Ending work (literally) tomorrow at 12pm because the centre i'm in charge in only got morning paper for the last day. i guess i'll be officially unemployed after i get my pay from SMU and looks like it's time for me to start polishing up my resume and enter the battle with the uni graduates to fight for a spot in the workforce.

i think i have too much on my mind lately that my mind just would not stop working even when i'm already prepared to fall asleep. i wake up feeling like a zombie and not bothering to chase after my bus even though i know that i will prolly be late if i don't get into that bus.

Now that i am done with work (and the waking up at 5am every single day), i think i better set a goal list for myself- aka the things i want to do alone to challenge myself, maybe?

So while i ponder about what i want to do while looking for a job, i hope that luck is on my side and i'll be able to get an acceptable job that fits my personality and blah blah blah. of course, the pay too because i'm broke af and i have a holiday coming up in march lol

But yeah so here's to the last day of work tomorrow. i'm not exactly sure how i'm feeling now tho cos one thing for sure once i step out of that building tmr, i'll be officially unemployed hahahahaha

oh and the kids at work were busy wanting to follow our instagram and stuff haha i don't know why but i'm kinda blocking off my social media for no reason. maybe just because. but yeah, being a nice older sister i just accepted their requests and followed them back haha how did i turn into this kind of person ah



Reunited with the girls for dinner and a short catch up today even though we are practically working under the same management lol. But yeah, we were split up since day 1 to go to different centers so we finally got time to meet since our break timings are different and stuffs.

Got my fix of Kane Mochi and waffles today (because it's half price for gelare waffles on Tuesday which was totally unplanned okay). Gosh it's really bad when i start to like something cos i'll keep wanting it more. 😝

Although pricey but i think Kane Mochi will always have a special place in my heart HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OKAY STOP.

i shall prolly go to bed early tonight because all those running from school of econs to school of info systems to invigilate and relief the classes has totally drained my energy out. and the schools are far apart from each other, mind you. i thought i was going to faint from all the running around today lol


Been wanting to write in last night but I guess I was too sleepy that I chose sleep over writing haha so here I go before I start the invigilation for the 3h paper.

So yeah, the results came out yesterday and I shall say that I am FINALLY at ease after waiting for a month for the (good or bad) news about my results. I think I've ranted enough on the day of my last paper so I shall not do it again today.

I am just way beyond thankful that I made it this far. Even the thought of passing all my modules still amazes me. I remembered telling myself that I was really going to quit school if I fail any other subjects after marketing without any second thoughts about it.

But then semester after semester I managed to scrape through my assignments and exams and clear my modules. I'm starting to feel that maybe it's a blessing to have failed marketing because that failure has taught me many other things in life that I have neglected and ignored all these while.

At the beginning of my semester I remember writing that I wasn't sure if I was going to regret overloading my modules and yesterday I found my answer. I was glad I took on the challenge to finish up my last 5 modules including OT even though a lot of people around me were giving me that doubtful look on their faces when I told them I was taking OT on top of my stressful modules.

The thought of university life being officially over is finally sinking in me right now. It's time to face the real world out there I guess. No more waking up late to miss the first part of lecture, no more taking our own sweet time in between classes, no more asking someone else to tap for me for classes, no more standing at the crowded bus stop with the other students, no more cheap food and my fav, no more sleeping in the lecture room.

I am so grateful and blessed for all the wonderful friendships that I've made right from day 2 (because I was a lonely potato on my very first day) to the very end of my Uni life. Thinking back, I think I enjoyed Uni life a little better than Poly life even though I never liked doing assignments or studying for exams. πŸ€“

Probably one of the worse ending to my long week but yeah, we'll always have your back, TaeπŸ’•.



Visited the Visible Invisible exhibition yesterday but with these two this time and they made me become their tour guide because I've been there before hahaha should I call it the Zu Tour lol

The best part of this exhibition is still the balloon room. I'd love to live here forever only if there weren't hairs on the balloons and only if they had blown more balloons to fill up those that had burst and deflated lol.

ps; I can't understand why Esther is scared of balloons tho hahahahahaha I just love running around and watching the balloons fly around

And not forgetting my everlasting love for Maki San. Tried the 9.90 sushi yesterday bc I was feeling a little too hungry lol but it feels too compact with ingredients inside hahahahahhaa but on a side note, I think I'll prolly come here a few times in the next two weeks when I'm working at SMU 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

Oh and I love this photo of the three of us we look like Charlie's Angels, no? πŸ€”πŸ˜Ž

And this candid photo of me trying to communicate with Amalia is nice too hahahahaha. It's such a nice coincidence that we bumped into each other at the museum (she was in the balloon room and I was outside, obviously oblivious to my surroundings lol). Can't wait for the meet up session tmr tho! We definitely have so much to share over the past months wooooohoooo


Spent the whole day today at the zoo and river safari w my marketing girls but surprisingly I don't even feel tired or sticky at all when I came back after a whole entire day of walking around. Maybe it's the good weather hahahahaha I'm so thankful that it's not so hot or not heavily raining either, like the weather was really just nice today. πŸŒ₯

And my official favourite part of river safari was the two cute pandas (I even bought a miniature panda ok) and the huge aquarium at the end. River Safari was totally a nice place to go and I think I'll probably go back to river safari again some days to visit my pandas and my fishes hahahahahaha

And ofc, the main highlight of River safari is the panda pau and cappuccino latte hahahaha 🐼

So it was a good day today spending time with my girls and taking pictures and stuff. Would definitely lol forward for our next trip in the future and I hope we'll grow closer as we go to more trip. And plus, Vanessar needs to join us too pls!

Now let me lie on bed and bawl my eyes out watching Gary's last RM ep 😫

I'm an overly attached fan okay he was my fav member and he will definitely be missed!



Okay so guess who finally got her Maki-San craving satisfied ever since the exam period?

Me me me me me me me. πŸ™‹πŸΌ

Great catch up over great company though, I wished we had all night to catch up and gossip over everything under the sun but sigh, technically we only met for a mere 2 hours to spare our stories. But it's okay, there's always next time 😁