09 Ramadhan 1437H.

There is no end to it if you think of the aspects in which life hasn’t been fair to you. Put yourselves in someone else’s shoes and understand their perspective before evaluating how difficult things are for you. 

I may complain and whine that I’ve been forced to grow up and take up the responsibility that adults do because there isn’t any choice for me as the oldest in the family but the one thing I forgot is to take into consideration of the closest people around me. I may have just lost a mother but for others, they may have lost a wife, a companion in discussing about personal matters, a person to share the financial burdens with and a partner in life. 

Count your blessings and do good to your parents. For they have the key to bringing you to heaven. 

“And we have enjoined man to do good to his parents.” -Al Ahqaaf, 46:15.



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