T H U R S D A T E πŸ’—

So aunt organised this pretty last minute gathering since one of my aunts from Malaysia came to visit. I thought that we’d be tired and all since it’s for dinner and it’s after work and stuff but it was honestly so fun? hahahaha like seriously we enjoyed each other’s company and i literally laughed so hard last night, which i haven’t had in a long while haha

We all went crazy towards the end, when we were high and full from the buffet so we ended up interacting w the live band

The purple gen! My cute aunts and uncles πŸ’–

The blue gen! ❀️ I love my cousins so much please can we forever be this way until we grow old 😭

L O V E each one of them πŸ’–πŸ’“

All in this photo is still single and available (except for bottom right and top row, middle. πŸ˜†)

Attempt one to be the cool kids

we tried to be the cool kids okay. we tried 😎

These two can easily pass of as siblings right? They look the same from the side angle especially! hahahaha but hey no one would probably realise that their age gap is actually almost 13 years?????

and my cousin ended up singing on stage w his wife because he requested a song and the singer actually called him up. but of course, he tried to run away because he is a S H Y person hahahahaha but ya his wife came to the rescue and they were so cute on stage together!

Familia! 😘❀️


Oh yes hello, I’m still very much alive. Today has been the shortest yet most annoying day i’ve experienced to date. With bullshit from the office in the morning to clingy humans to a job interview that basically wasted my time and to this, waiting for probably nothing.

But it’s okay, i still have 3 more days to the weekends and I have less than 24 hours to decide if i should recontract or not.



G R A D U A T I O N πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ“

Pic Spam ahead! This is a belated post of my graduation because I was just too lazy to blog until today. (Because i need to clear my phone memory)

Pre-graduation! I was abit too excited the day before I guess hahaha but i loved my new shoes tho 😏

When waiting for the ceremony to start. I made friends with the person beside me cos we were so bored like that hahahaha

Bro took this photo of my from his seats wow it's so clear? I'm so impressed hahaha but yay i looked weird 🀣

This is kinda cool haha it was like a cardboard frame lol


Literally my cameraman for the day hahaha

This one my flower girl maybe hahahahah

I was more than happy than my aunt could come watch me go up stage that day. I remembered 3 years ago i was crying in the room cos we only had 2 tickets for my poly graduation and she told me to bring my bro instead to watch me graduate. Really can't thank her enough for everything she's helped me so far ❀️

I love them ❀️

W the cool dad who's watched me graduate twice in my life. Thank you for being the superhero you've always been Ayah ❀️

And the siblings who has supported me through the days where I had to mug and stuff. What would i do without you guys man.

Does this shot make me look smarter? Because, books 😏

I like this shot too. But the background too chaotic hahaha

This girl here was the first friend I've ever made in uni and i'm so glad we are 99.999999% relatable all the time. Even when we study or do our assignments we can still spazz over Winner? Hahaha miss those good old days where we mug for accounting and biz stats at macs and all with all the secondary school kids around us hahahaha. So glad we're still really close and I hope we will always be close forever ❀️

And yes, this girl right here. I don't know how many times i've said this but I think it's really a blessing that I failed marketing in sem 1. Got introduced by Esther to retake marketing with her and since then we've always been in the same class together. We've been each other's greatest supporters and seriously I think we are made for each other when it comes to projects. We have the same preference and working styles.

We've been in the same group for almost all the semesters and it always worked out really well. Then we'll secretly rant it out to each other when someone else's working styles don't fit us and go on and on about how we should get them to change things and all. Our toughest project was probably in our last semester and we literally had to keep meeting up to redo till 2am, without the others. Thank goodness it was all for the better and i couldn't have asked for a better friend and group mate ❀️

Walked on the same stage with this aunty again after poly. Never thought we'd graduate again together though, after 3 years. One of the closest to me and the one that always share notes with me in school, be it in poly and in uni hahaha. Check out our poly grad photo and our uni grad photo below! Is this what they call #friendshipgoals? 😏

HAHAHAHA look at us just look at us. 2014 and 2017, we still haven't changed at all. So happy to have reached this milestone together with this auntyyyy 🌈

The malay squad. Spent my last few semesters of my uni life together w this bunch. These are probably my partners is crime most of the time, cos we are always lazy for classes so we plan how to skip classes together LOL

Us while waiting for shikin to reach!

This photo is so nice? But i'm like so far away hahahahahaha

i look so tall in this photo hahahahahaha but hey here's one with Farah! ❀️

One of the friendliest and most helpful i've ever met. I struggled so much during the project (and my other team members are really too smart) so she's always helping me out and explaining to me the stuff. I'm really starting to think that i'm very slow at understanding things? hahahahahahaha

Probably the smartest girl i've ever came across in my whole uni life. Half the time when i'm with her i don't even understand what's going because she always knows what to do and include in our projects and i'm just there stoning because I cannot comprehend hahahaha. And she was one of those who got the degree with merit WOW she definitely has a bright future ahead of her!

We were from the same poly but not from the same uni (cos we're in RMIT and they're from UOW). So glad to meet them again after so long!

This one right here made me go all the way to bugis because she wanted to celebrate this day for me, and she told me that there is no other days to celebrate my graduation day other that that day itself. And she insisted on buying me a flower because it's my graduation hahahaha please ah. How can I not love this gurllllll ❀️

Now here comes the outdoor shoot. My aunts and cousins couldn't come that day because of work and stuff so I decided that I'll just take a photo with them at home last weekend before I return my gown. It was after our religious class and we were all in our baju kurung and my aunt said okay let's just take it downstairs with the greeneries and all.

SO WE DID. It was embarassing at first when I was walking around with my robe and people slowing down to watch our shenanigans but after a few shots I got a little better. and what is embarrassed anymore? HAHAHA

My aunts who literally fled the scene right after taking photos with me because they were embarrassed πŸ™ˆ

Just so you know, I have 3 aunts who I look up to all the time. They were the ones who have been taking care of the 3 of us who were helpless (and probably clueless) after our mum passed away 9 years ago. I was 14 then, and my siblings were way younger. It's always so complicated to explain to people that I have "2 houses" and that i'll be at hg rd some days and at jalan tenaga on another day

The aunt who always gives me advices in a way that I appreciate it most. She don't give advices nicely, honestly. She will always critiques my actions and stuff before making me realise the good in it. I used to hate it a lot at first but as I grow older I realised that now I want to be a better me is because of the way she teaches me to be a good person.

The aunt who is always pampering us with things (and food) all the time. She goes crazy over the small little things when she shops just like me so both of us will end up buying things what we don't really need and will end up getting nagged from my other aunt.

And the last one, my most precious aunt. Most of the time I don't always not listen to her when she advices me or scolds me but she never takes things to heart. She comes over to my place every single time when i'm mugging for exams to help us with the housework and to cook and do other things. I don't think that i can ever repay her kindness because she always looks out for the 3 of us every single time. She never fails to worry what we're eating and stuff and I really appreciate it.

May Allah bless all my aunts and grant them good health to continue doing what they always do for us. I don't think I can achieve this without their support as well. ❀️

1/2 of the twinnieeeeees

2/2 of the twinnieeeeees

Me passing on the throne to her because er turn is next! I can't wait to see her graduate in a few years time. Part time degree is really tiring and I know that she will definitely pull through it till the end! Fighting❀️

I haven't told this to anyone at all, so i'll just write this down. To be honest, I was inspired to take up my degree 2 years ago because of this lady right here. She graduated 3 years ago, if i'm not wrong so while everyone was busy congratulating her, I was the only excited one to bake a cake for her because I couldn't attend her ceremony.

So i went to buy ingredients and those alphabet chocolates to bake her a cake. And long story short, I gave the cake to her and I was so proud to see the photos she sent of her wearing the mortar board. Then it triggered me, that I want to walk on the stage and wear that mortar board on my head just like her.

And yes, I wore that mortar board after 3 years. Thank you for being such an inspiration, cousin!πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ“

The two older sisters i've never had, and my unofficial photographers last weekend. They kept asking me to do jump shots and stuff under the hot sun and the thick robe, but I did it anyway.

I love the view here. I never realised that there were so much picturesque spots here at aunt's neighbourhood though. So much greeneries! 😍

The end. This is the last of it, I guess.

2 years ago, after i graduated from Poly i told myself that It would be the last of it and that I'll just work for the rest of my life. I still can't believe that 2 years went by so fast and here I am, a degree holder. I can never be anymore thankful to the Greatest Allah Swt for giving me this chance to reach this huge milestone of my life and allowing me to end school with His guidance.

So thankful for all the wonderful friendships made throughout this utterly short journey. They have all been nothing just helpful and wonderful people that gives me precious memories which I will treasure in my life.

Yay, I've graduated! πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ“


E I D U L A D H A βœ¨

Was helping out my cuzzies w the goodie bags the night before to give the kids. Polka dots me likey!

Sweeeeeeet tooth

And helping (more like making a mess) the aunts to weave the leaves to make ketupats where we'll put the rice later on and steam it. ✨

Literally waiting for my grandma to open the door hahahaha there's always time for photos man

Bringing the clutch out given by my girls. ❀️

L O V E my shoes i cannot pls

The only day where i get to be taller than my bro.

Because, heels.

Cousins from the maternal side!

Cousins from the paternal side!

And for some reason we're all mostly in black today hahahahaha

Fav girl! She's wearing specs now sigh.

Hahahahahaha filter game strong 😍

10pm. Super drained but we forced a selfie lol


N D P P R E V I E W ! πŸ’«βœ¨πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Got tix again this year, back at the floating platform instead of the National stadium.

K i got so excited i started putting on the tattoos the minute we settled down hahahaha but i had instant regrets the moment i reached home cos it was such a painful process to scrape it off LOL

W the best friend!

W them cuzzies!


The crowd yesterday! We were late so we had to sit quite front hahaha but still, yeah it was not that bad after all heh

Red lions! One of the things i love about the parade. We haven't had this for 3 years? And so glad to be able to see them live this year weehew

Majulaaaaaaah Singapuraaaaaaa! β€οΈπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

The airplanes. Totally appreciate this view yesterday, cos otherwise i'd be cursing at home if they fly past my block esp when i'm sleeping HAHAHA

Okay you guy won't probably believe it but these are actually nor lights or anything but they are drones. YES DRONES; all 300 of them. Wow i'm still so amazed even today. 😍

And it's the drones making the merlion this time! So cool la i cannot pls

Fireworks!!! My fav part of National Day! ✨


Love how huge the fireworks are! 😍❀️✨

Okay that's all folks. Every year i only realise my patriotism on national days. hahahaha but yeah i'm a proud citizen. LOL. Happy advanced birthday, Singapore. 10 more days to a public holiday! 😁


I'm going to leave this here because my doughnut craving is finally satisfied πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Anddddd its midweek! 2 more days to the weekends can you come already i'm so tired of work already la hais see la last time complain sit at home too much now complain mrt crowded la, leave house too early la, boring la, repetitive la bla bla bla.

#humans. πŸ™„