We’re exactly 6 months through 2016 and I don’t really know how to feel for the fact that 2016 will end in about 6 months.

I’ve kind of made my decision on overloading my modules next semester because at least, I can get school done and over with. I don’t hate school, really but I just feel like there are seriously so much more I want to do once I am done with school and I can finally step out of whatever burden that’s been haunting me in my head.

They say that the world out there is tough and that we should “enjoy school while you are still a student”, but a part of me wants to explore that huge world out there and do what I love without any obligations tied down to me (of course, being a student has it’s advantage too).

I am really praying that I will be able to pull through my final semester next sem. Let’s get this done and over with by the end of 2016. Who knows, maybe 2017 could be the start of a new beginning for me? πŸ™‚


(ps: I’ll prolly start blogging and ranting here again, just because.)



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