ooohhhmymyyyy .

i think i’ll be unactive in wordpress and in fb for a while .

im gonna study for  mid year .

you know what ? i cant get any F-nineres or else i canT go for prom night .

like what the hell right .

but nevertheless , i’ll werk pretty hard this time to make sure im going to prom .

so , i’ll have to LEARN to resist the computers and the teevees and start adapting to sleep at 11 each day .

like a prisoner who’s being arrested for not knowing what his crimes are . its unfair to me . really .


dissapointment :(


i ran so hard during the first round that i thought i was flying . then i started to walk at the end of the second round . walked the third and fourth round . SPRINT like it was nobody’s business during last round .

and guess what’s my freaking timing ????


i FAILED 2.4 !!

wells , i thought mental preparation could make me pass .

and thanks to that believe , i have to re-run 2.4 after exams .

but its no surprises for me . cos i’ve been failing since sec 1 . which i took like 20 minutes to run 3 rounds ?

Haiz . my butt is pain and my legs are telling me to JUST STOP WALIKNG .

but despite all that , i still survived remedial till 5 today . or was it 430 ?

i almost fell asleep during poa . i didnt care how noisy tha class was , i didnt care how loud mrkhoo’s voice was even though he was shouting in the microphone . but i still dozed of to lala land .

OKAy enough ramblings .

i think im going insane . im gonna have two tuition lessons per week for maths . a poa tuition and i requested two lessons per week with my mentor to teach me . am i like out of my mind or what sehhhh .

and we have a social studies session or something like that everyday till 7 . but they say only if you’s interested . and some say its complusory .

oh goshhh , just take a knife and stab me at the back cannnn ?

and i have to memorise theory for poa . ALL OF THEM . and memorise two long surahs for madrasah oral . okay that was abit out of point , but its still driving me crazy .

and here i am , playing ( petsociety ) , looking for ( mouse ) in farmville . and rotting to death .

NOWWWW , im waiting for pizzahut which takes eternity to reach to HAIGROADBLOCK5 . thanks to the rainy whether .



it disturbs me .

 history doesent repeat itself . vs. history repeats itself .

which is true huh ? mr chiew said history doesnt repeat itself . if we say that , he’s gonna kill us .

but actually , history repeats itself  sounds better .

well , he’s saying it in the perspective of an english teacher and a history teacher .



* sighs *

mid year is like a DOORSTEP away . and im so DEAD .

missions to accomplish :




well actually that also means pay attention in ALL classes eventhough there are distractions all around you , and stop fooling around in amaths class .

plus ofcourse , revise at home .

because actually , our brain LEAKS OUT 80% of info . ~ adapted from allen&sarah’s workshop .

okay seriously speaking , the workshop dosent help .

they said : there will be three types of students who graduate from this workshop .

1) those that apply what they have been thought to excel in their studies .
2) apply for three months or so , then go back to your usual lazy ways again .
3) treat the workshop like a normal day . go back , chuck your schoolbag at the same place till the next morning again .

wells , i think im the third kind of person .



panadolextendpleaseee .

haiz .
i got leg cramp , hand cramp . muscle cramp .

and manymany more .

thanks to whoooo ? NAPFA TEST .
especially shuttle run and incline pull up .

but however , im so freaking glad that i passed 5 items in one go . usually i’d have to do a retest like , 3 times ?

wheeee ~ improving , improving . BRAVO .

i hope i pass 2.4 next week . i want to forget it once and for all . if not everytime before PE , i’d have butterflies in my stomach and elton would keep scaring me with his countdown . -__-

haiz , i spilled acid on my hands . and mr lee was like , ” a little acid will not kill . but only when it starts turning chalky , then you’d die . ”
and ofcourse i was panicing like crazy and i almost cried .

heeeheee . and i was complaining to the boys behind about my hand .
then i told qiao kang that i wanted to go doctor . and he said ” dont exaggerate so much la . waste money for what . ”

HAIZZZZz . anywayss . i cannot move much because my whole body is freeeeeeeaking pain .

i want to study for chem test and history test . hahah . i just feel like studying so that i’d pass . finally , im kind of interested in studies .

actually this feeling of WANTING TO STUDY comes by once in a while . so you’d see me getting good grades once in a BLUE BLUE moon .

yaahoo . im still not prepared for olevels sia , even though i have made a revision list of things to study and the timetable for my mentor . and in the timetable , i wrote there i’d study about 8 hours a day ? i mean on weekends . and i’d sleep at 11 on weekdays .

haha , gilers right . haiz , monday got werkshop . yeeeeahoo .

NO STUDIES FOR A DAY . except that we have history remedial after that la .