Bring me back to where i’m carefree pls haha i’m actually very carefree now la just so sick of work and stuff ugh.

Anyway, signed up for a new religious class which started last week and I am loving it so far. Except that the flu bug got to me today so the whole time i was having a really hard time breathing instead of paying attention. And the teacher kept calling my name to answer questions because my name sounds like his first daughter’s name.



Goodbye, soon.

So got to know from @tokyolightss this morning that Dayre was going to close down soon. Thought that it’s just another “rumor” circulating around saying that the socmed platform is closing down but when actually they’re just hoax. True enough, after reading the CEO’s message and stuff, it finally sank in me that yeah; Dayre is really closing down.

Well technically i got introduced to Dayre by Esther during our uni days and even now I got to know that it’s closing down from her as well LOL

Even though i don’t really post often but I’ve kinda gotten attached to Dayre while struggling to keep myself sane in Uni. I relied on Dayre a lot during my whole two years – coming up with things to post, taking photos to upload and doing everything to keep me distracted while studying for exams and doing assignments.

Man, I’m so going to miss writing and stuff because honestly Dayre is the only platform i feel most comfortable to rant cos I don’t use my IG/Twitter/Wordpress that often.

And even though i don’t post anything much these days because i’m always so tired after work every day to even write anything, I’m still really sad that this little platform where i can literally post anything is going to be gone, in less than a month 😢

Okay i’m a dramatic overly attached lady okay

So that aside, ended my friday well when I spontaneously decided to pick up an Ofo Bike and rode to the next MRT station before eventually taking the train home.

Had a lot on my mind lately, with work and interviews and a hell lot of shit lately that I just needed to do something to get my mind off it. Things have been occupying my head for the past few weeks and it’s really annoying because my brain wouldn’t stop thinking even when it’s time to sleep.


And so while enjoying the breeze and the fast speed, it felt like my head was slowly getting filled with fresh air and for a moment then, I felt so free.

The skies were turning orange as I cycled through the trees and streams of people knocking off from work and it made me appreciate the beauty of the things around me that existed if I let go of my worries and begin to look at my surroundings.


Spent my Saturday at a talk about the 4 Wonderful Women in the history of Islam conducted by this wonderful teacher. She is really inspirational and it made me wonder, what have I achieved in my life at the age of 24? She’s only 25 with 3 kids and she’s already so successful- giving talks to youths and inspiring people.

Masya Allah. At this age of mine, what did i ever accomplished?


B a c h e l o r e t t e 💋

So over the weekends, the pair of friends tried to pull off a surprise for the other best friend who is getting married at the end of this month. Well I can say that we’re pretty much successful and i’m kinda proud of our efforts 😏

I tried to capture an artistic photo from the top hahahaha it’s okay this photo doesn’t do justice man 🤣

Can’t believe she’s gonna become someone’s wife soon. So happy for this girl who used to be so carefree that all she cares about in the past was to catch up on her sleep (she still does actually) to the one who is the most responsible among us now. Gone were the days where we’d ask each other who would get married first among us.

Cos this pretty lady here is counting down to her big day 💖

Party planners aka partners in crime. We met for a brain storming session months back only to spend our whole dinner session talking and reminiscing about our old days hahahhaa.

Which pretty much explains our kinda last minute and delayed surprise 😅

Just L O V E our expressions in this photo 💋


After eating and while walking back we discovered a bunch of Ofo bikes therefore we decided to take on the adventure of cycling with our skirts and dresses at night. We were as clumsy as we could get but it’s okay, it was a nice night cycle session back to the hotel. For some reason we kinda felt like we were really on a holiday hahaha

Ben and jerry’s after a cycling session hahahaha them we literally got high from the sugar rush that Jannah just kept laughing at everything while Amalia opens her presents lol

Isn’t our socks suuuuper cute? Butterfly themed party + princess socks! 👑

Bridesmaid to be 💋

Can’t wait to wear this on her big day. Definitely gonna count down the days together with her because we’re both just as excited as she is! 💖💖



Okay so I wanted to do like a recap post for the month of Jan yesterday but yeah I was too sleepy that I just fell asleep with my phone in my hands last night. #whatsnew.

So Jan has been good so far. Starting off the year right with 2 weeks break from work to signing up for a new class to an interview for a potential job……..

… And to the latest addition to the family. All praises to Allah, the little one that we’ve been anticipating for since last year has finally came out to greet us exactly a week ago. You are such a sweetheart, darling and we all love you already. Nevertheless, congratulations to the cousin and his wife on becoming parents to a healthy baby boy, Alhamdulillah. 💖

And some post (I mean overdue) holiday photos too