Staying at home probably makes me realise that I'm confused whether I'm hungry or I'm just bored so I need to keep opening the fridge and eat something lol πŸ˜…

I guess it's a good thing that we'll be fasting soon because at least I have a reason to not keep going to the kitchen to dig up my stash of food 😎

So so in love with all the pictures taken at the Sea Aquarium last weekend. I was literally in awe when I saw the shark exhibition because the aquarium was seriously so huge and I never thought that I'd actually stand that close to a shark in my whole life.

I've always wanted to visit the sea aquarium bc I love seeing underwater creatures and I'm so thankful to be able to see them last weekend. They were all so pretty and colourful!! 😍

And I was literally recording all the fishes in the aquarium using the go pro, wanting to record and bring back every single memory I could possibly capture. I am so in love with the go pro bc it's suuuuper compact and it captures really beautiful pictures and videossss~ πŸ™ŒπŸ»

I'll probably try my hands on editing some videos and maybe make a memorable video but we'll see how this noob photographer can do okay hahaha

^ Part 2 bc dayre doesn't allow me to upload a 27 second video πŸ˜’


I'm too lazy to move Hahahaha can I not go out pls

So apparently these guys really meant it when they said "ugly shot". πŸ˜…

This bunch of girls finally went out for a PROPER dinner date with all members present because we're all either too busy with school or work or last minute duty calls. It was more than a year since we last met and I can say that nothing much changed since then.

We had some "Kirk krik" moments while we were eating because we probably haven't met for too long but it's okay we have plenty of pranksters to liven up the mood.

A short meet up on a Monday night feels way way way too short because two of them had work the next day (and another two of us are having our holidays now 😏) and two of them were staying at a CCK so they couldn't stay out too late.

It's always great spending time w them bc we are just a year apart from each other so we can relate in many ways. Hope we'll meet again for Raya and I hope I'm able to master my courage to properly drive by then bc they confidently assigned the driving task to me πŸ˜…



So this friend of mine took half a day off to spend time with me (because apparently she said I'm always too busy whenever she asks me out πŸ˜…) and we didn't have any solid plans even when we wake up this morning.

So we decided to check out a cafe in Bugis because she saw it being recommended on Twitter and caught up with many months worth of things (she even told me the spoiler of this Malay drama she recently finished watching lol)

Then we suddenly thought of checking out the "hipster coloured buildings" that people have been taking pictures of. So we went to google it and found out that it was just a bus stop (10 minutes walk, actually) from where we were and we got excited that we decided to check out that very run down and creepy place.

I never realised that that were people living in those flats bc people keep looking out of the window and looking at us having our photo shoot HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA πŸ˜…

(I really thought it was an abandoned flat cos the shops below were mostly relocated and closed down and the lifts weren't working)

I seriously can't wait for 8th June!!! I am still contemplating if I should get their special album (which consists of 2 songs only) cos I am currently broke but then when I think of all the money I'd get from hari raya and gst money I think I should actually just order them, no?

I miss the 301 boys cos they have been missing since forever and there is still no sign of Animal Farm season 2 hmmmmmmm πŸ˜’ #whereuboysat




26th May; the date that I have been dreading for a while now but I’m glad it’s over and I am very satisfied with my results. My results are not tip top, neither are they satisfactory either but I am still very pleased.

Only Allah knows how much I’ve sacrificed this semester with very little sleep and staying up all alone in the living room every single night trying to get things into my head, writing notes, looking up journal articles, writing the dreadful 2k word essays, finalizing the report and making sure that everything is done perfectly.

Amidst all that, I was thrown into one of my biggest setbacks in life where I am hit by the reality that my best is never good enough. I realised that no matter how much effort you put into your assignments, no matter how late you sleep, if you don’t get the key concepts right, you will never pass the assignments.

Of course, my motivation level dropped down to rock bottom to the point where I don’t even want to look at my books anymore and I had so much thoughts of quitting school. I kept telling myself that I’m a full time student and my only task in life was to do well but even then, I can’t even achieve that.

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without friends who are always encouraging me and running through this race together. I don’t have that many friends who are always supporting me and giving me the support but I am always very thankful for the handful of them, be it those who are of the same major as me and those who are not.

I’m 3/4 through my journey now and I know that I will be strong enough to complete this journey. I may not be the best student but I will try do my best as a student and fight this battle within myself. I just have one more semester to go, so please hang in there, dear self.




The day I've been waiting for (dreading, actually) finally came today and I was fearing that I wouldn't get the results I desired and I was afraid that it would ruin my mood for my upcoming plans.

But thankfully, contrary to my endless worries (which has been bugging me since the day I had my final paper), I actually passed my modules this semester. Tbvh, I was most scared of ethics and ob because I screwed assignment big time and I needed 30 marks (at least) to pass the entire module.

And which I am so relieved that I did pass, so now I'm just too thankful that I manage to squeeze out 30 marks from my final exam which means that my entire lengthy essay and bullshit that I manage to come up with actually paid off.

Because honestly, till now I still don't know what the board of directors consist of and I still don't know what factors make a good leader (those are the questions that came out for the essay)

Bottom line is, I am just so very thankful that I managed to scrape through yet another stressful semester with all passes so now I only have to worry for my (last) semester. Correction, my 5 remaining modules actually. I still don't know if I shld overload my modules because I've been getting mixed opinions from the people around me.

Help? πŸ€”


So dad has an appointment tomorrow which he never mentioned (okay, maybe he kinda did but never really talked about the date 😢) and he's asking me to tag along tomorrow MORNING. And my legs are aching biiiiiiig time.

There goes my museum date with my uni buddies tmr but I hope we'll get to visit a museum tgt some days. Have fun on your trip tomorrow, girls!!!! 😁


Waking up in 7 hours to go to Coney Island tmr hahahaha I am super kiasu but I still haven't decided what to wear tmr looool

So these two clumsy girls (almost) conquered Coney Island today! Right from the start there were so many obstacles in our way starting from the misinformation of the weather to the bulky bicycle to running away from aggressive monkeys who are after our food to pants getting stuck at the gear to the hot scorching weather to the roads blocked from the fallen trees to body aches all over our bodies and stuff.

It was a great start to my morning with lots of screaming and chaos from this friend of mine hahaha. Nevertheless, it was a great company and now my entire body is hurting hahaha this is the after effect of not exercising for 1373829272927282828 years lol.

And met my fav girls after that to give the best friend a surprise for her post-graduation because we felt so bad that we didn't attend her grad ceremony. We were inspired by a tumblr themed surprise so we decided to get a normal rubber balloons instead of the foil ones with messages on it (and it's a lot cheaper too hehe).

We decided to just sit on the grass patch and talk about our lives while having pizzas under the night sky. So much love for these two and I can't be more thankful to have them in my life. We're always laughing when we're together and that makes our short outings feel very memorable and precious even though we barely have enough time to catch up on ourselves.

On a side note, I am seriously so happy for Amalia for finally getting serious with a guy she really likes and I really pray that things work out for them eventually.

Ps: and I'm still avoiding the question even after 1382719172 years on do I have a partner yet or not hahahaha πŸ˜… Only my ladies can ask me these kinds of question and expect my typical response lol. But it's nice to talk about things that adults because it's interesting to see how much we've matured and grown over the years.