thank you 2016.


2016, you’ve been a wonderful year.

The past year has been a great journey for me as I experience the pains and joys of finishing the final year of uni life. 2 years has passed way too quickly as I look back and reflect at the regrets i face while completing my studies. I know that i should have done better, i know that i should have put in more effort and I know that I should have increased my GPA and stuff.

But hey, I think i’ll just be thankful just as long as I scrape through uni life, no? I don’t know, uni has been a series of ups and downs for me. It’s one of the hardest time of my life but it’s also the most memorable. From uni, I got to learn the pains of hardships and I also learnt that it is always worth the effort. Most importantly, I learnt that after all the hard ships, there will be times of ease in the future.

So 2016 has been nothing but a joy. The time where I struggle to finish my final semester with 5 modules on top of me but I somehow managed to overcome it with a hell lot of effort. 2017 will not be easy, i guess. It’s time to venture out into that world out there with new people, new relationships and new beginnings.

I’ve been blessed this 2016. I was showered with unwavering friendships from the close people around me who has been endlessly giving me a helping hand and a listening ear whenever i need someone to talk to. Also, the love of family that can never be bought with money. I feel so so blessed to have ended my 2016 on a wonderful note with the huge family which I will always cherish in my heart.

Here’s to many more accomplishments and brighter days ahead of me in 2017, Insya Allah. Thank you, 2016. You’ve been really good to me. πŸ™‚




Family Day β€’ 26th Dec.

Good Morning. I wanted to finish writing both days yesterday but the kids came over last night so i couldn't finish it by 0000hrs. But it's okay i'll just spend my Saturday morning writing this today. πŸ‘πŸ»

event day!!!!

And so after tossing and turning for what feels like the entire night with the sounds of laughters coming from the kids and the uncomfortable cold room, i finally fell asleep at close to 5am and woke up 2 hours later, about 730am. So we quickly washed up before the kids got up and talked to my other cousins who got up early too because they were uncomfortable. the room was too cold and we had to cover ourselves with plastic sheets when we were sleeping hahaha

So while the adults chatted noisily in the room, to wake the kids up, some of the kids wiggled in their sleep because we were noisy hahahahahaha. that's what they call it, an eye for an eye? πŸ€”

The awhile later, around 9, the kids got up to bathe and we got busy trying to dress up and keep the room tidy before our other relatives come streaming in. Oh, and we were also rushing because we haven't put up the fairy lights and the photo booth wall. we were too tired the night before that we just abandoned our lights and photo booth and just went to sleep hahahaha

So we quickly dressed up, and feeling super excited to wear the event shirt that we got customised for all of us!! ❀️

^ This precious one came into our room while we were busy wearing our shawls and stuff with the event shirt ready for the day. Too cute!

morning prep

So before the guests come in, aka our aunts and uncles, we quickly put up the background and pasted the strings for the photo booths. After which, we got them kiddos to put the names on the pegs for us. So our idea of the photo booth section is to put up the names of the family members, then they would come up to us and take their pics which will then be replaced with their polaroid photos. The cards with their names will used for things like games or lucky draw.

then we tested out the projector, laptops, mics, speakers and most importantly the video that we would be showing to our beloved aunts and uncles as a tribute video. we had about 20 minutes away before the arrival of our aunts and uncles so we were getting so so excited as everyone anticipated their presence in our matching tops! πŸ€—

^ this was the planning crew behind the scenes, discussing and making sure everything is properly working before more people start streaming in. good job guys! πŸ‘πŸ»

deco team doing the final touches for the photo booth. we were so excited and impressed at our work of art woohoo!



arrival of aunts and uncles

time check: 11am. our aunts and uncles start streaming in and were ever so astonished seeing us in blue and orange walking around and greeting them. they kept asking why we all have matching shirts for ourselves but why they don't. since it was supposed to be a secret until the end, we told them that it was only for the organising committee and we didn't print out any for them hahahaha we really wanted it to be a surprise till the very end okay!

while we wait for the rest of the family to reach, we gathered in the living room for the opening speeches and for the video presentation. then we all received a message that one of our cousin and his wife couldn't attend because his wife suddenly went into labour that very day. so while we were excited for the event to commence, we were even more excited for the arrival of a new family member. yay yay! ❀️

bouncy castle

shortly before the aunts and uncles areived, the bouncy castle crew came in to set up, making all the kids excited and they went to play first before the guests arrived. so many colourful pictures! i wished i was still a kid so that i can play here too pls!

check out them excited kids!


surprise prep

Minutes before the opening speeches, our cousin gathered the kids in the room to brief them about the t-shirt surprise that they were going to hand out to our aunts. they were assigned to work in pairs to hand out the personalised surprise t-shirts that we prepared for the aunts. Our cousin being a teacher in a primary school, led the kids really really well making us so impressed with her, wow. they all listened to her with full attention okay hahaha

t-shirts all prepared to be distributed! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

opening speech

with everyone finally gathered at about 12pm, we are ready to start the event! \β€’/

of course, the event commenced with a word or two from our oldest cousin for the opening. he started off with a little quiz to warm up and interact with everyone which took us off by surprise because the aunts and uncles were so so eager to put their hands up to answer the questions and get the prizes hahahaha so cute la aiyo!

Our second oldest cousin stepped up for his speech which he had prepared a 3 page hilarious speech to welcome the aunts and uncles and to commence the event. He entertained us with his very interesting speeches, thanking the cousins who worked so hard to prepare for this surprise event, sharing a thing or two about the funny things that happened during the planning process, how we tried to make it a successful surprise and not forgetting saying our prayers for those who has passed on. 😌

then it continued on with a word or two from some of our aunts and uncles regarding what they have to say, and it was a little heart warming as one of our aunts was closed to tearing up because she was too touched that we prepared all of these for all of us.

video presentation

After the speeches, we presented a video to everyone, including us who are seeing it for the first time. there were many happy memories included in the video and everyone laughed seeing their old photos and teased each other's pictures. of course, some shed tears too as they remember those who are no longer around with us anymore, so we passed around tissues to those were sniffing during the video. it was a bittersweet feeling, in fact.

t-shirt presentation!

On command, the kids went into the room right after the video and the adults handed them the t-shirts to them to distribute it to their grand uncles and grand aunties (which is our aunts and uncles). It was definitely a precious moment for all of us as the aunts and uncles were taken aback by the little gifts handed to them by the young ones following a series of "Thank you, I love you." said from the kids to the aunts and uncles. Definitely a moment to remember, really. πŸ’•

activities commence!

after the gifts were given out to the aunts and uncles, they were so excited about it and some even wore it on top of the clothes that they were wearing hahaha see my uncles and aunts, so excited until forget to open their inner clothing hahaha. we briefed them the itinerary for the day and told them to change their clothes before we start with the games and stuff.

And just nice, the catered lunch came (of course, they were VERY surprised to see the lunch being catered by our family friend) so everyone with our hungry stomachs dug into the delicious foods. yummy! πŸ€—

photo booth

Our photo booth was a huge huge huge success. Really. In no time, all of our family members (including our uncles and aunts okay!) lined up in front of the phot booth to have us take a photo of them. Hahaha and they were coming up with all sorts of props and poses for the photo lol so cute can!

My uncle posing for the photo booth! hehehe so cute!

our photo booth corner went from this at the beginning of the day….

… to THIS at the end of the day. i'm so thankful that everyone was so sporting and supportive, and contributed beautifully to our photo booth corner. so much love for all of them la! ❀️

fun in the sun!

the kids were having a blast outside playing with bubbles and bouncy castles. no wonder they all wanted us to hold this every week! hahahahaha

look at their happy faces!!

so so happy!

even this precious little one too is having fun!

balloon man!

the balloon man came at 2pm and all the kids rushed out to queue under the shades to get balloons for themselves. Even that "kid" in the blue category queued up for balloons too! hehehehehe 😝😝

Check out the happy kids and their balloons! 🎈🎈🎈

family photo… with 77 of us.

okay la this one must put disclaimer first okay. 77 because there are 77 of us, according to the T-shirt. but only 69 of us were present for the event because two of them were at the hospital (bc my cousin's wife was in labour) and the family that stays in Johor couldn't come at the very last minute. But still, 90% attendance is really good enough, right? πŸ‘πŸ»

so the bigger the crowd, the more difficult it is to gather everyone right? yup that was exactly it. we had to gather everyone because not everyone was ready for the photo, so those already outside were frying in the sun waiting for everyone to come out hahahaha but nevertheless, we got perfect shots. love it so much! ❀️

nope, not ready.

kids running around. nope, still not ready.

oops, balloon man caught in our photo?!?!

but finally…. a complete one with all 69 of in one shot, for the first time ever in our lives.

the blue team. a.k.a my cousins and my cousin in laws. grew up together with all 23 of them with me and my siblings being the youngest and look how much this whole squad of cousins have multiplied! love all of them! πŸ’™

my aunts and uncles, the purple generation. the reason why we are doing this surprises and the reason why we are all here together. i can never be anymore thankful to all of them. πŸ’œ

magic show

so at about 3pm after the balloon guy left, the magician came and set up his things for a while before starting the show. full of laughters during the show even from the adults because they are just as entertained as the kids! hahaha

the magician and his volunteer!

lucky draw

then it was time for lucky draw after the magician cleared up his backdrop and stuff. it was only a lucky draw for our aunts and uncles, so they were guaranteed something to bring home at the end of the day. everyone was so excited to bring something back!

boys will always have time for soccer

shortly after the lucky draw, the boys went down to play soccer at the open field. blue generation versus the purple generation.

and the orange generation,… well, they have their own soccer game between themselves hahahahaha

barbecue.. again.

second day of barbecue. they started cooking the food for barbecue concurrently while the boys were playing soccer. so we girls just hang around the area and watch them hahahaha

lepak time for everyone!

aunt πŸ’œ and cousin! πŸ’™

blue and orange!

blanket game

time check: 5pm. We followed the itinerary and had to stop the boys who were immersed in their soccer game for us to play the games that we've planned out for them to play. first up- the blanket game. it's a game that we came up for the kids to play because some of them don't really know each other's names unless they are each other's cousins. so it was a good game to test how much they know each of their second cousins and learn new names along the way.

everyone was laughing when the kids were stumped the moment the blankets was put down. even though we always meet and they play together, for some reason they can't remember each other's names well hahahahaha

musical chair

another game dedicated to them kiddos- the musical chair. one of our nephews was always winning each round that we end up changing for him name even on the last round hahahaha so cute!

broken telephone

This time the contenders are the blue and the purple generation. at first they were reluctant to play but then as the game starts both teams (yes, even the purple team) started to get more and more competitive that they wanted more rounds. so us, the organising committee had to come up with phrases on the spot just for them. they were so hilarious as they pass on the message with very little similarity to the original message because they keep messing things up hahaha

we kept laughing at the purple team because being the older ones, they couldn't remember much due to their age so they kept making things up on their own as they pass down the message hahahahaha too funny la! πŸ˜‚

time to pack!

we didn't realise that we played games for so long, but by the time we ended the broken telephone game, it was time for all of us to head in and pray. after which, we were already getting ready to pack the food, bring down the deco, clear the tables and chairs, pack our bags and so on. The event was supposed to end around 8 so we all worked together to pack the leftover food for us to bring home.

closing speech

The closing speech, led by our oldest and second oldest cousins which they thanked everyone for making the event a success, followed by a series of gifts to give away for the best poses for our photo booth and then lucky draw for the three lucky winners. they showed a short video that has been compiled by our cousin and his wife of the day's events. they did it so quickly, wow!

^ the three winners for the best poses! πŸ’₯ Congrats guys!

it's a wrap!

after the video ended, we finished up with a short prayer and then we continued packing. it suddenly became chaotic because everyone was moving about, trying to bathe their kids, pack their bags, pack the food, giving out the goodies and things like that. even so, we managed to take a final photo with whoever was around because we wanted to show the bicycle on our backs. we enjoyed our day, we definitely did. ❀️

the event was no doubt a success, our aunts and uncles loved it so very much that they couldn't stop talking about it on the way back. they didn't expect so much from us, since it was our first time organising such events but we surpassed their expectations and we gained that trust from all of them. the planning stages all the way to the end stage was fun. i enjoyed every single step of it and never never regretted anything.

it will probably take a while for us to recover from the amount of happiness from this event but it's okay, it's nice to live with such memory for a long time. we will definitely work closer next time to make better memories in the future. thank you to everyone who have played a part in making this event a success, be it working behind the scenes, working hard on the day itself or just simply having their presence on that day.

i am just way way way beyond thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful family. i can never ask for anything more. πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›


Family day β€’ 25th Dec.

eve of event

In my not lazy mode today so i shall continue writing about the eve of the event and the event day. here we go!

update: I fell asleep while looking for pictures so here i go (for real) hahahaha

the dress code.

On the morning of the 25th, our oldest cousin sent a text to everyone to turn up in their sports attire that day for he bbq session that night. but most of us didn't turn up in our sports attire hahaha because that night we thought that we'd just chill hang around and prepare for the event for the next day


Because we were late that's why i had to rip off a picture of the barbecue pit that my cousin took while the sun is still up hahahaha but yeah we all reached and the family was already at the barbecue pit, roasting and grilling the chicken and meat. Yum!

^ BBQ pit when the sun has gone down down. Drizzling a little but we didn't let that hinder our activities.

^ Part one of the uncooked chicken hahahahaha these guys so ambitious put so many things at once, hence the uncooked chickens lul

^ the scene at the barbecue pit at 2000 hours.

^ Although raining, it never dampened the spirits of the people around the barbecue pit. Our cousins brought down their guitars to play and sing, now we know why it started to rain!

last minute prep

while the barbecue was still ongoing, some of us sought comfort in the air-con room as we all start to smell like smoke and were already drenched in the rain. plus we distributed our t-shirts and did some last minute prep for tomorrow's event. our cousin was busy explaining the prizes for the lucky draw to all of us which she wrapped in newspapers hahahaha we very budget one okay

mannequin challenge

of course, the ever so main stream mannequin challenge by the kids. the video was too long so i had to cut it hahaha but kids being kids, they just kept moving lol. we wanted to do a mannequin challenge with the whole entire fam on the event day but we were out of time, aww 😦

movie time!

since we brought the projector to show the video the next day, so we thought why not play movies for the kids since they are sleeping over that night? after struggling with the speaker, we finally managed to calm the kids down by playing ant man, inside out and jurassic park. all out movie marathon man these kids! hahahahaha

jamming session

the rain got heavier so they had to continue the jam session in the room. the kids eventually crowded around our cousins and watched them sing and play the guitar. one of our nieces approached me and asked if i could teach her play the guitar hahaha but me being me who can't play the guitar, i got one of my cousin's to teach her instead hahahahaha i want to learn to play the guitar too can someone teach me

hangout and chill

loving this scene. i've always loved seeing my aunts and uncles gather together and interact with my cousins and talk about anything under the sun. it's just really nice to listen to stories from old and new and you just sit at the back and watch them laugh and tease each other. it's a wonderful sight, really. ❀️

While i was busy listening to the various conversations of my family members, my little niece decided to jump on my back and hang on to me hahaha. i remembered how i used to dote on her when she was a little baby, and now she is already entering secondary school next year. why are my little nieces and nephews growing up so quickly 😦

balloon prep

time check: 2300 hours. we headed in to launch our special decoration project hahahaha. we initially wanted to wait for all the aunts and uncles to leave before we put up the deco so that they would be surprised when they reach the next day, but then we were too sleepy already so we decided to quickly put them up before some of our cousins head home. so we got the kids to blow up the balloons and they were so excited to help us

we kept going in and out without the balloons at first to not make it obvious to our aunts and uncles then in the end we gave up and just brought out the balloons hahahaha where got time for secrets anymore man, we just wanted to get it done and over with hahahaha i'm so thankful that everyone decided to help though, more brains to think for the deco! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

our final product after climbing here and there and testing it out at all corners. we were so proud of our work because everyone liked it hahaha pretty pretty! 😍

These precious kids were busy running around together with their little dino friend. really too too cute these two, everyone is just so in love with them two pls! ❀️ aiyo don't so cute can not

0000hrs, but there's always time for macs

Correction: it was way past 12am and we were still busy putting up the deco and stuff. then we got hungry and sleepy so we got one of our cousins to get us macs. we got the kids to share the nuggets because we thought that it would be too heavy for them and we got one burger each for each of the adults hahahahahaha aren't we really good aunties hahahahaha πŸ€”

but yeah, then after that we were too full that we couldn't go to bed so we just did other things after that lol see la eat macs at 1 am some more ah

pls go to bed, kids, please.

time check: 2.41am, was the time i remembered putting on my snapchat when i took the video of this kids still
hyper actively talking and giggling among themselves. us being the old and tired aunties wanted to sleep but these kids just couldn't stop playing around. they probably spent an hour or more playing around and the adults were getting annoyed at the kids lol

They went to play with the water when they told us that they wanted to go to the toilet and went screaming right after hahahaha and then they came back and were told off to go to bed. where do they get all the energy man, was it the nuggets? πŸ€”

then when we gave them a scolding to go to bed, they quietened for a while and we thought it was over. then one of the kids farted and the whole cycle went on again and again hahahaha so cute and funny la they, but we were too tired la that day hahahaha


Family Day β€’ the planning journey.

Finally convinced myself that i am not lazy enough to write about the family day last weekend. Maybe not write, more like spam pictures. it's been almost a week now but we are all still talking about it-how much fun they all had, how successful it was, how there was so much surprises to it and how the aunts and uncles were touched at every single one of the surprises we prepared for all of our lovely aunts and uncles. πŸ’œ So let me recount my experience throughout the whole entire process here.

update: i wanted to write about the planning + the event day itself today but i realised that it's getting too long and i'm getting lazy to write so i shall continue about the event day tmr.

how it started.

So it all started out as a simple request from one of our aunts – the one in orange. Two months ago, she gathered the whole bunch of us who were busy helping out during one of my cousin's wedding. Then she started telling us that she and our other aunts and uncles have been discussing to give us the responsibility to hold a huge family event. Not those formal kinds like wedding or hari raya or stuff but just an informal one, for us to chill and hang out.

So she appointed our oldest and second oldest cousins to be in charge of the whole thing and work together with their younger cousins, which is us. Now that i think about it, we've never really had an opportunity to combine forces together with ALL of of us being actively participative because i think the amount of cousins we have is huge. Even though we are all close but most of the time we just end up doing our own things with the cousins that are around our age range lol

first text message.

The very next day after we were all recovering from the tiredness from our cousin's wedding, our second oldest cousin sent a text message to the group, initiating that we kick start the preparations for the event. We were shocked, obviously, because it was the first time we were in charge of such an event and it was definitely the first time we saw this side of our cousin. Naturally we thought that our aunt's suggestion would be forgotten just like that, but no, we definitely took it seriously.

voting sessions

Most of my conversations were washed away in my old phone so i can't screencap them all here. But yeah, the next stage of our planning was a series of votes and more votes. We had to vote for the event type/ dates of events/ venue for the event/ food catering and etc etc etc. Of course, i'm the type who just follows the flow lol. what's new.

discussion over whatsapp

Then we confirmed the venue immediately after everyone agreed and we went straight to the planning for the events. Some of our cousins had personal connections with some events companies so they volunteered to hire the balloon man and a magician for the little kids to enjoy during the event. Of course i thought it was a little childish and cringe worth for us adults to watch and enjoy but who cares, it's for the kids anyway. Oh, and they discussed about having a bouncy castle for them kids too!

family t-shirts? πŸ€”

Then one day while we were discussing about the event, one of our cousins asked, "how about we make t-shirts for all of us for the event?"

The thing about these t-shirts idea has dated waaaay back when we were probably in our secondary school days (or maybe teens for my cousins). We wanted to have jerseys for the whole family with our names and stuff behind for you know, unity and things like that. But at that time we were all schooling and we were broke af so the idea just died off like that.

Now that we are older (and i'm still broke af fyi, but that's not the point), and almost ALL of my cousins are working, the idea is finally realistic to all of us. In other words, we can actually afford to get t-shirts for ourselves and our family members.

Everyone agreed on the t-shirt idea and we all started inputting ideas like putting numbers at the back to symbolise the position of our aunts and uncles within their siblings, having colour codes for the different families, having our grandparents names on it and other crazy ideas! And so the older cousins formed the t-shirt committee on their own to continue discussing about the details in more depth.

1st official meeting – 12 Nov.

So we held our first official meeting with the girls. Not everyone could make it on that day because they had things going but it was okay. We were rather productive that day after sorting out our individual roles to play, what we wanted to do and of course, digging in our all time fav mac and cheese prepared by our beloved cousin! ❀️ Oh, we even formed a deco team by ourselves for the banners/balloons/photo booth/ etc. Woohoo we were getting excited already!

So the meeting ended with a group photo of our accomplished faces hahaha. Oh, and we even discussed about the design of the t-shirts that we were printing out. Then we got to know from the t-shirt committee that having personalised t-shirts for each family member is WAY too expensive so we decided to combine everyone's names into a bicycle.

why bicycle? 🚲

Why bicycle, because apparently most of our older cousins had a certain memory with our grandfather and his bicycle- be it being fetched by him on his bicycle during their kindergarten days or going to shops or around the neighbourhood on his bicycle. My siblings and I, being the last three cousins in the family, do not have memories with him on his bicycle though, because he passed away in the year i was born.

But check out the pretty bicycle piece designed by our very own cousin. She did it all on her own in one day and it's really so so pretty with our names all arranged together with our family members. Check out the bicycle!

So after a few days, the T-shirt committee proudly updated us that the t-shirt designs are out in three different colours with purple for the uncles and aunts, blue for the cousins (me me!) and orange for the little nieces and nephews. We were all getting even more excited, now that the t-shirt designs have been out. And this was the biggest part of our secret for our aunts and uncles and they kept emphasising that no one should know about this, except for us.

video contribution

So there was this period of time where we discussed in the group to make a tribute to our aunts and uncles. This being our first official family event that WE organised it together, we wanted it to be special and something for them to remember us by. One of our cousins suggested making a video for them with pictures and memories of our grandparents to our aunts and uncles to us cousins and to the little kids, just to show how much the family has grown over the years.

this too, was a top secret. all of us had to dig up for photos to contribute to the video without being so obvious to our parents, so yeah we had to lie hahahaha. one of our cousins told their parents that she had to find photos for her school project okay hahahahahaha πŸ˜…

checking out the place

During the whole planning process, most of us were worried about the location of the chalet. All of us were talking about how the place is haunted because it's near the old changi general hospital and things like that. We even had second thoughts about sleeping over because we were scared that we might bump into those things we didn't want to see hahahahha.

But thank goodness one of my cousins who went to rekki the place beforehand sent us a photo of our chalet and it didn't look too bad, tbh.

food catering

Us cousins being so so secretive decided to keep even the catering a secret to surprise our aunts and uncles. And our food caterer is none other than our family friend who has known and cooked for this huge family over the years whenever we have weddings, events or functions. The family has been way too familiar with the caterer and her family that we thought it would be fun to include her for our surprise.

Throughout the whole planning process, we told her to keep it a surprise from our aunts. Of course, we kept getting questions from our aunts about the quality of food and stuff like that because they were afraid that we might not get food that suits the palate of our aunts and uncles. But little did they know it was from the caterer that they are ever so familiar with!

deco team

So i mentioned that we were in charge of the deco right, yeah and we went all out brain storming for things to get, searching for ideas on the internet, endless googling and meet ups for ideas and things like that. we spent almost a month thinking of things to get, how to decorate in the middle of their busy workload (not mine, cos i've been super free during this whole planning process hahahahaha)

2nd official meeting – 18 Dec.

So the team had a second official meeting with more serious things to discuss this time round because the dates are drawing near. The aunts and uncles have been complaining about not getting invitations yet because they wanted to make plans for the week we are holding our events but we kept stopping them but not telling them about what we had in store for them.

So it was basically a finalisation of the things we were in charge of like food, t-shirts, deco and etc. Most of it was already settled but us being kiasu, we decided to run things over and over again just to make sure we have it all prepared for the day. those in charge of certain roles had to re confirm if they have their things ready to make sure that things run smoothly. Oh, and we formed a new committee on that day as well- the games committee.

But first, it's important to eat first okay hahahahahahahahahaha πŸ™ˆ #oops #caughtintheact

Oh and it was one of our cousin's birthday, so we made sure we celebrated his birthday with the power rangers cake hahahahaha, after all, he grew up with the power rangers during his time (can you guess how OLD he is? πŸ€”)

So these are the attendees for our second meeting. Not everyone was present too this time round but at least the older cousins who were mostly in charge of the whole event came down to discuss and review the whole progress. At this point of time, things were getting even more serious with most of the things being mostly settled and everyone was getting more excited as we count the days, even the kids couldn't wait!

the official invite

This was the invite that we officially sent out to our aunts and uncles for the event. It was basically an e-card that formally invited and answers the many curiosities of our aunts and uncles that they had during the whole planning process. We initially wanted to print out the cards and put them in the letter boxes but we were so tight on budget that we decided to just do it for free hahahaha after all, what is whatsapp for, no?

We were all still together when we sent out the invites, so we were just wrapping up our discussion and laughing together as we anticipate the replies from our aunts and uncles hahahahaha old people and technologies are really something man! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

games committee

With one week left, the games committee were tasked to put the explanation for games in powerpoint and me being the excited me immediately started doing up the PPT slides upon reaching home when it was supposed to be my sister's job hahahahaha. I was too excited okay oops

I think i did a pretty good job in explaining the games through animation though. hahahahaha so proud of my powerpoint skills for once hahahaha πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

lucky draw.

So we wanted our aunts and uncles to go home with something that day. We made a lucky draw concept such that everyone would be able to win something and bring it home. But us trying to stay within the budget decided to leave it in the hands of our cousin and let her do the shopping…..


Check out the cheap nonsense we got for our aunts and uncles lol

deco team final meeting

We had a few days left for the event but we still hadn't had anything legit planned out for deco until one of my cousin came across this picture and boom we got inspired to recreate our own version of photo wall. Went for a last minute hunt for the backdrop/polaroids/extra batteries/ etc the day before the eve of the event and we were all so sleepy for some reason hahahahahaha

event preview!

Oopsey i didn't realise i spammed too much today hahaha but i spent like 2 hours writing this lol okay i shall continue writing about the eve of the event and the event day tmr! I hope i'm not lazy tho.


Totally feeling the holiday vibe when walking by the streets of Orchard Road yesterday. The lights were so pretty, and according to them it's much better than Winter Wonderland hahahahahaha

And i finally came to my senses that 2017 is just less than 10 days away from today. Okay maybe it's exactly 10 days away from today but you get my point ok lol


There is no price to a true friendship.

People always say that it is not about who you've known the longest but it's about who you've met and never left your side. I may not have known these ladies all my life but it feels like we've been through so much happy and sad times together and we overcame it all through supporting each other's backs all these while, as we are growing up together.

I still remembered how we shared and opened up with each other about ourselves and realising that we are not any different from each other in many many aspects. i guess that, in a way was one of the things that brought us closer to each other. We went from being that bunch of girls who would probably do anything to give up on school to the bunch of girls who are mature enough to talk about our careers, our future and of course how far our friendship has grown with each year we spend together.

We may be the best of friends but we were never best friends who needed to see each other everyday and update each other about the happenings about our lives. Call us weird, but we prefer it that way. We are the kind of friends who likes impromptu meet ups because we know that we can never make it to proper meet up dates, because we janji melayu hahahaha.

And so yesterday, we witnessed one us who reached another milestone in her life and taking her first step into the huge world of adulthood. Being the emotional me, i secretly turned and shed some tears the moment that ring was put on her finger so prettily just like how pretty she was yesterday. It's a feeling that i can never describe for some reason, a feeling of true happiness for your good friend that you want to cherish forever.

I can never be any happier for that babe, really. We literally watched her clumsily stumble over relationships upon relationships many times and I feel at ease when she finally told us that she has met "the one". It's definitely a new feeling to me, and i can never be any happier for her.

I was so glad to be part of the event and definitely honoured to be the only two friends who was there for her throughout the ceremony. May this engagement last till marriage, Insya Allah. I will always pray for your happiness, dearest Amalia. So so so much love for this wonderful bunch. Here's to many more priceless friendships and many more precious moments together. πŸ’•

I love you two, really. I feel so thankful everyday to have met them and have them by my side in my entire lifetime. Thank you for being the best.


Sadness is when you want to spend your money but you can't spend your money because you realise that your money will not multiply once that money is spent.


And the worse part is the SMU pay will only come in early feb because THE FINANCE TEAM IS AWAY FOR TWO WEEKS like FREAKING TWO WEEKS πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

gud u gud πŸ‘πŸ»