The month of Ramadhan has left us yet again with the lingering feelings of regrets as we reminisce the time we’ve wasted during this holy month when we could have made full use of it for Ibadah and doing things to please the Almighty.

People always say that we should always make the current year’s Ramadhan better than the previous years and Alhamdulillah, I think this is probably the best Ramadhan to me thus far. I’ll make sure that the next Ramadhan will be even better. 

What I love the most about the month of Ramadhan is the family spirit which was evidently present during this entire month. From eating together to praying together to helping out in the kitchen to rushing to the mosque together. This is definitely something which we can never get to fully experience in other months. Even though our family is close, but how often are we all present at home at the same time to have our dinner together? How often do we make time to pray together? How often do we get to sit down during dinner and chat for that short 30 minutes?

Indeed, Ramadhan is a beautiful month to all of us. Alhamdulillah for another year of Ramadhan and Insya Allah, we’ll all meet the next Ramadhan with a better self. 

Salam Syawal to all the Muslims out there. Minal Aidil Walfaizin. 😌


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