thank you 2016.


2016, you’ve been a wonderful year.

The past year has been a great journey for me as I experience the pains and joys of finishing the final year of uni life. 2 years has passed way too quickly as I look back and reflect at the regrets i face while completing my studies. I know that i should have done better, i know that i should have put in more effort and I know that I should have increased my GPA and stuff.

But hey, I think i’ll just be thankful just as long as I scrape through uni life, no? I don’t know, uni has been a series of ups and downs for me. It’s one of the hardest time of my life but it’s also the most memorable. From uni, I got to learn the pains of hardships and I also learnt that it is always worth the effort. Most importantly, I learnt that after all the hard ships, there will be times of ease in the future.

So 2016 has been nothing but a joy. The time where I struggle to finish my final semester with 5 modules on top of me but I somehow managed to overcome it with a hell lot of effort. 2017 will not be easy, i guess. It’s time to venture out into that world out there with new people, new relationships and new beginnings.

I’ve been blessed this 2016. I was showered with unwavering friendships from the close people around me who has been endlessly giving me a helping hand and a listening ear whenever i need someone to talk to. Also, the love of family that can never be bought with money. I feel so so blessed to have ended my 2016 on a wonderful note with the huge family which I will always cherish in my heart.

Here’s to many more accomplishments and brighter days ahead of me in 2017, Insya Allah. Thank you, 2016. You’ve been really good to me. ๐Ÿ™‚




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