Have been procrastinating about writing this post but here goes.


Last Friday marks another new milestone in my life. Another day when history was made in my life for the first time ever. Never felt so proud about leaving school or any institutions. Well and by that i mean secondary school or primary school. For the past couple of years i collect my results on my own with my friends all gathered at the school hall and then calling my family up to tell them i got this and this….. But hey last Friday was totally new! Despite my shitty GPA, I was so proud to be in the robe, walking up on stage to receive the cert with my dad and bro watching me. Hahahahahaha but that 5 seconds of fame on stage though. I was so thankful didn’t mess up or fall off stage or anything because no one else messed up so it would be pretty bad if i messed up big time.








So hey! WIth that five seconds of fame i officially have a diploma in my hands. Now comes the next question…. What do i do next? Pursue my studies? Get a full time job? Get married and stay at home? (Well the last option is a must-do but not anytime soon la next 2 years maybe? Insya Allah….)

So 3 years it has been…. 3 very short and meaningful years in my life. Never expected it to be so fast. I mean i know im gonna graduate some days but so soon? Oh i didn’t see that coming. From orientations, to exploring the school, to trying the food at the canteens, to getting a cheaper deal of drinks and snacks from booklink instead of 7-11, to the new PBL system, to doing group work, to electing a leader and a scribe each day, to finish up worksheets and powerpoints, to splitting our slides, to doing our group presentations, to saving each other’s ass when the team gets bombed with questions, to the changing of classes every sem (which always brings our mood down sometimes when we never got the same class with our friends), to the crazy UTs, to the 2359 RJ submissions, to the hectic chaotic FYP datelines, to the internship pressure and report……. woah i must say we all have come a long way. We did all that in 3 years? You gotta be kidding me….(I can list down more but yeah hahaha)

Looking back, 3 years was too short. Seriously whats with all the whining on the first day of school? Shame on me hahahahahaha i remembered how much i used to rant on facebook alot and then my cousins would tell me that RP is okay and all. That its nothing to be ashamed about or anything…….And i guess they were right. Why did i even hate the school so much? Yup 3 years was too short. It felt too short. But then again i wouldnt want to add another 3 years or anything just because i felt like it was too short….. I should have made  my days count here, not count my days here. I guess i was too busy counting the days i didnt even realise that time was moving too fast. For a moment i just got to know my classmates for the first time and next i met my coursemates, and before i know it, ive completed my FYP and im ending my internship………, Like wow where did all the time in the world go?

Im very thankful to have met so many wonderful people along the way. One  thing i regretted is not being able to open up to many people. I look like im friendly to everyone but i feel like i should have been even friendlier to everyone in my course atleast. I’ve met really really nice people along my journey; those who constantly remind me to do my revision, those who give me tips on RJ, those who share notes for UT, those who bake cakes for me when its my birthday, those who never fail to wait for me at the mrt station every single day without fail even when we both are gonna be late, those who care for me like their own sister and so many more people. I am thankful for all the people i meet along the way. Im really going to miss everything and all the times i’ve had from when i was in Y1S1 all the way to Y3S2. Such precious moments, such good times together.

Everyone’s going their own paths fulfilling their own dreams and i shall go my own path. The path which i am still very very unsure of. Like what many people say: “This is not the end, This is only the beginning.” Yes this is a new chapter as i flip to another page of life, What am i going to do? Where do i see myself in the future?….


Then again, its all to me to decide. Im the one who’s crafting my own path in the future.
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Yes this quote is very inspiring. Thank you Sam for your very inspirational speech…….

“Graduating class of 2014. DHCA”

-Till then.


Was planning to update today but im too tired. Shall update my grad stories tmr. Goodnight.