bored plus sleepy .

time check : 2311 hours .

school’s really boring . but handball makes me go crazyayayayayayayyy . it was so chaotic that we didnt even know who were the boys that’s in our group . so we just passed the ball to anybody . and seriously , anybody . and thennn , the scoring part . wooooooooo . it was awesome . because i ran out of the boundary to throw the ball inside and no one saw .

this is so randommmmmmmm . idontknow whyyyy . ha ha ha .


one year :D


its been one year since i used wordpress . 😀 july 08 . wooooooo .


updates .

ay yooo . i just realised that i havent been blogging for two weeks ? break record ah .

nothing much happened , just a few events here and there .

150709 ;


it was jannah’s 15th birthday . exactly one month before mine . so we decided to give her a present . syed yaaqub amsyar cisilia me and athirah combined for the present . and i spent 2 hours the day before making the card . it was last minute . because we all found out that her birthday was coming up , 2 days before wednesday . so it was abit rush but everything went as planned . 😀

180709 ;

shirlene primary school finally turned 15 . and i gave her a birthday wish in the morning , and she replied , ‘ omg zuuuu mr quek lover ‘ . like wthhhh . she remembered me for being a crazy teacher’s lover . so unglam caaaaaaaan .

230709 ;

zhahirin’s birthday . my primary school girlfriend . jannah and me were supposed to meet her at bedok to celebrate because her boyfrind has to study for prelims . but lastminute cockups . so nothing happened in the end . happy belated birthday babee . 😀

and thennn , yesterday , fengwei was in his crazy plus retarded plus really really high mood . he msged ‘ HELP ! IM DROWNING ! ‘ and sent to 999 . god knows for whatever the reason . and the minute he sent it , his face turned so red like tomato and he was panicing like crazyayayayyy . but i was there laughing , like nothing happened . it was so funny , i was laughing my head off la . like , you are freaking drowning and still have the time to send a message to the police .

woooo . national day is coming soon . our school’s sec one and two are performing in the paradee , i think .  woooooo wooooooo woooooooo .

suria is showing this gay show now . wira hati . they’re hardcore gayyyyy . shittyayyy .



early morning phone call : “ I HAVE BAD NEWS FOR YOU . DONT PANIC .

yes , whole of 3b is LOAing for one week . cikgu amir called me in the morning . and told us that someone in 3b got h1n1 . omg it was shocking . and we cant go out of the houseeeeeee .  but nobody knew who was the one who got infected . i think almost everyone was calling each other up , asking about the person who got infected . because i did that too . zz . scary or what . teachers didnt want to tell us . their answer was simply , ‘ your classmate ah . ‘ or ‘ its confidential . ‘ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !

so one week at home E-LEARNINGing . wthhh . internet’s gonna get daaaamn slow and everything’s gonna jam .

but on the brighter side of life , NO hospital food , NO treated like prisoners , and all the things we do in school since h1n1 started .

wooooooooo . but we’ll be back to school on friday . but its dumb . just make it on monday then we could have one week holiday , instead of like , 5 dayssss ?

still curious , who got infecteddddd ? why so tragic ayyyyy ??????????

argh who got infecteddddddddd ??????? tell me .


heyhey you .

school’s finally opennn . since the h1n1 thing is going on , we have to follow all the things that the teachers arrange for us . like , our toilet breaks , what we eat , and escort us out of school . nyehhh .

cisilia finally came back to school after the loa thingyyy . then we watched slumdog because she havent watched it . so outdated but yaa . the show suddenly looked so boring because ive watched it like uncountable times . and i could already predict what would happen . its a two hour long movie , so i just had to wait there for it to end . actually i was just waiting for the laaaast part , the singing at the railway station .

changed my blogskin because i feel like changing it . i think this is the nicest one apart from the one before this . lousy wordpress . not much choices of themessss .

okay goodbye . i just felt like updating till here . 😀

thatteacherisgaaaaaaaaay . justbecausee, ..