins that I forgot I have an exam on Monday. I attempted to read my comms law notes but it only lasted for 2 minutes because obviously we had so much interesting things to do tonight besides studying.

My cousin actually attempted to read my notes and she went like, "is this not my level of English or I just can't understand what they are saying?"

Hehehehe another day tomorrow. So excited, but then, another day burnt. 🤓

Waking up at 6 tomorrow, but comms law more important okay hahahahahaha

I seriously can't wait for exams to be over la HAIS I love how time passes so slowly today when I'm with my relatives without worrying about "I have to get this done by 3pm." "I have to start the next chapter by 430pm" "I have to finish 3 topics before I sleep tonight"

Being a student is really hard, but I shall stop ranting for now hahahahaha

Done with day two and I'm having body aches all over because all I've been doing today is running around chasing kids and carrying them from one point to another and putting them on slides and holding their hands while sliding down 😅

And it was so hot today that all of us were literally melting under the sun and our bodies feeling so sticky all over because of all the running around and stuff.

But it was a great day today, nonetheless. I'm so thankful that there was a mini mart nearby for us to get our ice cream fix for the whole HUGE family. I mean, who spends over $50 on just ice cream alone? Hahahahahhahaha

Okay, back to work for now. I'm so glad we're already back home all cleaned up and ready to study~ 🤓 Comms law, please be nice to me tomorrow I beg you.

Back to this view again after a day of "pretending to read my notes to make myself feel better."

I'm not prepared for exams but I'm really hoping that I will be able to do the paper tomorrow. I really need to pass my modules this sem, please.