zzz .

im sleepy . but i dont feel like sleeping .

watching oktoooooooo with abg yas . about bermuda triangle . boring . dosent really concern me . but the sound effects entertained me .

gaaaaaah . life is boooooooring . people move on . better ones strive high . the better ones will be fer ahead , leading the race ; leaving you behind . in the world on your own , trying to catch up .

sometimes you just dont realise where you stand . but people change . people improve for the better .

today i walked past the two express classes . 3c and 3d . the whole class was paying attention . compared to 2d , only the people in the front row would pay attention . the rest at the back , slack ; talk .

times are different now . we are one step closer to our dream . zzz . people change . they move onnnn .


third !

four more days to bridging lessons . and counting down . today was quite okay compared to yesterday . but nothing is still up to my standard . i miss 2d too much . first period was physics . ms faizah took over mr lau for today . she’s a bloody crazy teacher . then we started laughing when she explained to us the other meaning of decelerate . next period was maths . i could finally understand what janyap is talking ! and i drew a niceee graph . which looks like a snake . and she said it was gooooooooood ! zzz .

after breaaaaak was english . haida wasnt there . so mr saiful relieved us . as usual , his normal madness . shouting here and there . crapping us up . but i wasnt really in the mood to laugh . then walked around the school , again . with yinyin . robin and feliz got sooooooo bored , that they decided to disturb ms lim , which was all the way across the block . crazyclassmates .

then chemistry . experiment again . today was our permanant sitting arrangement . so i wasnt sitting with yaaqub anymore . then setted up this stuff . to separate two liquids . kind of cool ah . but me and syed was scared set up the thing cos none of us wanted to break anything . and i loveeeeee chemistry already .

retarding .


second !

yay . i swear i was so sleepy today . almost fall asleep during janyap’s lesson . then toured around the school during haida’s lessons . passed by many many classes . most of the classes was having lessons , except 3c . nooooot fair . they were having free period okay . then mother tongue was boring , as usual . kanza skipped again .

after that , science lesson . had to dissolve the crap . boil the shit . i had a phobia lighting up the bunsen burner stuff and handling the hot stuff . so asked my partneeeeeer to light up fo me . and yaaqub was giving me that ‘ whats wrong with lighting up the bunsen burner ‘ look on his face , but still he lighted up the thing for me with a smileee . 

zzz . sleepy . boring . crap . sad . happy . angry . bombasticenglishwords,misshaida !

just passing by 2d makes me sad . the cupboard . the whiteboard . the noticeboard . the tables . the chairs . the visualiser . everythingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg !



so today was the first bridging lesson . quite happy cos i wanted to know who will be in my class . and i know the people that will be in 3b will not make my day . zzz .

rushed all the way to inter to top up ezlink . waited so long for the bus . atlast boarded the bus at 8 . and we thought we were late , but saw robin and his friend waitingfor their friend at the bus stop . i thought first period was maths , so waited with them . then reached school , found out that it was malayyy . then rushed in . didnt expect 3b to combine with 3d . surprising .. malay lesson today was damn boring . first period of the day , given a worksheet to do . zzz . boringg .

then after that was science . some ncc teacher went in . talked to the class . explained to us his expectations for the class . booring . very strict teacher . he confiscated someone’s handphoneee . strict shit .

then after break , entered the class late . but janyap didnt scold . she smileeeeeed at meeee ! then she thought us mean median and modeeee , and something else ah . new . but i didnt understand . cos she was talking too fast and didnt even stop i let us receive the info . then the whole class had to remain standing cos kanza didnt want to greet her .

last perioooooooood , was english . all of us was getting restless . haida spent the first period talking about herself ; what she expect from the class and whatever shit . next period , we wrote our holiday plans . my handwriting was crap and english was rubbish . i think ive really shutted down my brains for the holidays . zzz . everyone was in a holiday mood .

gaaaaah . i seriously preferred 2d better than 3b . i haaaaaaaate 3b .



openhouseeeee .

what a chaos . i enjoyed myself alot today . zzz .

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yeaaaaaaaaa . rocks .


itsover .

gaaaaah !

today is certainly a sad day . it was fun when all of us were cleaning the class . where dennis had to pull the cupboard and i had to sweep all the crap behind it . and hui quan was pushing and pushing the cupboard . and cleaned the computer table with firdaus and wei chen . climbed here and there to reach the tall parts .

and when the bell rung , we said goodbye to each other . hugged . cried . i cant believe we’re leaving just like that . nothing significant on the last day . but im glad i get to see those that have been MIA for so long , like lionel and shukri , and some others . then shook hands with dennis , hui quan , randall , joseph , fengwei , yun da and the group of friends . oh godddddddddd ! i cant believe we’re leaving each other . the best people to crap with . only them who understands and tolerate my craps . others would feel like im insulting them . they felt insulted , they didnt mind . especially joseph whom ive been insulting all this while . but we’re still friends . forever .

im definitely going to miss 2d . two years of friendship , and now its over . just like that .

sad .

apart from just sadness , hui quan have been teasing me with this waleed guy . for god’s sake . i dont know him , and i dont even like him . and i went around asking for anyone who allows me to cut their shorts ; since its their last day wearing it .

im going to miss laughing like this ; for those that have always seen me laugh everyday listening to all their crap . seriously , im going to miss all this . im going to miss the times where the malay boys would play any random stuff at the back of the class . im going to miss teasing joseph , and how gay he seemed , im going to miss calling him xiaotongtong or oldhag . im going to miss getting scolded by sultanah . im going to miss all thatttttttttt !

life is just unfair .