Hello . Hahaha look at my annoying faces . So I’ve decided to get a haircut for the new semester. Well its been 6 weeks now since the new sem started . Been kinda … well busy with school ? Ok not really .  All I do when I come home is just watch videos and sleep hehehe .  Sooooo UT is starting this wed . And it ends at 3rd dec . Havent made much prep so Im not really confident of it sigh . Why am I such a lazy bum ? Why am I so lazy to study why why whyyyyyyyyyyyy ?

Anywayyyy , been volunteering for some events these days . Adidas run , nike run , great eastern run . Next will be Standard charted run . Yesssssssssah then Im gonna finish my CE points before I start year 3 ohhhhyeah !

Ok and next year we’ll be in Year 3 already . How time flies huh . Literally . It feels like just yesterday that I got my O level results and applied for RP and then getting the same class as bestie . Well look at how much time flies ~~~ FYP and internship next year and then im done with poly life ooooohyes . :>

Hahahaha this blog’s kinda dead huh . Well cos im too lazy to update sorry . Too busy updating my twitter tumblr and instag lol . Even my facebook is kinda dead HEHEHE :B I dont know who is still visiting my blog but thankyou whoever that has been reading my blog everyday you know who you are .

Anyway I hope this sem ends fast cos the modules are too stressful . Well some . Hahah yeah I want week 15 to come right nowwwwww 😦

Ok so gotta study bizstats now cos UT’s on wednesday . All the best for me okay hahahaha cos im not prepareddddddddd 😦