2️⃣ 0️⃣ 1️⃣ 7️⃣ in a nutshell.

Really questioning myself right now. Where did my 2017 go? I still remember writing down 2017 goals and here I am today, on the last day of the year and i’ve accomplished literally nothing. Except for the experience at work, 2/3rd of my 2017 was literally spent on just mundane office work every single day of my life.


I shall not be too ambitious about 2018 though, because the last time i asked for so much at the beginning of 2017, I didn’t even get close to achieving them. So I’m just hoping for a good 2018 ahead and may I get all the strength to cry over and over again because so many of my good friends (AND BEST FRIENDS SOBS) are getting engaged/married in 2018. So happy for them la hais but i’ll end up crying for them because i’m so clingy like that.

Anyway here’s one to commemorate the official “growth” of me and my best friends. Really, our friendship is like planting flowers. We literally grew together and watched each other rise and fall together- Struggling with life, relationships, school, jobs and everything else. Now that one of us is getting married next year, I think that she’s ready to bloom into that beautiful flower that she has always been. Can’t wait for the big day! 💖

Butttt despite the lack of things i accomplished this year, there are still some pretty nice memories this year which i realised i didn’t post hahahaha okay so before it turns 0000, here we go.

Went to Terengganu for the first time early this year. It’s been an annual thing for the aunts so this year, while i was still unemployed, I decided to tag along hahaha. It was a good short getaway indeed. 💖

A cousin who is like an older brother to me got wedded in March this year. I can’t even express how excited I was to welcome the new family member and now i’m even more excited for Baby E’s arrival. 👶🏼

Vietnam! Loved every single part of it and I am definitely missing all of it. Great company and totally enjoyed every single picturesque place we went to.

THE Job hahahahahahaahahaha never thought i’d actually be here till today though because, hm, yeah hahaha okay.

Sis’s grad a couple of months before mine haha i remember i was counting down to grad as well lol!

Our daily terawih sessions during the fasting months. Miss rushing out w the whole family after break fast to leave the house for prayers together

Hari Raya!!! First raya with the cousin in law this year yay!

Not forgetting, raya outing with the best friends too!

And the poly mates! Kinda miss those days where 11 of us would rent a van to go to each other’s houses and reach home at 12 am for raya visits. Now it’s down to the 4 of us because we don’t really contact the others anymore lol

And we celebrated Hari Raya at aunt’s kampung this year too. For the first time we actually attempted to wear full on baju kurung here haha cos usually we’d all be wearing our normal jeans and top. But loved how all the colourful photos turned out though! 😍😍

One with cousin’s burger van while we were waiting for our burgers to be prepared. their burgers are to d i e for man

Cuzzies! 👭👭👭

the sun was shining in our faces and we had to stop the shoot. which explains why we didn’t have so much photos haha BUT I REALLY LOVED HOW COLOURFUL WE WERE LA

First national day (preview!) experience with the best friend!

Aug 15. With Jenny (the person behind the scenes) who entertained all my weird “museum shot” photo requests HAHAHAHA

Like this one, for example.

Bday celebration w the uni mates who caught me off guard when the waiter starts bringing out the cake to us hahaha. 💖

Super belated bday celebration w the best friends who actually got my sister to bring me to the restaurant where they were preparing to surprise me (and i was in a super cranky mood at that time because I didn’t want to go out but my sister forced me to anyway).

First photo as team haig road with an additional new member hehe

First outing after abg has got married hehe love family dinners like this

Which was basically the start of me being officially unemployed (as a perm) hahahaha

And not forgetting embarrassing outdoor photoshoots because I had to return the gown and we took last minute shots after our sunday class hahahaha

Melaka trip w the family! Celebrated our twin cousins birthday there hehe

Dad drove us around one evening and we decided that it was too early to go home, hence the impromptu photoshoot 🤣

This was impromptu as well. family dinner w the cuz

The memorable baby shower!

And not forgetting, the cute one (and the youngest among us!) got married recently. She definitely took us all by surprise, but I can never be any happier for this close friend of mine 💖

Short JB trip. We kinda had to force them to take this shot (and we got scolded really badly afterwards cos we were still trying to take photos but the aunt’s wanted to go back already)

Last week’s catch up over the river. Love these girls.

Earlier today, ended my 2017 on a good note. Attended a religious event where we heard the Quran recitations from a few named people from a few countries. Such a blessed way to end 2017 and being with the people that’s closest to heart.

And pls pardon how i looked haha bad tudung day and i just looked weird in that posture and awkward stance and all k bye

So yay with this i’m praying for a better and more eventful 2018 ahead, Insya Allah.


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