Mac breakfast in school before starting to do our assignments proper. But now I'm so sleepy I just want my bed hahaha


Okay so I survived presentation despite the grumbling stomach, the wanting to go toilet kind of nervousness, the anxiousness before my part and etc etc etc.

I really think I need to brush up my presentation skills and stop repeating myself when I present. And I need to stop being so nervous lol where did all my presentation skills from RP go thoooo I used to get *cough* distinction for my FYP presentation pls.


I absolutely hate it the most when I procrastinate on my assignment just because I "think I can finish it on time" when I actual fact, I'm desperately running out of time. I don't know how to get my head straight and stop falling asleep and read all my required readings. People have been telling me that this module is "damn" difficult and I need to score for my assignments if I don't want to die during my exams.

But okay I'll try my best to keep my head straight until the 9th………………

Anyway my weekend has been interesting w both happy and sad events on both days. I'm just so tired right now and I want my bed but I can't. I have a presentation tmr morning but I haven't even rehearsed my lines yet. Oh and guess what time I have to be in class tomorrow?

8.20am. Freaking 8.20. 🙄


Quick life update; I'm still alive. 👻

What is life anymore when you have submissions this whole week and all you're busy doing is hustling through the night and sacrificing your rest time after school for project meetings.

3 assignments down for now, 7 more to go till the rest of this sem. And a presentation about our Business progress on Monday ^ , I hope I can talk properly in front of the class at freaking 9 am.

I'm kinda liking how the direction of our Entrepreneurial Process project is doing bc since some time back, I've always been wanting to open an events management company and here we are opening my dream company for our project. I hope we can do this well just like how we've planned out.



When you have 2 major submissions next week and many many more in the weeks to come but you don't know which one to prioritize first………….

So you just lay in your bed and fall asleep.



Been in school since 830 am today and I am so drained. Finally heading home before the 630 crowd heads to the bus stop~ I can't believe doing project was so draining pls i am so sleepy and hungry now I can eat a bus.

On a side note, I'm so glad I could work well with this group of mine for SM. Randomized group isn't THAT bad after all hehe. 🤓