I x E weds.

Gonna post a quick spam (since i need to clear my phone memory soon) and a short write up on cousin's (overdue) wedding. I was going to post photos of the solemnisation day only but then there were a couple of nice photos of the pre wedding day as well so here goes πŸ€—

Pre-Wedding prep

You can say that i was probably in charge of this putting the chips into the small bottles hahahahaha i had a good time eating most of it while transferring it 😏

The groom to be doing the last minute paintings in his room πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I was so shocked when i saw the amount of goodies to put on to the candy table. I was having a very bad sore throat at that time so i remembered wanting my throat to heal quickly because i wanted to eat all of these sweets heh

Everyone checking out the deco for the first time. It was almost 1 am that day and we were busy dragging that tables around to our preferences!

Haidar and the pelamin. Is it he feeling like his wedding already? πŸ€”

My cutie pie. I just love how he's always so willing to pose whenever I want to take a photo of him

These one another pair of siblings. Don't grow up so fast can?

Of course, we always side track whenever we celebrate weddings. It's the march babies birthday! πŸ€—

And then we have the usual gift giving session to the groom to be. It's been a norm for us fam to give presents to whoever is about to get married. So we gave him a raincoat as a surprise to test his reaction before giving him the "real" present.

My dad giving out the photos he developed to every families. Look at his excited face hahahahaha


Us (almost) complete cousins and kids squad the night before the wedding! πŸ€—

This pair of cousins helping out with the bunga telur until late at night. (ps: i was already dead asleep when these kids were busy helping out in the living room heh heh)


Us waiting for the arrival of the Tok Kadi


"Hantarannye yang mane, hantarannye? Pegi telefonkan mak dia tanye mane satu hantaran dia!"


Yay dah halal!

One at the bride's side after the solemnisation ❀️

Our cousin doing the silat accompanied by the kompang. This is always what i look forward to in every wedding.

Siblings! ❀️

One with my bogey girl hahahahaha

One with the budak pipi tembammmm geramnye!

This was supposed to be a hipster shot ok. We had a few takes for this cos i kept looking into the camera lol

K remember i said that there would be a sweets booth? Yeah so guess who kept taking sweets that day even tho her throat was about to rip apart?


Team haig road!



Kids just LOVE playing with these bunga mangga lol

Cousins!!! πŸ€—

(Not the best quality tho, but yeah.)

Our lovable aunts and uncles.

Kiddos and the bunga manga.


Team Anak Dara! ❀️

Team Anak Dara part 2. We realised we were too bright at the front so we decided to switch places hahahaha

That's me being extra when the makciks were about to cut the pulut cake heh

aaaand it's a wrap! It was such a happy day that day and we were all talking about who is the next one to get married. because as of now, no one is in the queue yet!

Here's to the next one to get married! I hope we get good news soon, Insya Allah ❀️


Artbox SG.

Posting these pictures up today because i think they're really pretty. 😍











Artbox was good. We finally managed to walk through the shops and got to see what they're selling and the crowd was definitely much better than the ones on the first day last week. Other than that i guess it's just like a normal pasar malam but i still can't stand crowds lol.

So today was a long day. It was such a long day and I could feel my energy literally draining out after all those walking and stuff. On a side note, I am back to the unemployed life I guess. My SMU job ends today which means no more waking up at the deadly hour of 5 am and leaving house at 6 every morning. I get really (really really) bad dark circles below my eyes by the time it's like 6 or 7pm every single day πŸ˜‚



I thought the fangirl in me died but for Winner, I guess it hasn't. They definitely don't disappoint after all these years, though there's a #reallyreally obvious void there. A year ago we were all getting excited about hmf and them being teachers and stuff, who would have thought things would be so different exactly a year later. But it's okay, i guess it will turn out to be good after all. 😎

#fatenumberfor #fool


hello April!

^ In case anyone misses me.

Hahahahahaha pls excuse the thick skinned me. I just felt the need to write here again because my last post was, well, about my trip. Anyway how is it already April? I'm still unemployed and everyone keeps pushing me to get a job already lol. but ya, the economy is bad, they say. i'm probably among the thousand of graduates who are still struggling to get a job.


but on a happier note, happy april's fool today! lol not like it matters anyway hahahaha πŸ™ƒ

But anywayyyyy, as much as I dread the kind of air, temperature, the stuffy feeling when me and my room mate got sick, I kinda miss vietnam. Maybe i just miss he whole travelling vibe hahahaha. Maybe impromptu kind of trips works best for me. Can i travel again pls some dayyyyy~