eaaargh .

i dont know what to dooo . ive played all sorts of games . from dressing up to fighting , then shooting , and alooot more on the weeeebbb .

facebook is such a bore . so is msn .

actually im suppose to be at a cousin tunang ceremony right now . but oh well . i prefer to stay at home .

i feel like sleeping . but i also feel like watching a dvd . but then i feel like downloading music . but i feel like reading a book . but i feel like eating chocolates . but i feel like drinking water . but i feel like calling my friend . but i feel like talking to people in msn . but thennnnnn , now i dont want to layan this guy who keeps talking to me even though i have told him i think 10 times ? that AKU BUSY . heeeeheeeeee . i lied to him . cos he’s annoying . baaaaaaaaaaaaaaarh .

aaaaaaargh . aku bored kay .

bore.boring.boredom.boredots.bordotes.borsem.borum.borim.boreem.boretom.borecom.boreTICOM. …

lets watch seniman bujang lapok !  RANDOM.

i can go crazy like this fellow in ice age 3 . i dont know his nameeee .

bye .


weeeeeehooooooooooo .

iqah got her psle results todayy . 3 years ago it was me . and she didnt really get what she wanted . but yeah . at least its above 200 yeaaaah .

anywayyy , tmr’s hari raya hajiiiiiii . excited ? maybeeeeeee .

next week , floorball training already start . aaaaaaaargh .

actually , i got alot of things to do during the holidays . but i dont know where to start . andwell,italsoincludesapologizingtoTHATGUYbecauseimadehimangryandintheendhedidntwatchthemovie. aaaaargh . but idontknowhowtosayit. HELP.

okay im so lazy to write very long . becuase i literally changed the whole house curtains . it took me the whole day okay . i ironed it . took out the old curtains . and put the  new one . the whole house . MYSELF .

so im tired and lazy and sleepy . i want a goooooooooooooooooood night sleep . and im gonna sleep like a log . or maybe like a pig .

selamat hari raya haji people . see you kambings at the mosque tmr .

nyehehehhh .


helloooooo .

okay , i know its been a while since i really update my blog properly . usually its the one sentence update  . ya , thats cos im laaaaaaazy .

yup , LAZY .

anyway , now’s the school holidays . but we have to come back for bridging . basically it just means lessons for another 3 weeks . but today’s the last day of the first week , so 2 more weeks to go . and there’s no lesson on monday . victoryy . (:

tuesday , watched my sister’s keeper . and guess what ? it’s the FIRST time i cried in the cinema . the show is sooo touching and so sad . even if guys watch it will cry . but anyway the show’s going to not be in the cinema soon , cos it was screened about  month ago . nyehehhh .

oh and abg yas’s gonna be in SEWA next monday . as a calefare , you know . actors with small parts . hehehhh .

and that day , my small cousin who is far away in australia talked to me in facebook . its soooo random cos i really wasnt expecting it . and we actually chatted with his family face to face through internet during hari raya at his nenek’s house . so sweet cannn ?


oookay da .