in the end , what’s left are just memories .




i know you’re reading this , so im going to dedicate this post for you . 😉

So happy hapy happy 17th birthday baaaaaaaaaaaabe . you’re finally 17 ! haishhhh , time flies huh ? i could still remember going to your house so early in the morning last year to give you your birthday present and we had a short chat cos i needed to go somewhere after that . time flies ……..

I missed those secondary school days . We’d stayback after class to talk , play and study together . Then we’d crash at my house and make alot of noise , and cook noodles together and watch korean dramas together . and our old time favourite ; taking pictures and gossip about those people we all dont like . HEHE .

I loved how close we were in secondary school back then . I’d randomly walk up to the seat next to you and sit with you during lesson , and we’d disturb people in our class together . I liked it when you were just sitting infront of me in class . Remember that seating arrangement ? You were sitting with QK and i was sitting with elton ? Yeah , i loved it when we always sit together and ask QK to sit with elton … LOL .

I also remembered when we wrote letters to syafiq , farid , feliz and all our other classmates , leaving our trademark signature “ XOXO , YOUR DIE HARD FAN ” .  And then we’d write long letters to jannah and syed about how we like seeing them together , not to fight , and how we asked the syed and mrs syed to last long together ?

though people find us wierd , but i still liked doing those kinds of stuff . and not forgetting , our RAPUNZEL story we created during our Amaths class , yeah , i missed it all .

HAISHHHH , one year has passed . though we’re still close now , but we’re not as close as we used to be . I missed our secondary school days 😦

and i know i can always count on you for anything that i have worries about cos you’ll always listen to me , and tell me what to do . I loved all those guy talk we always have like talking about our crushes and all . Those sad , happy , funny and frustrating stories we share , i’ll never forget them :’)

but anyhows , i wanna wish you all the best for your future and hope that you’d find a boyfriend soon , like how we wanted to find one after our Os .

Sorry i didnt make it for your birthday celebration because i was supposed to go malaysia , but my dad cancelled it at the final minute 😦

so , Stay happy as always , crazy as always and cheerful as you already are . ♥♥♥

ily .


OKAY NOT FUNNY . last minute cancelled ? so we’re not going already ?
wtf . i could have went out to celebrate jenny’s birthday . not funny please .



my post on last 7th december ;

  1. MALAYSIA TRIP ( okay not so much cos its only malaysia -.- )
  2. Amalia’s birthday chalet :D
  3. DHCA chalet + sleepoverrrrrr !!!!!!!!! :D :D :D ( i hope dad lets me sleep there , because i dont care , i want . LOL )
  4. outing with GENG KOTAK .
  5. movie with cousins .
  6. movie with jannah & amalia .
  7. outing when clarissa comes back .
  9. catch up session with bestfriend ~

25th december .

soooooo , my 25th december was awwwwwwwwwwwwwweseome ! seriously . i love i love i loooooooooooooooooove ~

spent it with my preeeeeeeeeeeeety girlfriends ! ♥


at 145 , met jannah at payalebar and then we went all the way to yishun to karaoke (Y)

honestly , it was soooooooooooooo awkward for me . and i was like so shy . but i really have no idea why 😦 so when they asked me to sing , i actually couldnt sing cos i was shy . i totally hvae no idea why but im like suddenly so shy . i swear . OMG . but they’re actually my closest friends from sec school and im shy like this . OMG ZUHAIRAH SERIOUSLY ?

okay maybe i should slap myself in the face . LOL .

and then we camwhored alot . i likeeeeeeeeeee ~

then finally in the end i just sang one song ; WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL by ONE DIRECTION . i looooooove that song , and i was the last one to sing . so im kinda honoured ? but shy too . HEHE .

and thennnnnnnn , it was 6pm already and we were hungry . so we went northpoint to eat KFC !

chatted a lil bit about life and secondary school days . and not to miss the usual people we always include in our gossip . Like athirah and all . HEHE 😉

yup , and then took a bus to Tamp and i swear the bus ride was ……….. annoying . LOL .

and then adrienna , jannah and i kept laughing at this guy who was trying hard to hold on to the handrail and his huge muscles came out ! LOL , it was freaking funny . and the bus went like sooooooooo fast , we took only half and hour from yishun to tamp . LOL .

k after that , took bus to bedok with jenny . first time taking bus at the new interchange . BOYYYY , its huge ! i swear . and then yeah . talked about some stuff . HAHA LOL .

i never actually know my fiancee was soooooo … evil ? haha , idk how to put it , but her story was hilarious and funny and awkward . and it makes me pity the person she was talking about too . HAHA , but seriously , the whole time i was thinking , JENNY HOW COULD YOU DO THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ???? LOL .

kay and here’s some of the gifts we exchanged among ourselves , soooo yeah ! LOOOOOOOOOOVE it 🙂

okay , so im going to watch another ep of you’re beautiful so yea ~

enjoyed today and love the ghurlz alot ! merry christmas all ! (Y)


Watching YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL , and i swear the leader of A.N JELL reminds me of gu jun pyo in BOF , and the second guy reminds me of yoon ji hoo , and the yougest in the band reminds me of hyungjunSS501 .



” I’m sorry I mistook all our laughs, long nights, sweet texts & inside jokes as you caring. I’ll think twice before wasting my time again. “

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