#jzainviêt • Day 4.

Day 4 Breakfast and lunch. because we woke up at 11 am today hahahaha

En route to the tourist spot. Today we did a little shopping and made our way to some of the tourist spots near our area by foot.

Saigon Dame Cathederal church.

Saigon post office. It was pretty crowded here lol

Unwinded with some tea and coffees. So tired today.

Final night in Vietnam. Definitely going to miss the night life here and bargaining for cheap goods.

And gonna miss this too. The milk coffee was the best i've ever tasted. We literally have this in the morning, afternoon and night. Now you know why i'm coughing like no one's business and the flu bug is coming to me hahahahaa 🤗


#jzainviêt • Day 3.

Day one in Ho Chi Minh city. We finally got to explore our area and we fell in love with the shopping area because they were all really cheap. Food was convenient and we finally got to try halal Pho and the authentic vietnamese rolls. 🙌🏼

Ben Tanh Market. The place where we literally lose our minds in the waves of shopping and end up spending all of our money on clothes, souvenirs and whatsnots. wow!

Shawls shawls and more shawls. We literally went crazy trying to choose shawls for ourselves and our families hehe 🤗

Saigon square. Loaaaads of cheap stuff and non authentic goods.


#jzainviêt • Day 2.

After breakfast this morning, we went to explore the beach that was just behind our resort. It was a 2 minute walk from our room and boom we stumbled upon this picturesque place. Love the view! 😍

A x Z x J.

Tried to take a solo photo of myself against the background but they didn't turn out the way i wanted it to so here's one w Amalia hahahahahaha

The view at the resort here is just too pretty from every angle.

we went to the fairy stream and didn't expect that they would ask us to take our shoes off to walk down the stream hahahahaha but ya it just feels like walking on a muddy path. pretty cool experience, but the sun was scorching hot.

Fishing village. We got to see the fishermen's boats all lined up to fish. It was a pretty cool sight.

White sand dunes. Love this place and the scenery. The sand was soft and it just literally flows through your fingers hahahaha

Go pro + good angle + good background + superb lighting. Love love love this sight!

After the white sand dunes, we went to the red sand dunes. It wasn't as high as the white sand dunes but the view was still superb.

One w Amalia! ❤️

Okay that's all for today. After the red sand dunes, we got into the car that brought us back to Ho chi minh and we had to survive the 4 hour car ride. We were all so tired and sweaty that we just knocked out in the car. 3rd day tomorrow, good night all!


#jzainviêt • Day 1.

Off for a 5D4N trip with Amalia and Jordan. You can call this our graduation trip, i guess. I don't know how i ended up here with Jordan though, but yeah.

So we landed at around 5 pm local time and headed straight to Mui Ne, a 5 hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. We were so hungry so we just ended up eating some snacks at one of the pit stops along the way that the driver bought us.

andddd after a loooong 5 hours ride in the night road of Vietnam, we finally checked into the resort. For now it seems pretty deserted because the pathways are dark and seems a little creepy but i'm pretty sure the view in the morning would be superb, because we are just by the ocean.

so even though it was already 11pm, we went by the road sides to get some food for ourselves. all of the shops around us were closed so we ended up getting just cup noodles for our supper/dinner hahahaha

okay i don't know why i didn't take too much pictures today hahaha but i'll take more pictures tmr okay.



h a r r o 🤗

In case anyone's wondering, yep, i'm still alive. hahahahahahaha i've been really too lazy to update dayre these days because nothing's up. like literally, nothing's up. i'm either watching tv or washing clothes or cleaning the house or eating or sleeping. well maybe except for these few weeks cos i've been helping aunt prepare for cousin's wedding so i've tagged along my aunts to jb a couple of times to get some last minute stuff.

talking of which, i kinda plan to update about cousin's wedding sometime this week, maybe tomorrow. not a long one, but maybe i'll just do a short write up and spam photos here.

but for now, goodnight. 🤗