Note to self: it will all be worth it in the end.


Was supposed to post this up last night but I was too tired that I just fell asleep while reviewing my assignments.

As usual, being in a close knit family, I really loved everything about yesterday. Even though we had to fight for seats everytime we get exhausted but everything about yesterday was really so fun. I just love the fact that we're in air-conditioned hall instead of the usual below the block weddings cos at least we didn't even sweat much yesterday.

And I went around carrying the camera around that people kept calling me "photographer" hahahahaha you shld see the quality of pictures I took and evaluate if I am suited for the photographer title or not. (Ps: the camera had its virgin drop yesterday, witnessed by all of my relatives who were busy making me feel guilty for dropping the camera hahahaha 😅)

On a side note, congrats to my cousin once again. He really looked so happy with his wife yesterday hahaha. And she is sooooo pretty, wow.

Can't wait for the next wedding in March next year! Yay yay another new addition to the fam! 🙂

So it's back to reality today. Woke up with my muscles feeling sore all over but I managed to finalize both my individual assignments for submissions today. I'm so glad I can finally take my worries off the assignments but the thought of exams really worry me big time.

I'm left with exactly a week to START studying for my first paper and I'm really worried as hell. Can I get someone to study for me, please?

Loving my henna stain drawn by the ever so talented cousin! I wished I had kept it on a little longer so that it could be a little clearer haha but it's okay! It's still quite visible to me~


Can I give myself a pat on my back for finally shutting down my laptop proper after how many days/weeks of leaving it in sleep mode every time I pack to save all the windows that I've been leaving open for the assignment lol.

I shall start studying proper tmr before going over to cousin's house for his wedding prep. One a side note, why are my cousins always getting married when I'm preparing for my finals tho? 🤔 It happened last sem too sigh.

Done w morning errands now let me start studying before I head out for cousin's wedding prep!

I kinda miss this sight, tbvh. I'm so done w assignments and stuff but I'm not sure if I'm able to score for my last 2 individual assignments. It's so frustrating when you want to study for your exams but you want to keep looking at your assignments cos you're scared if you've missed out anything.

I'm so thankful for really good friends who are always so encouraging and are willing I help me when I have questions. At least now I know who are those who are on the same page as me, literally.


Not quite pleased w my progress but everyone needs a little of Park Bogum in the morning.


I am Tae and Tae is I. This is my state right now hahahahaha when will IB end whennnn 😒


I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing that I'm putting in this much effort for my individual assignment. I hate the fact that I was way too over confident that I could finish this last weekend and start revision the day after, only to know that we did badly for our group assignment. This was one of the modules that I thought I could score but ugh this just proves how important group work is.

Anyway I'm less than 2 weeks till my first paper and I'm still mugging over ind assignments. 🙄

Tried this for the first time in my life and I shall say that Maki San has gained another new customer which is me hahahaha I love the fact that I can choose anything I want to put in the sushi bc im just picky as hell about sushi (tbh I don't even eat sushi) lol so I just put chicken and eggs, how bad can it be right?


So we'll probably spend another night mugging for our individual assignment. We're tired of complaining about how bad our group marks were so we figured that we should probably just put in a hundred and one effort for this.

We can do this! 💪🏻


Today is probably one of the nights where I can't understand myself for being the way I am. I don't get how I can be so awake right now when I have to get up in like, 6 hours for school when all I've been doing the past few days is just fall asleep before 12am. I'm like so awake and productive now but I can't stay up too late or else I won't be able to wake up for class later on. 🙄

So yeah anyway I think I should head to bed now since I can't be late tmr for revision class lol. It's our final presentation tomorrow (throws confetti!) and we're the second group to present lol. I think class will end early tmr so we can all go back and finish up assignmentssssss 🙄

So what went wrong.

Note to self, cos everyone's probably going through their own kind of hardships at this point of time of the semester.

D-1 to the official last day of school. I hope I can say that it's my last day of school forever because I really want to pass every single module I'm taking this sem. Today's been rough but at the end of the day, it's all up to you to change the results.

I hope today has been a painful lesson for all of us. It's called a "lesson" for a reason. We all learn something from it.

No, we have to learn something from it.